Loretta Lynn - Another You Lyrics

His eyes may be a deeper blue but they remind me so much of you
He may even comb his hair a little different
And when he's walkin' by my side and tells me his love will never die
Then it's plain to see I found me another you
I never wanted it this way but there's one thing I can say
He's givin' all the love I wanted you to
When we're alone each night and day he speaks the same words you once say
Oh can it really be I found me another you
He looks like you he talks like you and when he whispers my name
It sounds so much like you're talkin' I feel you're holdin' me again
There's a feeling with him I found that makes your mem'ry stay around
Yes it just might be I found me another you
Oh yes it just might be I found me another you

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Loretta Lynn Another You Comments
  1. Bliss Blue

    Beautiful, calming, relaxing song of Loretta’s. "Another You", is a true country song. Great song!

  2. Dale Brandon

    Beautiful ♥

  3. CountryBoy Williams

    BEAUTIFUL...I don't remember this one