Lorde - Good Fights Lyrics

There’s no love
Take my friends
You don’t really love them
But, you really love when braid your hair and give in
You try to get in to the place where it ends
Where everything ends it spins again

Oh, till it comes all this way just too broken heart
Oh, you can feel sorry for there are people in your mind
Oh, nothing feels close, even when you don’t feel alright
It’s alright, it’s alright
Everyone stay up like a good fight

There a place in your head for what doesn't
make sense, for the things you don’t get.
Look them up when you get it.
You can try to get in, but rejected again.
I feel off again, I guess so well.

Oh, till it comes all this way just too broken heart
Oh, you can feel sorry for there are people in your mind
Oh, nothing feels close, even when you don’t feel alright
It’s alright, it’s alright
Everyone stay up like a good fight

Incurred on to bright green eyes
you still love, too spend up time
Driving like a car in the moonlights out
Oh,we move side by side
Some times we play,we play alone
Examine love, freak face
Oh,it's good again

Oh, till it comes all this way just too broken heart
Oh, you can feel sorry for there are people in your mind
Oh, nothing feels close, even when you don’t feel alright

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Lorde Good Fights Comments
  1. David Paderni

    Almost 2020 and our Lord(e) hasn’t released this 😭

  2. Aaditya Parashar

    Can anyone tell me the lyrics to this song?

  3. Quentin Elliott

    WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR 5 YEARS.............

    Fix Me

    me too!! :(

  4. Allison Ramey

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Just discovering it and I just want a studio version!!

  5. Dorian L

    We need a petition ! Right now !

  6. Bella Smith

    i have loved this song for years now. i’ve kind of grown to love the distorted mood of it; the drop and inaudible lyrics. it’s like you’re in a secret underground show put on just for you.

  7. Léa Marija

    Aaaah !!! J'adore ! 💞

  8. pizzadekeslley


  9. Tayrss

    This and Lost Boys need to get a studio version, please Lorde for all your fans just release as a gift

  10. Sister Judith

    The instrumentals URGEGGGVSHHHH

  11. pizzadekeslley

    as vezes quando tô no meio do rolê, eu lembro que essa música continua não lançada, daí fico triste.

  12. addi

    Omg I absolutely love the chorus.... this song is perfect

  13. Simple mortal

    still better than all melodrama songs, sorry

    nonamer Kumar

    sober and sober 2 are untouchable...

  14. xfga

    If you go on genius and look up the song they have really good quality videos of her singing it at Belasco Theater

  15. Dr. Octaconnapus

    She has so many hidden gems of unreleased songs.

  16. bea


  17. Anon 20495

    I NEED an EP with all of Lorde’s unreleased songs

  18. Rene Grajeda Perez

    Oct 28, 2018. I've been listing to Lorde since PH and I'm just hearing this. What the hell Lorde?

  19. Tanner Poole

    We need to schedule a date where we raid her social media and demand a release of unreleased songs! These are too good to just waste away

  20. Aubrey Phillips

    I think its possibly about school drama, anyone else?

  21. Furqan Baba

    400 lux progression (almost)

  22. Dr. Octaconnapus

    If only this was available in higher quality, its awesome.

  23. Alec

    I've litened to this every day this week and I seriously need mental health help because all i can think about is this songggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg aahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    ABarOfNope same! I can't stop I need a studio version!

  24. Alec

    Id kill for even just the original instrumental track

  25. andrew carson

    Can't hear shit

  26. Kathryn Hensch

    what on this godforsaken earth must i do to get a studio version of this

    Quentin Elliott

    raid the producers studio and force him to give you the file on usb at gunpoint... but dont do that and im not that kinda person lol....

  27. alejandro patino

    play this at my funeral :’)

  28. D. W.

    omg i'm obsessed with the production on the bridge

  29. Lewis Balderas

    This is a cover you guys

    Nintendo Music

    Lewis Balderas of what


    No, it is not, duh.

  30. ben morgan

    Fucking wish she'd just release this

  31. Jonatan van den Bos

    This is sooooooooo good please lorde release this

  32. music_feelz

    Please can we do something to her to release this track ?

  33. Noah Z TV

    My favorite song on Pure Her- Oh, wait... 😢🤧

    Furqan Baba

    It's alright, it's alright

  34. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    the way she says "its alright, its alright," is just heavenly

  35. Phodilus


  36. saintache

    wtf how have I only just discovered this. I've listened to all of lordes music and honestly this is probably one of her best. HOW is this unreleased?!!

  37. Brett Werner

    Lorde is a fucking legend. Even the songs she considered not to be good enough to be put in the album were awesome songs. Could you imagine writing and composing two entire really good songs and then just not releasing them? The songs she didn't even want the public to really hear are still better than most songs.


    Brett Werner

    I wonder the same thing, absolute perfection all of her songs and even demo songs.


    All her songs are perfect PERIODT.


    it is good, but not great. lorde knows what to do

  38. BlackKnight777

    I hope this is in Melodrama, I can't stop listening to this honestly, and I would love to hear a proper studio version of this!


    Doubt it'll ever get released, but I'm still replaying this non-stop!


    girl this song is from 2013

  39. Josiah Jenkins

    I swear on my life if this song and lost boys isnt on melodrama Im gunna loose my mind

    Brett Werner

    i don't think it will be "in it" but it might be in the extended (if there is one) or be released eventually

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    so wyd now?


    mind lost

  40. Kerry Faria

    I promise life dose get easier on u ....ur here for a reason I know that I feel that U have The spiritual world next to u don't dismiss it ..,,,,,,.ur blesssd becouse U have a soul

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    Jesus loves you!

  41. Saint JS

    Hopefully this is on Melodrama

    Saint JS

    ZalanOrban you never know hunty

    brett thomas

    we can all pray for a deluxe version and all pray to get your negative ass outta here


    reddog omg how is that being negative. there is no deluxe, i stated a fact. go on itunes look and see there is only a standard version. there is no deluxe

    Saint JS

    ZalanOrban that's what she did in the last album, eventually releasing the extended version, so you never know


    J.S J.S im not denying that eventually she will release one, but as of now there is no deluxe, and its is fair to say that if there is a deluxe version, good fights wouldnt be there. i would love for it to be, but melodrama is a concept album, so a random song she wrote that didnt make the cut for ph just wouldnt work. i wish it would, but it just wouldnt! i guess we will see tho!!!!

  42. Mike Shaw

    I need this song as well as Lost Boys

  43. Alondra López

    does anybody know the chords?

  44. Kailee Walden

    I love the lyrical structure. It's so unique and fascinating. Kudos to Lorde!

  45. Sawyersongs

    Sounds like it goes with "Biting Down", "No Better" sequence. I'm just dreaming out loud.

    Solis A

    good fights, sway, no better, lost boys, and precious metals in one EP!


    @Solis A ugh yes pleaseeee

  46. Jason Droppers

    Has anyone messed around with sound file to make it sound decent? I know it's unreleased but I love this song so a crisp version would be awesome

  47. Gabby Quiroz

    she needs to make a studio version of this song !

    Quentin Elliott

    Lol... So I see ur a fan of Melanie Martinez also... Let me guess you are also being tortured by "where do babies come from" not being released as well...haha I hate it when this happens, when one of your favorite artists is in the process of writing an album so they have this one song they decided to play live a couple times but then they just decide NOT to release it just yet..........lol I feel your pain...

    Gabby Quiroz

    +Quentin Elliott (CheeseBalla98) the struggle is real


    +Quentin Elliott (CheeseBalla98) OMG YES AND BOMBS ON MONDAY

    Joseph Mojica

    internet hermit I NEED THIS SONG IN MELODRAMA

    Lewis Balderas

    Joseph Mojica this song is a cover lol


    Really liked this. If you dig this music, you might like my original music. Please visit my channel and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  49. Whalesmusicscience

    So good!!!

  50. Quentin Elliott

    its been too long now....i need a new album,lol...but seriously most artists i stop replaying their songs and albums after a while but ive replayed her album SOOOO many times like...its probably gonna be one of my MOST favorite albums EVER from growing up.


    Quentin Elliott lorde is coming really soon

    William Smith

    Quentin Elliott melodrama is almost here...



    Andrés !

    Lorde 3 confirmed.

  51. Matheus Augusto

    Love <3

  52. commenting



    Any luck yet ?

    Eden Gallagher


  53. Dj Mashup Sergio Ekwador

    I subbed your wonderful channel and I would be happy if you sub back )

  54. Petra Leskinen

    I find this sounding better than the other versions I've heard so far. Hopefully a studio version will be out soon because this song sounds nice. :)

  55. YoheiBubbles

    this is so good

  56. shelamae taluse

    nice song...waiting for music video...hope soon.

  57. skyekimi

    Beautiful! When is it coming out?

  58. Evanlj

    omg i've been trying to find this song since i saw her live last year. thanks!!!

  59. Luiza B

    Parece a musica de uma propaganda de banco, mas é muito boa, como tudo que ela faz : )

  60. Dat Sweater

    The bass is pretty awesome but I can't really hear her singing too well :( Thanks though.

  61. Chloe Yow

    I can say that Lorde sings this song live very well.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    parts of it are definitely off key but it still sounds good