Lord Huron - When The Night Is Over Lyrics

My one and only love
I've been lonely long enough
Will I find you when the night is over?
Tell me where did you go?
I've been searching high and low
I have only 'til the night is over

In every window, I pass
Your reflection in the glass
Makes me wonder if my mind is going
Shadows shifting in the rain
Slowly driving me insane
By the stars above, I know we were in love
I have only 'til the night is over

I feel the weather change
I hear the river say your name
I watch the birds fly by
I see an emerald in the sky

Now the trail has gone cold
I don't know where else to go
And my time, I fear, is nearly over
When the ocean drinks the sky
And the city winks its eye
When the night is done, you'll vanish in the sun
Will I hold you when the night is over?

Am I lost inside my mind?
There's an emerald in the sky

I hear the river say your name
By the stars above, I know we were in love
I hear the river say your name
I have only 'til the night is over

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Lord Huron When The Night Is Over Comments
  1. Jolly Plague Doctor

    This is downright therapeutic. Probably one of the most soothing songs I've ever heard

  2. MultiSkippy101

    Lord Huron brought me here.

  3. Divine V 1111

    I heard this when I was on the highway driving to the beach it was so peaceful! Like in a movie

  4. Divine V 1111

    Thanks Lord

  5. Jade Hayes

    at 2:45 it feels like the instruments are taking a breath if that makes sense...so soothing

  6. Alex Green

    Their best song

  7. Wheresmy240

    Song is on repeat today

  8. Terry Sparks

    My favourite of all their songs.

  9. Nathan D

    When the night is over-you may meet me in woods for I've already searched the ghosts on the shore at the ends of earth. Help me, for now I'm lost in time & space having learnt ancient names at the Yawning grove. All I remember is "The night we met".

  10. Evelyn Simpson

    hes music isn't a song, it's a whole feeling

  11. Evelyn Simpson

    someone need to mix together this song and the night we met

  12. Paige Malandro

    I really need this to be an intro credit song for a true crime show or documentary

  13. vloid 42

    Where can I find some guitar tabs for this on

  14. Tib

    "I see an emerald in the sky" ..when night meets day, a green flash they say, can be seen from the bay (my favorite part)...his time has ran dry...for her...forever...a loss in the blaze...and more so...a soul completely cold and......


  15. The Last Cowboy

    Am i Lost inside my mind?
    There's an emerald in the sky!
    I hear the river saying your name...
    By the stars I know we were in love

  16. carmen perez

    Meet me in the woods, wait by the river, and when the night is over, take me back to the night we met 🖤

  17. Lapislazuliblues

    This song plays in chicago med in the final scene of season 3 episode 15.

  18. Aymen Hamza

    Sneaky Pete brought me here .

  19. REDCAP32X

    Whats the song about?

  20. Leslie Abreu

    *This man needs more recognition*

  21. anjali sharma

    He -"When the night is over, meet me in the woods.
    The birds are singing at night, and in the wind i sense you,
    cause i am fool for love.But you are already in the yawning grave, but i could be there too with you,
    Cause i'm the world ender baby,
    i am coming for you.
    I feel you whisper my name from a pure black void ."

    She-"You are still stuck to the night we met. Nothing's waiting for us in the great sky
    Life is equal to dust in the balancer's eye. Its all hurricane and frozen pines.
    But don't worry my dear, there is a way out,
    and through that I'll be back one day ,in the light of Emerald star,
    and surely i'll wait by the river and when you come there,
    i would sing for you a lullaby,
    and together we will be lost in time and space,
    and like an endless maze
    i would follow you through the ends of the Earth
    and our lonesome dreams will end together...
    every eye would remember the sight of the ghost on the shore."

    He-"The stranger is lurking by, snooping on us, listening to our secret of life,
    he just wanna be a man who lives on forever
    but brother hear me, La Belle fleur savage...as us you are cursed to die one day, and until the night turns go away.
    The stranger decides its time to run, caught two lovers love like ghosts that lit a fire,
    alas i am cursed to die one day but that's okay, now i would have to find my spark soon..



  22. Debbie Miller

    These guys are a bit like "Alt J", cool :-)

  23. Leticia Almanza

    Angel / Robbie-Daniel forever and never was.

  24. Meagan Wickham

    TCM brought me here! Forever the best channel! ❤️


    TCM should use this song each time in their year end TCM Remembers segments.

  25. Daniel Brooks

    Quite possibly the most beautiful song I’ve heard in years... Thank you for this work of art Lord Huron.

  26. beachbunny 333

    hauntingly beautiful.

  27. Bluejeans502

    The most haunting lyrics ever... “now the trail has gone cold, I don’t know where else to go, and my time I feel is nearly over...”
    Especially after a break up. :(

  28. Yomna Abo wasil

    I just love you.

  29. Melanie Gutierrez

    that was the last song that i send it to my bf before our breakup oK

  30. Robert Stuart

    This is a great song. It'll be remembered for many years.

  31. Layth

    Damn this song is really good

  32. Patricia Murphy

    Haunting. Why an emerald?

  33. Zachary Jones

    When the night is over, lonesome dreams take me back to to the night we met.

  34. cthalpin

    Planning on conceiving my firstborn to this song.

  35. Ikenna Omenukor

    I found this and now don’t know where else to go

  36. Akane san

    Oh, du français sur la vidéo

  37. Alucard C

    this is fire

  38. orhan çetin

    Lord huron ❤️❤️my New favorite 🔥🔥

  39. Erick Augusto

    Será q só eu no mundo sou gamado em lord huron Lana de rey? 🖤🖤

  40. Melanie Grande

    Turkey 🇹🇷

  41. Tyler Montigny


  42. stabbyducky

    Sounds like a Tennessee ghost story. Just beautiful.

  43. William Monteiro


  44. ak 99

    Man ur songs are true love ❤❤❤

  45. Sylvia Cederholm

    People with good taste in Music, knew this band before "the Night we met" Got populor on that shitty tv show

    Lick My Sweetroll

    I don't understand why people get so salty about people that got introduced to LH by that shitty tv show. I got introduced to LH by that shitty tv show and I could give a damn about that, just glad I heard them at all, life changing music. Stop being so pretentious with your
    "I knew this band before *insert most popular song*, so I'm their best fan and have the superior music taste". Just stop being so selfish and be glad that more people are listening to LH in the first place.
    I agree that shitty tv show is shitty and good morning to yah, I'm running on 3 hrs of sleep.

    Olivia Wilson

    Lick My Sweetroll couldn’t have said it better myself

  46. nathaniel marquez

    When you take a bullet for her and she just walks away with him 😞😢........

    Lick My Sweetroll

    Breh, you good chief? I guess you were a Fool For Love.

  47. Your Mom

    This is such an underrated song

  48. Garth William Jones

    Hauntingly beautiful

  49. Mario Canalejas

    dice javi que sonáis como vetusta morla jaja

  50. April Hirdler

    I’m so excited to see you guys at Marymoor park!!!

  51. Tom Dłużewski

    So many new bands don't touch my soul... They do that

  52. Bharadwaj Kamesh

    This is a gem. Send it across the universe. Aliens should hear this.

  53. Toleen Khouli

    here because of sneaky pete s03e06 😁


    Toleen Khouli same. Seasons 1 and 2 way better!

    Toleen Khouli

    @Druth exactly


    Toleen Khouli heard most the writers quit during season 3 and Pete had twins in real life

    Toleen Khouli

    @Druth i know nothing about that lol

  54. Kirtish Sharma

    Sneaky Pete brought me here..😍😍😍😍

  55. micah Jones

    👌👌 YES

  56. Baraa kaddah

    Sneaky Pete brought me here..

  57. abdihakim abdi

    sneaky pete brought me here lol😂🔙😅

  58. Sana Afroz

    Sneaky Pete brought me here

  59. Emma-Elviine Bürkland

    reminds me of life is strange

  60. ashinggrace


  61. Maeva Lr

    I write a novel. This music is the complete mood of the moment when my characters fall in love.

    I will love this music until the end of my life, in an indescribable way.

  62. Diced Potato

    When the night is over, meet me in the woods and take me back to the night we met.

  63. Magicat

    I love this artist and his magic music 💚

  64. Mariya B.

    Everything about this song is just so beautiful; the lyrics, the music and the overall vibe. Absolutely love this.

  65. Glenn and Sarah

    I love you sarah.

  66. Le Harvey

    LH here! wish i could go to your shows. sucks to be on the other side of the world :(

  67. steve Anderson

    Sneaky Pete brought me here. Great song

    Yssa M

    Me too! I love sneaky pete

  68. Isabel Duffy



    Hey, I just made a rainy edit on my channel with this song. If you could have a look, it would be great! Thank you!

  70. Jess Pack

    I clicked on this for the first time when I confessed my feelings to my crush and now every time I talk to her it plays in my head... I love this song. ❤

  71. J Pow89

    Watching them perform this song live was epic. 💀👓🎤

  72. Joshua Pilotin

    I got here because it was recommended by Joana Ceddia (John Cena). I might add this on my spotify playlist if I want to be on full melodramatic mode.

  73. Jee Villa

    joana cedia brought me here

  74. Sam Hobson

    Song is a masterpiece, from the lyrics to the vocals and instruments. Super good. Reminds me of my grandparents. Just an awesome song.

  75. Candela •

    creo que encontré a mi nueva banda favorita

  76. Mark Koussa

    You could fool me for this song having appeared on the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack

  77. xxx tentacion

    your voice fantastic!!!!! my favorite love u 💚

  78. ButterCookie Cloud

    theres image of you everywhere
    its buried in my mind
    wherever i go, whatever i see,
    theres image of you in my eyes

    when we meet,
    i hope the night stays
    and the clock would take a pause when im with you
    when the sun rises,
    its time for us to part



  79. Crash

    Anyone remember Gordon Lightfoot? First time I heard these amazing vocals it gave me a whisper of deja vu

  80. Becca Machado

    This is one beautiful song...

  81. Jasmine Noh

    hell yeah man

  82. Jasmine Noh

    A big fan!!! 🤩🤩💝💝

  83. Jasmine Noh

    Heck yeah man

    Jasmine Noh

    Love this song

  84. Lil Screams777

    Best song ever 😭🤟🏿

  85. Elzie J

    Beautiful- Instant classic.

  86. Steph T

    My best friend and I listened to this song while cuddling- falling in love. It was a night I’ll never forget.. I could feel our spirits connecting. But later his ex- that he felt incredibly guilty for- came back into his life after seeing he was moving on, so he cut me out and said we were never to speak again. This song brings back painfully lovely memories

  87. gary vevang

    The best most surreal song ever.

  88. Jovana09

    after listening to this song repeatedly, i have come to the conclusion that it would be THE perfect song for the first dance at some wedding! ^^

  89. Fera

    perfect first dance song for your wedding

  90. prem tripathy

    Thumbs up if you're listening in 2019 and it's stuck in your head forever!

  91. Isaac Rodriguez

    By the stars above I know we where in love.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💕

  92. sera

    2017:take me back to the night we met

  93. Momo 47er

    Wild West vibes

  94. Esraa Alattar

    It reminds me of him🖤

  95. Keith Collins

    Cracking band can’t get over how underrated they are

  96. sheena silva

    So in love with this.