Loops, Jeremy - Mission To The Sun (Howlin') Lyrics

It's been a long, long time
Since I seen your face
But I never did you wrong
I just long for your embrace

And wherever you go
And however you roam
Just keep your head up high
And keep howlin' at the moon

And the suuuuun

It's been a long, long time
Since I seen your face
Take that loaded gun
Away, away, away, away

And I was cruisin' down the avenue
everything been comin' through
I fell on a syllable
Another time, another space, everyday another face
When you're on the road you know

That everywhere you go
And however you roam
Just keep your head up high
And keep howlin' at the moon

And the suuuuun

It's been a long, long time
Since I seen your face
Take that loaded gun
Away, away, away, away

Now it's been a long, long time
And your face eludes my space
And all I do is roam
I feel I've seen this place

Tell me do you go
Tell me do you face
The fears, the tears, the gears are changin'
On my mission

To the suuuuun

It's been a long, long time
Since I seen your face
Take that loaded gun
Away, away, away, away

Away, away
Away, away

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Loops, Jeremy Mission To The Sun (Howlin') Comments
  1. BlaqGold 685

    I can never get tired of this..

  2. galaxy plays

    Its been a while man

  3. Laurence Wright

    THe Early days Jeremy. Liked it then. Love it still

  4. Dany Van Dudeson

    How old was Jeremy at this video????

    Makhulu Media


  5. Marcelino Speelman

    Talented ....Love It .

  6. Siward Beorn

    schweeet tunes!! I still Howl at the moon Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhoooo! ;")! long time!no see! an you know i loves my sun! an ile be Very sailable soon haha ! I dont carry a gun anymore unless I have too! To protect my Wild Babas!Then its always loaded! as that my mission for our sons ! Peace love an light chickah!X thanx!

  7. Bella Ronika

    this sax omg greaaaat *__*

  8. Jasper Duma

    so COOL!!!

  9. Polyfusia

    This sucks hella balls.

  10. Kieron Millard

    My favorite Jeremy Loops track by far!!! :)

  11. bruizer72

    JL puts on one of the best live acts you will ever see. No bells and whistles - just pure musical quality !!!!!

  12. Marcell Kilian

    yes yes yes yes x100000000000000000000000000000000000000 yes!!! this is what music is all about. my man you got it spot on in this one hay!! loving your music. theres a big future for you in this industry!!

  13. Raymond Havenga

    cause itunes suck c",)

  14. Oldone's

    Just love the energy boet,keep it up !

  15. edward rostern

    Why is his name Jeremy Loops?

    A B

    +edward rostern Jeremy is his name, he's a loop pedal artist.

    edward rostern

    I asked the question tongue in cheek, but thanks.

    Jasper Duma

    good question


    Because his name is Jeremy and his Surname is Loops. His family owns Fruitloops.

    Conrad Hanekom

    Name is Jeremy and he uses Synthesized Audio Loops on his paddles and shit.

  16. landroversforever

    First of his I've come across, love it :-D

  17. Hannah Janee

    Jeremy at spledour in the grass at byron omg yes please

  18. justin bernard

    Hoooowling at ya jeremy.... amazing vibes!!!!

  19. Michelle Morris

    Love this guy .. so much talent :)

  20. Matthew William Stockdale

    The lady at 2:37 woooow really pretty

  21. Holly Chandler

    arrr why r song never available on iTunes in Australia :(

    Aron Dela Peña

    +Holly Chandler Same here in the Philippines Jeremy's Songs are not available on spotify and ITunes

    Holly Chandler

    @SleepyHead Ron it's just so annoying! 


    +Holly Chandler 
    1)go to youtube-mp3.org
    2) enter link for this song and download it
    3) open containing folder and file, right click on file and select open with itunes
    4) at the top select add to and you can add it too phone/ipod if needed ^_^

    Kieron Millard

    +Holly Chandler You should come to "Rockin the daisies" in Cape Town and see him live!!! he is amazing!!!

  22. Cur734

    Best thing to have come out of South Africa Since Seether... Gotta love Loops.


    If you haven't heard Plush or 7th son, then you're missing out bud ;)

  23. Kat K

    I just heard Jeremy Loops for the first time today~~AWESOME!!!! Gotta have his music~~LOVE HIM!!! Great band, too.

  24. Dan Sherlock

    Jeremy Hewitt, real name, thought it was too much of a coincidence to be called Loops and use a loop pedal ahaha! Awesome Music!

  25. MyNameJeff

    why is this song not on itunes!!!

  26. Huios1000

    Definitely included on my next playlist #8tracks.com 8-|

  27. Joe Louis

    Love the sax part from 3:17 on


    Just heard you singing this from my apartment in cape town!!

  29. 86Melinda

    If this doesn't make you smile...
    Better said.. When you need to something to smile about.. Listen to this song.
    Bravo!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!!!

  30. ConciseShihtzu

    Yes Ben Brown

  31. Seabas

    Kom Skom 

  32. Iain Roberts

    South Africa truly has world class talent.

    Iain Roberts

    For all the shit in this country I still love it!

  33. Joel Proctor

    Beautiful lyrics and a wonderful tune. Consider me a Jeremy fan for life. Telling everyone about your talent!!!   

  34. Olindi Ajulu


  35. Stephan Brink

    You bring happiness bro....!!!

  36. ChadWick Alexander

    I think that's one sexy man!!! mmm mmm

  37. Mantwa Toka

    I love this song, awesome man!

  38. Guille De Miguel

    amazing music!! keep it up!

  39. Seneme Thina

    This is good music right here...This needs to go viral!!

  40. datim

    lol she's like 16. you might check out women,

  41. Liam Jones

    cause he is a looper lol

  42. Liam Jones

    Or is Loops his stage name?

  43. Liam Jones

    Is his 2nd name actually Loops?
    And I <3 how he uses a toy in the beginning.

  44. Travis Shrive

    This guy rocks, saw him at OppiKoppi what a legend

  45. Jade Bonfils-Persson

    You guys must share this guy's music on your social networks :)

  46. Jade Bonfils-Persson

    Four people don't know what music is

  47. Andrew Smit

    Fuck this guy is amazing. Awesome music.

  48. Guy Hasewinkel


  49. cindy nagel

    Love him!

  50. Freddy de Wet

    I could listen to this song for hours!!!

  51. Wynand Strydom

    Who ever the 3 people are that disliked this song, probably has no soul and they hate their life, 'cause this is just amazing! Love Jeremy Loops!

  52. Malicious_Splendour

    jip , Hes from S-A, and proud

  53. cecilia walker

    amazing tuneeee seeing him in Camden tomorrow. buzzin

  54. Jadri Barnard

    My new favorite song!!!

  55. Gideon Dariyal Heller

    everything about this video is just brilliant

  56. Trish Lane

    nice nice nice:)

  57. Jason Hammond

    SA just got their very own Jack Johnson.

  58. Suzie HF

    Awesome! Tis a really nice tune :) thank you

  59. Joss de Villiers

    Go onto his soundcloud page, it's of a song he calls welcome. It's pretty cool.

  60. PA PA

    haha the sax sounds like its farting lol

  61. Paris Morales

    it maybe be "so hipster" but its is a more original way of making music than most of the world comes up with music. if anything its innovative.

  62. Craig McLeod

    Wow peadobear.

  63. Rodrigo Ma

    awesome song, but doing the loop with a toy? sooooo hipster jajajajaja

  64. Suzie HF

    What is the guitar music right at the end?? (4:42) is that the start of another one of his songs??

  65. Klara de Villiers

    her name is Gabriella.

  66. Karola Cordier

    great song!!!!! I love it, nice greetings from Germany

  67. Ant1Bez

    shame 2 people are death

  68. Christopher Hall

    This is propa Road trip toonage -- Keep on rockin with the loop da loops :)

  69. Leila Grace

    I absolutely love this! Make me want to move to straight back to sa and rock in the daisies!

  70. Tyron Sharnock

    This is insane talent!

  71. Laura Castillo

    Love it :)

  72. Michael Paterson

    Ah man, this guy is going to go far! Heard him, bought the EP and can't get enough of it. Layers and layers of loops :)

  73. Richard Burns

    What talent, make my hair stand up. GOOSE BUMPS!!!!

  74. Gavin Jones


  75. AnonymousAngelo

    I'd tap that

  76. Guatama Buddha

    the girl at 2:36 is my cousin

  77. Guatama Buddha


  78. Guatama Buddha

    is he south african ?
    ME TOO!

  79. Guatama Buddha


  80. Dustin Waring

    I think those 65 views came from me in the past week!!

  81. Mwalimu Sikasula

    Come Back to Zambia !!!! this shit was craaay !!!!

  82. Biffalovesthis

    Hey JCHAMIE! :)

  83. Sinead Kristin Donnelly

    sick song and music video

  84. Ross Cairns

    Such happy sunshiney head bobbing vibes. So stoked to be South African!

  85. 099fred

    Ask her again in 4 years time

  86. STORM Freestone

    dude i live in cape town and my sisters his BIGGEST!!!!!!! fan i will ask her
    r u in cape town

  87. j-o-e.l-r

    Do you know where Jeremy performs in Cape Town - He rocks - saw him 2 days ago at the Netprophet conference and he really inspires!! makes me wanna dance!! Oh yes dont forget the smile that he put on my face - so good that feel good feeling!!

  88. Tom Willows

    so like when you oeks coming to England...

  89. Sebastian Ullrich

    I'm kinda a big thing xD nice one Jamie

  90. Thato S. Nhlapo

    My favourite song for 2011-2012...

  91. Ruan le Roux

    Girl at 2:37 marry me?

  92. Elani Meyer

    love it*

  93. TheDidiness

    This is great Jeremy! Making me miss South Africa a little tiny bit :)

  94. Lorraine Van Der Merwe

    Amazing :)

  95. MissVerityJoy

    Fully got my foot tapping, nice one Jem!

  96. Ger San

    any mission to the sun ... has got to be good xxx
    you are just too cooool

  97. David G

    Fuckin' Rights Jeremy! Love it -Dangerous Dave Gow