Lonestar - Little Town Lyrics

If you blink you might miss it
Population 803
Five miles long, four miles wide
Feels just right to me
Where a handshake still means something
And the little man still counts
Where the water tastes like it's supposed to
Yeah, folks around here are proud
To be from Little Town

Well the stars they just seem brighter
And the pace is nice and slow
And families stay together
God must be smiling down here on Little Town

There's a cardboard lemonade stand
At the end of our drive
For 50-cents they'll fill you up
He's seven and she's five
And in the fall there's football Fridays
We pack the kids and we head out
Climb the stands pass the band
And join the hometown crowd
And scream "Go Little Town"

[Repeat Chorus]

Arent' you glad we settled down here in Little Town

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