London, Theophilus - Why Even Try Lyrics

You stole my heart like a thief in the night
Stopped in your tracks in the middle of a fight
To make it right let the brimstones burn
I'll letchu live yours, now let me have my turn
Butchu wrong thinking you could stop time
A few hours ahead baby girl not mine
I look ahead I know you see the stop signs
Blind men know, it's not green on time
You drive me insane mrs. rain cloud
Moving on the road, took the same vow
Now I'm tryna u-turn on the way out
The fire all around us is played out
Standing on all fours on the bed
They say some things is better not said
I'll paint you red and stick horns on your head
I'll paint you red and stick horns on your head

If you think you're special, you're probably not
Why even try (why even try)
Just living a lie (living a lie)
Never been like that (never been like that)
Why even try why even try to change

Okay okay mrs rain cloud
Make the sun shine til the days out
You're not alone, call my name out
But what if, there's no way out
And no, your words aren't audible
Reception is bad when I'm calling you
Confusion, and it's the thought of you
You're no spy, I'm onto you
This letter was written in bitter form
So read carefully, don't get it wrong
See that's us, but that's gone
The scarecrows, in the back lawn
That's another dress, well put that on
I keep it real, is that wrong?
I'll paint you red and stick horns on your head
I'll paint you red and stick horns on your head

If you think you're special, you're probably not
Why even try (why even try)
Just living a lie (living a lie)
Never been like that (never been like that)
Why even try why even try to change

Making little sunshine
Til the days out
Making your sunshine
Til your calling my name out
What if there's not a simple way out
Reception is bad and you're calling me now
Never been like that
Never be like that

Why even try (why even try)
Just living a lie (living a lie)
Never been like that (never been like that)
So why even try why even try to change

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London, Theophilus Why Even Try Comments
  1. Minefreak ._.

    And people call Sara racist from the Tyler the Creator thing.

  2. moneybagshawty707

    20 fucking 20

  3. PrinzChrush

    I love this Song!

  4. Dylon Smith

    Keeping this track alive ❗️❗️❗️

  5. Jorge

    Playing this slow or fast sounds amazing too!!

  6. Public Execution

    One of the most underrated songs of this decade

  7. o8thna Spliff

    Good timez

  8. Dont love none

    He was ahead of his time

  9. Maureen Millz

    I loved this jam

  10. Mac Ben

    I just re-discovered this after some years and now it’s propelling me to Supreme Team - Hey Dj😩😩😩👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾

  11. Giovanni Gioker Priolo

    Always fire

  12. richie anderson

    This has that Germany vibe, anyone that was in the Army and stationed in Germany knows what I'm talking about

  13. Michael Jones

    reminds me of my homie bk coulter and little travis

  14. Michael Jones

    the video was shot in a cool way..

  15. richie anderson

    This jam has that European vibe, particularly Munich Germany you have to have been there to understand

  16. Holly Carter

    If you think you're special you're probably not ❤

  17. Kyle Oliver

    I’m listening to this in 2019. How about you???

    Adam Wayda

    2021 here.

  18. Gabriel Rodriguez

    This song would be a big deal if it was released right now

  19. avery

    one of the best songs every IMO.

  20. Azure

    Still listen in 2019

  21. Simon Jordan

    I hear human league at the end and Bowie Dance Magic Dance... I win flawless victory!!!!

  22. Danielle Sargent

    bowie.... dance magig dance

  23. sirkoes187

    Dope track. First time was back in 2014

  24. Quentin Martin

    Perfect vibe for a breakup ..

  25. djJames

    The hook sounds terrible but still a decent song

  26. mombie06

    I love this guy & he follows me on Twitter bruh 😭❤❤

  27. Wesley Dahlin

    Why even try to change

  28. Ninjask

    Vh1 nostalgic

  29. Adis Fernaka Matos

    2019 babyyyyyyyyyyyy

  30. JP Dicas

    Someone in 2019

  31. JP Dicas

    Are there someone in 2018?

  32. นราวิชญ์ นารินทกุล

    คิดถึงเพลงนี้ กลับมาฟังอีกกี่ทีก็ยังเพราะเหมือนเดิม

  33. Muzi Mnisi

    2018 anyone


    How does this inky have 1 mil

  35. いぬとかねことか

    this song makes me feel conflicting feelings

  36. Andy Pitt

    I love this song! ✌️🏾September 8 2018.

  37. smalls arnold

    I can't recall what I was going thru but I know this song been following me for quite sum time .....great track

  38. Magic Dragon

    This song makes me feel like I'm playing Thrasher Skate & Destroy

  39. Alexsandra Vaz

    After 7 years I found that song. OMG! IM HAPPY AFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  40. Stephanie Sens

    Please help me find a song he did years ago. Hopefully posting on one of his music videos, this will reach someone who knows the answer !
    I forgot about it for years, then remembered it when I saw his name just recently. I don’t remember much of the lyrics, but part of the chorus goes

    If you run away, I know I should call you
    But I’m gonna wait, for you to cool off.

    It’s not an upbeat song, but it’s insanely catchy.
    I can’t find it on YouTube or Spotify, but I KNOW it was him. I’ve even tried googling the lyrics but nothing come up.
    This will bug me forever

  41. Robert Campbell


  42. R Daily

    I remember when I wanted a lil white shordy like Theo in this video

  43. Violeta Fernandez

    Dynasty brought me here!

  44. Damien Davenport

    Who’s still listening in 2018?

  45. LaShonda Beckham

    2018 😍❤it

  46. x felipe

    Música top Brasil e nois

  47. Edy Gomes

    jesus me deu ate votade de chorar kkkk gente eu era mto viciada nessa musica como amo meu deus tava aqui assistindo dinastia ep 6 e ela tocou parei e lembrei que ja tinha escutado essa e vim procurar a trilha sonora ja tinha esquecido caraa nosss q nostalgiaaaaaaaaa

  48. Raven Kaplan

    Your just living a lie

  49. Miryam Ciancarelli


  50. Jeff Wynn

    This track goes hard facts 💯

  51. Toristryot

    Boy am I happy this suddenly popped into my head. I was driving myself crazy looking for it a few months earlier.

  52. Block Bizz

    This should definitely b a Gta song

  53. Thiago Damiao

    Br 2018, 🇧🇷

  54. Robert Vargas

    2018 still banging !!! Whole lotta gang shit

  55. Melvin Doo

    Underrated AF :'(

  56. Full Insider

    Yeah Why Yeah Why Even Try!

  57. Full Insider

    Why Even Try

  58. Full Insider

    Yeah Why Why Even Try

  59. Full Insider

    Special Why Even Try

  60. Castle Black

    Black people are cool.

  61. ADAJ3

    80s sound

  62. Christine Nwosuji

    we need more theo

  63. Charles Dean


  64. Kevin T. Brinkley Jr

    haven't heard this song in awhile, woke up with it stuck in my head this morning.

  65. Yanick

    reminds me of juicy biggie am i the only one?

  66. Daniel Saint Laurent

    I can't remember if this was on MTV Push or just was only by MTV hits, anyway, I was/still obsessed with this song haha, now I'm 18 yrs, this is sick bro

  67. just anotherfan6hd

    the beat actually sounds a bit like biggies juicy just with added flare

  68. pasto pack G

    lmao when he tells the Person in the video 2 cut the camera off ..then just darts at him with a punch😂😂😂

  69. mr pie

    who is the chick with him

  70. George Torres

    Theophilous London is a underrated artist!! He's to known for his fashion but hey he is fucking stylish

  71. Henry Smith

    "if you think you're special you're probably not"undertone of my fucking life right there,

  72. GlenGlenervo

    Roosevelt brought me here

  73. Anthony Mack

    always thought this was a dope song

  74. anai carter

    I love this because of my daughter she is now 14 she loves it she said she wants mom to be loved 😍

  75. thomaserak7

    anyone getting "juicy" vibes off that verse?

  76. diasia swanson

    still love this song idc ❤

  77. yafiat mengis

    why even try to change

  78. Johnny Savage

    I found out about this guy bc of the fight with ian but i was not expecting this kind of music at all. Reminds me of a young kid cudi

    Lu'Vell Livingston

    Johnny Savage dude you gotta listen to his mixtape I Want You

    Anthony Mack

    He's older than cudi

  79. Rik Los

    This song reminds me of only 2 things. Me & GOD lyrics r tight. Beat is tight. TL is the new kid on the block and this 2016.

  80. Sem Nome

    His best song

  81. Steven Cruz

    Yo this is really good

  82. J2V

    Such a good song. I remember when it aired back in 2011 on MTV Jams & MTV Hits.

    Henry Smith

    Yeivi Hernandez weird time for music,just plain awkward,but hey,WTF,right?

    Smiley Nirvana

    Yeivi Hernandez Bro Heeeell yesss I remember those days when this came on that channel 👌🏾👌🏾💯

    blockhead 123

    Yeivi Hernandez yup! Same here! 2011 aired on those mtvs

  83. Jessi Perez

    love tegan n sara

  84. Javier Alejandro Maldonado Sarti


  85. RighteousLim89

    Underrated Genius. His art is mad dope and will be timeless.

  86. Tobias Tischbier

    if mos def and tyler the creator had a bastard son

    Eugene Gordon

    Tobias Tischbier haha

  87. Compton Crowsta

    Anybody know the original song for this beat he used? I know it has to be sampled, somebody do me a solid. Thanks in advance....

  88. Luiza Gomes

    who is the girl with him?

  89. Mac Ben

    One pocket of memories. Timeless.

  90. Gloria Gonzalez-Gomez

    Still bummed the beautiful Sara Quin wasn't in the video.

  91. Barry Timony

    Anybody have the instrumental?

  92. Dayvon Steen

    Still banging 2016

  93. Jorge Augusto

    Can someone explain me why in this world this song still don't have 1M views?
    This simply can be comprehended by my mind!

    Seyvon Genie

    It does now lol

    Jorge Augusto

    Finnaly! I wrote that message 8 months ago!

    Seyvon Genie

    +Jorge Augusto lol I know! This used to be My sister & i's favorite song so long ago! I miss these times lol

    Jorge Augusto

    Me too! :)