London, Theophilus - Water Me Lyrics

Vibes, vibes, vibes

[Verse 1:]
Away my mind, my soul, to be so young, so old
At death we lie awake, free sensation
All eyes and names and voice, who scream, have no choice
Money don't mean, don't pass, just the notion
Get a little money, oh, fast motion
But living long enough to know, the sweetest potion
Girls, the love my heart will bring...

Water me and I will grow
Water me and I will grow
Water me and I will grow
Water me and I will grow

[Verse 2:]
What's death when we all die, losing questions why
Don't say a long goodbye, is forever
There was an ancient time, we only tread to fly
Let's meet between the stars, aiming further
To get power of thoughts controlling
In true power all want unfolding, girl

What are you doing?
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!
Don't stop now, don't stop, keep going

[Chorus x2]

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London, Theophilus Water Me Comments
  1. Jiman Casablancas


  2. Jerry Stafford

    "Water me...I will Grow!!!" 💪💪💪💙 it!

  3. I'm Márk

    Wateeer meee

  4. Bryant Turner

    Dope Instrumental 4 the wins.

  5. Zita Garnier

    Inspirational..... you feeding me with your art >> thankyou

  6. senorashish

    Chicken Piccata!