London, Theophilus - Neu Law Lyrics

Don't lie
When I'm askin' for the truth, you've got to say it
Don't tell me when it hurts cause I won't care
You've got to be [?] for what you owe
That's the law
That's the law

[Verse 1:]
Stand up
You've been layin' down next to the office in the hallway
Don't tell me when you're not on your vacation
You have no time to even take a shower
Oh please, please tell me what I'm up against

Hey I, I, I
Hey I
Hey I, I, shit

[Verse 2:]
You ain't even know it
They was waiting for you to tweet out your location
These satellites [?] to reach you
Black and blue as the skies is the boy's head
Oh please, please don't, she's innocent
That's the law, that's the law

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London, Theophilus Neu Law Comments

    Nice girl 😚 nice track.

  2. SpielPlatz 777

    Vielen Dank MB für die Inspiration. Absolut nice!

  3. N C

    John Maus left lots of little 3 minute nuggets ripe for ripping off.

  4. natalia santana


  5. -G-SoldierS - doghmeay-


  6. Wody HG

    Love the backdrops, and the dancing. Very captivating

  7. TS Finesse Arms

    Was ne Karre - derb!

  8. Nasquik

    Monte ☡☢

  9. versnellingspookie

    What city is this? Seattle?

    Ilya Vespertine

    Las Vegas

  10. geht dich garnix an

    MONTE !!!

  11. fitch

    ass n titties

  12. Philipp Henschel

    Monte 💪

  13. nikobara95

    this is just an expensively produced cover of johm maus - the law


    Yes, but it's still great.

  14. Slava Ivanov

    I'm inspired.

  15. Gramsci

    Johhny Mauser!!!

  16. Ang Kerfoot

    Hope you do lots more locations!

  17. Ang Kerfoot

    Love it you guys!