London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years Lyrics

You crossed this line
Do you find it hard to sit with me tonight?
I've walked these miles but I've walked 'em straight lined
You'll never know what was like to be fine

I'm wasting my young years
It doesn't matter if...
I'm chasing old ideas
It doesn't matter if...

We are
We are
Maybe I'm wasting my young years
We are
We are
Maybe I'm wasting my young years

Don't you know that it's only fear
I wouldn't worry, you have all your life
I've heard it takes some time to get it right

I'm wasting my young years
It doesn't matter if...
I'm chasing old ideas
It doesn't matter if...

We are
We are
Maybe I'm wasting my young years
We are
We are
Maybe I'm wasting my young years

I don't know what you want
Don't leave me hanging on
Don't know what you want
Don't leave me hanging on

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London Grammar Wasting My Young Years Comments
  1. dee gee

    I can imagine having a swim with this lady and her voice. its so deep.

  2. françois Bernard

    superbe :)

  3. omorr omorromorr

    So stupid don't do it

  4. Jen Raleigh

    Go hálainn 💜

  5. me and me

    amazing & unique voice 😍

  6. Bandhu Harish

    You cross this line
    Do you find it hard to say it with me tonight
    I've walked these miles but I've walked in straight line
    You'll never know what was there to be
    I'm wasting my young years
    It doesn't matter here
    I'm chasing more ideas
    It doesn't matter here
    We are
    We are
    Baby, I'm wasting my young years
    We are
    We are
    Baby, I'm wasting my young years
    Don't you know that it's all I feel
    I wouldn't worry, you have all the love
    I've heard it takes some time to get it right
    I'm wasting my young years
    It doesn't matter here
    I'm chasing…

  7. dee gee

    This is like the prodigy vs evenesnce. very nice.

    dee gee

    Victoria is that you?

  8. Andrés Felipe Suaza Quinchía

    I think the feeling of wasting your time is permanent in a society that compares everything. Social Media has had huge pressure on all of us and make us think everybody has a better life than us.
    Sit down, write all the things you are proud and thankful for and look back at your life with love. If not, then write the things you want to do/accomplish and start changing your routines.

    It's worth it.

  9. discovery

    someone here NOT from baby?

  10. You Are A Fart Knocker

    Here because of Reign ❤️


    Hollyoaks brought me here in 2013!

  12. Katie Godinet

    Everyone in the comments came here bc of Baby on Netflix.. I came here bc of Reign lol

  13. Bue Hancher

    2020 end pls

  14. dee gee


  15. Cleber Ramos

    So sad that most from here just hear about London from Netflix Baby... Its the most powerful band in this world !

  16. brabos al

    Moby mood

  17. Paulinka Podbial

    Did someone is here from reign???

  18. Vaclav Haval

    Ich weiß nicht was du bist
    Lass mich nicht hängen
    Weiß nicht was du bist
    Lass mich nicht hängen
    Vielleicht verschwende ich meine jungen Jahre

  19. Örnest Örnsen

    i wasted my young years

  20. Mel Plectrude

    Nostalgie quand tu nous tiens ❤

  21. Jupiter The Gas Giant

    here because 2set covered this so well

  22. Anomaly Psyche

    I like to walk in wonky lines wasting mid life years chasing stale ideas

  23. Libegfrat1

    Overwhelmed by emotion, thank you soooo much

  24. bjulien400 giraud


  25. Patric Mermod

    I was married with the false person... So I've wasted my time... Love this Song ❤️

  26. Alexa mejia

    Hermosa canción, no me canso de escucharla

  27. Arthur Greve

    Fire gold story's told

  28. Ivanna Mora

    Baby, BRUTAL canción.
    ¿Soy el único comentario en español?

  29. Jordan Kelemen

    Every song London Grammar creates becomes a ethereal masterpiece.


    Estamos aquí gracias a Baby!

  31. Muray Leonard

    Baby Netflix 👍🏻

  32. Betül atby


  33. Paul Williams

    What a voice

  34. maeva blblbl

    Wo have seen capharnaüm?

  35. Theseus

    life is like a slowly floating river


    Vem pelo comentário que ele no YouTube e já gostei da voz maravilhosa

  37. Richard Dasselaar

    Thank you for your music

  38. Alfred Bester

    Great song. The video reminds me of The Expanse after a ship got shot up in 0 g, which of course is kind of funny since this is older.

  39. Greg Hernandez

    Never thought I'd be into this but hell here I am. Bravo. Well done

  40. Fly Travel Away

    I miss my dad ... 😞

  41. Bir gün

    Capernaum 💪👌👏

  42. Ro Li

    She's A Goddess.

  43. Jeff Penrose

    Wasting my young years song takes me back to the mid 70s with my horse days I had a light hunter 16 hand iron fit and myself galloping as hard as we could go both as one across the beac hes in Cornwall ,the song goes slow then speeds up ,a time I will never have again sadly

  44. Achilloryen RFr_27

    It's look as a twilight song, isn't It ?

  45. Kef Bana

    I want to dance to this with my husband at midnight, holding an open bottle of wine on my hand.

  46. Henrik

    Wow this song is just amazing and totally depressing at the same time

  47. Nikε Greece

    Maybe.. maybe not

  48. Jenny Inglima

    Her voice is absolutely one of the most beautiful female vocals ever. Period.

  49. Андрей Кангин

    Simple awesome!

  50. 50,000 followers with 1 video

    El día que los conozca en persona me va a explotar el corazón <3

  51. 50,000 followers with 1 video

    Amo esta canción <3

  52. Enzo Moisés Avendaño farfan

    BABY ❤️❤️ espero que haya tercera temporada 😊😍🖤

  53. Plume d'ajonc

    Who comes after the voice france 2018 with Maelle who sang this song at the semi final


    song used when sienna is caught by dodger at annas house and 17 October 2013

  55. Jeffrey Roberts

    Very evocative!

  56. Tina Karen Turunen


  57. Teresa c


  58. Allen Price

    There is not a voice this good anywhere. Once again shows the best are not radio hits

  59. David Kramer

    well said

  60. David Kramer

    I know everything but you

  61. David Kramer

    you are

  62. John Thomas

    Hopefully, London Grammar will be able to stay together for eternity like ZZ Top who is now into year 51 as a group. LG excellent music and lyrics.

  63. Scotia Velo

    This is the voice that Adele would like to have. What a massively underrated band.

  64. Jaqueline Almeida

    Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷 apaixonado (a) nessa música? E que assistiu baby 😍

  65. Schnee von Gestern

    This song is iconic for the feels and nostalgy that was around 2010-2013 somehow. It's very diffuse and hard to point out. But in my sensation my generation fell for a very nostalgic, sad mystic, romantic and freedom seeking vibe, especially during the summer. Theres a lot of music really attached and involved in this vibe. Florence, London grammar, the xx, Austra.
    Also in my country some some obvious examples as well.

  66. Sebastián Freres

    The piano sounds like the beginning of "Mas Allá" a song by "La Ley" a chilean famous band

  67. Craig Barrett

    It is said we die at 25 and they only bury us at 75......
    When most of us, no matter what age we are at, look back we still feel 25 in our heads.....just putting that out there!😁

  68. Peace Love

    I'm totally enamored with this band right now. It's not my usual cup of tea, but it's intoxicating. The accompanying instrumental is light enough to give her voice center stage, and it works to perfection. Out-fucking-standing contribution to music. Thank you.

  69. Dejan Pernar

    Her angelic voice always gives me tingles! I'll always remember how magical it was to see them live 👌😍♥️

  70. Bordergirl And bubblegum

    Who’s not here because of baby ?

  71. Warren G

    She sounds like Freya Ridings

  72. Iskarlat Holanda

    Baby Netflix 🇧🇷😍

  73. sarsılmış kız

    Who is here from kefernahum


    Can’t wait for season 3 🥰🥰🥰

  75. Tri Podzia

    Beautiful. <3

  76. Luis Laguna

    Muy original el video...

  77. Mihaela Dimache

    You are awesome!

  78. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Hi baby half clone 😘

  79. wesleyschweitzer

    She sounds like Florence and The Machine

  80. Lau Disturb


  81. O2 T

    I can’t believe I forgot about this classic, this was on repeat when it came out

  82. robert fechete

    Im so grateful that i had “bad influences “ around me in my young years . I tasted the wildlife, the white nights and i did things other people my age wouldn’t dream off .

    Calvin Hisoka

    can you share some of those things?

  83. Steve Alferenc

    Could be worse. You could spend 23-27 addicted to drugs, waking up every day sick as fuck immediately worrying about how you will make 30 bucks to not feel sick. Imagine those being your young years.

  84. Magda M


  85. woojoke

    wasted....gone.. long for a you?

  86. laboratorio de pesquisas banais

    From Brazil // I love this song

  87. Martin Latvian

    This song made me feel a drop over my cheek

  88. Gustav

    why do ppl think this is good dont get it

  89. stuart lees

    Great voice, but not if you have gun membership. And you’re alone.

  90. London Grammar

    Check out the new single ‘Non Believer’ taken from the #1 album ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’.

    Alicia Oliveira

    baby iooo iooo


    @Leonardo DiCaprio you are falling in love... Leo

    Emma BELLIER

    John Callaghan es

    Emma BELLIER

    Ytrghf s,à John Callaghan gbtbbtbbnn bbbrsnnnnnnnf’jhhuy

    Rene Mange