LOLO - Weapon For Saturday Lyrics

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm the baddest car in the parking lot
Hottest gun that the preacher shot
And I always get my way
Always get my way

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm the house that fell on bitter witch
Hottest bitch in a biker flick
And I always get my way
Always get my way
And you will find me with the stars in the sky
And you will feel me like a thunderstorm
I shake the ground you walk upon
And you can wonder who I really am
I'm only the face of every woman
Just a heartbeat in a man

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm the baddest car in the parking lot
Hottest gun that the preacher shot
And I always get my way
Always get my way

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm a corporate guy with the biggest tip
Coolestpimp on the Vegas strip
And I always get my way
Always get my way

You can hear me in the riot songs
You can try to block the sounds out
I stand there chanting all night long
I am nothing but your dearest friend
I will keep your secrets locked up

I'm the one who can defend
And I'm taking what's mine
I won't go down without a fight
You can try to tie my hands
I will break the knots around them
I got my sword and my shield
And I can see the battlefield
I keep marching til the last
While the shots have hit my back

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm the baddest car in the parking lot
Hottest gun that the preacher shot
And I always get my way
Always get my way

I'm a weapon for Saturday
I'm the fastest horse in the Derby race
Only know how to win first place
And I always get my way
Always get my way

I'm a weapon for Saturday
And I always get my way
Always get my way

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LOLO Weapon For Saturday Comments
  1. petaludas88

    Why for saturday?and not friday?

  2. Kev Cruz

    Theme song for Peko Pekoyama and Fuyokiko (forgive my spelling)

  3. ben messaoud Hanann

    Perfect song to introduce Badass Catherine Rollins 🔥 #H5.0 #❤️

  4. Tyler Messer

    Hawaii Five-O brought me here... I stayed for the lyrics.

  5. petaludas88

    i came from nowhere and i love this song

  6. Brandon Adams

    It's not just Del Ray. Her slow annunciation/control is like Adele also. With that being said she's her own person

  7. ツnightengaile


  8. its laura

    anyone else Shazam this while watching Hawaii Five 0


    I googled the lyrics.

    Delanie Payne

    DrBrennan so did i

    Alexi Marie

    its laura that is me


    Exactly what I did

  9. NLM


  10. Berilann Parry

    Seen her when she was supported John Newman in Leeds last year she was totally awsome. Cant wait for the album

  11. mustafa mahmoud

    badass cathrin

  12. Jana Slobodová

    "I'm the baddest car in the parking lot
    hottest gun that the preacher shot
    and I always get my way."
    Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and actress.

  13. Ryan Phill

    My instant favorite!!

  14. Sasha Silver

    OMG H50!

  15. bethbee63

    Knew this from a Damages advert

  16. Brianna Burtraw

    Reminds me of Lana Del Ray

    kitch bitch

    same 😍

  17. Ntando Mafuleka

    Mmm beautiful voice

  18. Ntando Mafuleka

    Mmm beautiful voice

  19. greko papadopoulos


  20. Keith Nguyen

    Five-0? anyone? anybody?


    me! cath was a total badass this song was perfect for that scene! wish we could see more catherine

    Delanie Payne

    Keith Nguyen yep

    Vein of Volta

    Book em keitho

    Josh Purgel

    5 0 ftw

  21. Catherine Roquim

    lauren pritchard!

  22. Marlene Beltre

    Awesome totally bad her lyrics are real

  23. 22Rosia

    Very distinct voice interesting lyrics............
    Another artist original song I would recommend looking up Rekico The Letter 

  24. Henly Park

    she a good singer

  25. Diagna Fronza

    the chick from miss jackson

    Joshua Terpstra

    Lol that's how I found her too!


    wow you are a nice girl

  26. mcedik

    Very cool!

  27. Konstantin S.

    need lyrics 

  28. Aj to dope


  29. Cynthia Matthews Grawemeyer

    H5O is one of my favorite shows.... super cool to hear this... the song was a perfect fit!  Good choice for the show.... smart move H5O! 

    Sasha Silver

    I know! Cath was amazing

  30. Maria Urie

    you people, stop say that she's like Lana del rey, I mean, she got her style, she's starting, don't make a mess, please.

  31. Wennod

    yeap hawaii))

  32. marksun80

    Thumbs up for Commander Steve McGarrett from Five 0

    Alexi Marie

    marksun80 haha everyone seems to know this from five0

  33. Sabrina

    Hawaii FIVE-0!

  34. ronmaxman2006

    Hawaii Five O gave me the intro, I'm a fan....

  35. Maria Amador

    Yep hawaii five 0 ..awesome song

  36. TayTay

    Hawaii Five-0 anyone?

    Lara Özalp

    high five !! 

    John Paluska

    yup... I heard the song and was like "I gotta hear this all the way through!"

  37. Abby Ghabbi

    and like Lana del Rey :3

  38. alyssa

    In some parts...

  39. alyssa

    She sounds like adele...

  40. Effy Skorn

    where do i get the lyrics?

  41. Derek Morris

    thank you for that little nugget of information, Lauren Pritchard. i'm really enjoying her as Lolo so hopefully LP won't disappoint.

  42. Rickelle Williams

    Wrong! Her previous albums under her name: Lauren Pritchard. Good shit.

  43. Jen Chaney

    So this is what really happened after Moritz's death. She went solo

  44. k.stynes


  45. WendlaBergmann

    everyone! look up "lauren pritchard" if you liked what you heard on "miss jackson."

  46. rando

    Lauren Pritchard already has an album out with awesome songs like Painkillers and Stuck, she did an amazing cover of TLC's Waterfalls way better than the original, not to mention Song of Purple Summer and Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind she sang for Spring Awakening!!!

  47. Zack Hinson

    I'm covering this soon, and I just got down all the lyrics to memorize, does anyone know what she says in the last line of the bridge? After "I'll keep marching till the last"? :(


    I think she's better than Adele.

  49. skhan88

    Look up Lauren Pritchard, her first album went under her name, and it's a fantastic album

  50. yasmin alarnah

    Since when was lil' Ilse, Lauren Pritchard become Lolo? I like it! :D

  51. Afro Latina

    Her songs are better than Lana Del Rey's.

  52. taishawn johnson

    she sounds like all

  53. taishawn johnson

    me too

  54. Michael I. Haber

    Type in Lauren Pritchard - Several songs she has done are "Not The Drinking", "Stuck", "When The Night Kills The Day", and "Blue Wind" (from a rock musical called Spring Awakening, which Lauren (Lolo) originated the role of Ilse on Broadway. Her Debut album came out in 2010 called Wasted in Jackson.

  55. min yoongi

    Reminds me of Lana Del Rey and a little bit of Adele.

  56. Josse

    Yah same here xD

  57. joshua

    Her voice on this song reminds of Adele skyfall.Next Bond Theme song maybe?:-P

  58. Amanda Jones

    Favorite. In love.

  59. nannypants90

    Search for songs by Lauren Pritchard. Same singer. Love her!

  60. john dillinger

    any other songs by her?

  61. ItsRikkii

    I discovered her in the new music video of Panic! At The Disco! And I think she's amazing! I'm a fan! Keep up the good work!

  62. TheyNamedMeJade

    This feels like it should be in some real badass film I absolutely love it!!!

  63. Dominique Brown

    Damn this is so good!!!!! She kinda sounds like Amy Witehouse

  64. dontdosadness

    She actually has an album out that she released a few years back under the name Lauren Pritchard.

  65. eumisaki

    I was looking for her since I heard the new P!ATD's song, I already know why It was so difficult find her... only has a song D:

  66. Jovan Jenkins

    HEY! i make beats, and im gonna sample this. illl post a vid by tomorow

  67. Bear Kelly

    Adele + Lana Del Rey = Lolo. Great sound

  68. Katrina Garner

    Heard this on Zane Lowes show this evening awesome song!

  69. Michael I. Haber

    Ilse is back!!!!!

  70. MusicalBohemian24601


  71. Sensual A

    hottest gun that the preacher shot