LOLO - I Don't Wanna Have To Lie Lyrics

I don't wanna have to lie to everybody, about how I feel
I can't eat, can't sleep
I'm on my knees, praying for a miracle
It's all right, what you say, like a knife
I know you like the taste of blood
I love you, I hate you, I have you, I lose you,
I just want someone to love

I don't wanna have to lie to everybody
I just wanna light, I wanna smoke more cigarettes
You think that I like gettin hurt,
But I do it, I can't seem to help myself
I'm a big girl, but big girls get hurt too, and they cry
You think that I'm tough enough
But I know when you look at me right now, that all you can see is blood

I don't wanna have to lie to everybody, about how I feel
Waves of sadness, waves of grief
A river that feels like it'll never stop runnin'
And all you can see is the lies,
I know it's all over my face
I can't change, I can't hide

I don't wanna have to lie to everybody, about how I feel, (ohh whoa ohh)
Don't wanna have to lie to everybody, about how I feel

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LOLO I Don't Wanna Have To Lie Comments
  1. sizzorgirl67

    Her voice ❤️❤️❤️ and she can sing!!!

  2. Jon

    POWERFUL. Great Song.

  3. randiparis

    My Good Gawd????!?! blown away! hunny,.. don''t smoke too many cigarettes ,. and destroy that amazing gift!! #inllovewithyourvoice

  4. Laura Greaves

    Her voice gives me shivers 😍 amazing amazing

  5. Roberto Vazquez

    I like her voice 👏

  6. brwneyz713

    Simply Amazing! Her voice doesn’t just hit the ears but the soul too ❤️

  7. NailaCafé

    Wow A Power House Voice ♥ It.

  8. jrnshann

    Saw her on The Rachael Ray show today singing this song and literally had to pick my jaw up off of the floor.
    Never heard of her until today and am now totally obsessed!

  9. Glynna Schmehl

    I can't believe how horrible your voice sounds. You sound like you have a sore throat from giving bjs.

    Deborah Kraft

    Glynna Schmehl youre insane

  10. Glynna Schmehl

    You suck. " No it ain't no love. Guy ding me ".

  11. Liz Mc

    I watched the movie a simple favour what an awesome voice. She shall be noticed Im sure of it.

  12. bingo67lum

    I never heard of Lolo till a couple years ago when my favorite singer, Kelly Clarkson, joined Atlantic Records. She is now in my top 3 of 4 favorites. Her authentic voice and raw emotion is refreshing. So many artists are packaged and canned, digitally enhanced, lip syncing "pitchy strippers" (as Kelly once referred to them as). I just hope Lolo comes to my area to perform.

  13. Big Tele red neck king And associates

    What an artist. She’s the GOAT. Holy shit!!! I’m usually a blues rock guy but this chick has captured me. Truly amazing singer.

  14. One Year of Love: Healing Yourself

    Saw her live last night. I had never heard of her. Now? Obsessed. Her voice is the best I've ever heard. She is just as good, if not better, live. WOW!

  15. Júnia Pereira

    That was amazing!! Addicted to all her songs! What a voice!

  16. Sanic is here

    She sounds exactly like the studio version!