Lolawolf - What's Up Lyrics

What's up? You say it's on, it's on for real
Gonna watch you go
Cause time is gonna change your mind
Gonna change on mine

Can you give me? Can you give me some?
Got me feelin', got me feelin' done
Bullet bullet
Bullet in the gun
Cause my chances are
Slim to none

I think that it can work, but you think that it don't
You think that it can work, but we both know it won't
We both it won't
Why think that it can work when we both know it won't?

What's up? I say to take, you take your time
Gonna let you roam
But after the sun goes down
I'mma take you
After the day, the day is done
Hope you had your, hope you had your fun
Love is heavy, yeah, it weighs a ton
And our chances are
Slim to none

What's up?

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Lolawolf What's Up Comments
  1. LanIost

    Slim to nooo(nooonnne)nee. Slim to none!