Lolawolf - What Love Is Lyrics

Maybe when I get a little bit older
I'll get caught
Telling a lie, telling a lie
Why can't I get a little bit older?
I hear it happens, all the time

Looking from the outside and I can't get in
Is it cos' I'm tired? Baby I'm so tired
Feeling all your whispers soaking in my skin
Will it make me faithful? why can't I be faithful?

I wanna know what love is, I wanna know what love is
I wanna know what love is, I really hope that it's not you

If the room gets a little bit colder
Should we take it as a sign? is it a sign?
When my tear trickles down your shoulder
You get yours, you got yours

Baby it'd be different if I was satisfied
Would it make you better? Want it to be better
I got a sick illusion stuck in my mind
I thought it would be softer, I wish it was softer

I wanna know what love is, I wanna know what love is
I wanna know what love is, I really hope that it's not you

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Lolawolf What Love Is Comments
  1. Keandra Fitzgerald

    I like her better can’t wait until she does more music

  2. Coach B


  3. Willy Wanker Walterson-Knight

    My absolute greatest dream girl

  4. Chase

    Reminds me of a early 90's song.

  5. Arina Luthfia In

    😍 Lolawolf!! u're so amazing, n charming? why u're songs aren't famous in Indonesia?? I must watching your video music on youtube everyday~ 😭

  6. Vegmuffin

    Omg didn’t know she could sing

  7. Emery Dean Kovacs

    I know what Love is !!!! & I beat you to the PUNCH on that one !!! You know "What Love is".....LOL FINALLY ... !!!! KET-Chup SLO POKE !!! J/K

  8. Emery Dean Kovacs

    I Luv your acting as well.....I'm a wanna be screenwriter with about 10 original movie ideas !! let me know when your in Houston & let's see if we can do sumthing together movie or song !!! you need to get on music choice "HIT LIST" ....DeanMachine

  9. Emery Dean Kovacs

    Love iz me ....LOL !!! I'm DeanMachine .....yeah the one with the "FREE AT LAST" song that I wrote in 2004 !!! it'z out of this EWORLD that you have a tattoo that says the same thing ....Free is a feeling like a " FREE SPIRITE" I have your name in a song I have check it out at my channel'z called "THE WAIT" it'z a cappella .....DeanMachine

  10. Emery Dean Kovacs

    I Luv this song too !! it'z ironic you (Zoe) have "Free at Last" tatted on your arm & I wrote a song in 2004 & still have that song I titled "Free at Last" !!! DeanMachine

  11. Krystal Cartier


  12. Sheep Dog

    I love her art form...I'm a fan of Zoe Kravitz...movies and music.

  13. Paul Sawyer

    main verse: "i wanna know what love is" x10
    just stop

  14. Internet Trowel

    Don't you kinda love it when you find an old MP3 player in your drawer,
    charge it up, then just sit back at the end of the day to travel back in time?
    Ended up listening to some songs from her dad's Mama Says album,
    glad to see the Flowers for Zoe girl is doing well.

  15. Krystal Cartier

    The first song I heard by them a year ago or so, their vibe is refreshing.

  16. Marceline Fagley

    ok but when are they going to put this ep back on spotify

  17. moh manu

    first listen and i love it

  18. Arielle Robinson

    I love Zoë's voice

  19. Valhalla

    the video tries so hard to be relaxed it seems forced

  20. Tj Reid

    👏👏👏👏👏 Zoe's doing her thing👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo... 😘 🌹

  21. established

    this song is like sweet early 2000s

  22. DeAnna Mckinney

    strange art

  23. Lily Gonzalez

    Go Zoe ❤ it

  24. Muhddi Allison

    i luv that the name of the band is her lil Sister n Brother's name thats sweet

  25. Tracey Sams

    Trip hop I would say I heard her songs in the trip hop genre❤️

  26. Jamila Brown

    I really like her voice, but wish this got a bit funkier near the end.

  27. btl

    she look like frank dillane :))

    Claudia Griffyn

    Omg! She actually does a bit!!

    Freddyhlb X

    omg can't unsee it now

  28. SuuzieQ

    she looks so much like her mother Lisa

  29. Hot J

    I love Zoe Kravitz

  30. Blake Sherman

    the one. the only zoe kravitz aka #LolaWolf. its the year of the wolf

  31. cazibal

    i had the sound off and I didn't realise it and 2 minutes after I was like this intro is ridiculously long lol

  32. Myah T.

    Princess bubble gum's theme song :)

    sundance kidd

    +Myah T. is that anime? also is it on netflix?

    Ocean Bias

    omg is it really!?

  33. Tyler LaTulipe

    You don't honey it can break your heat....stay free :) #beautiful

  34. eksempler l

    Ain't over til it's over.
    nice bass line thought.

  35. David L

    what is she smoking? o.O she looks breathtaking btw

    Julius Pantoja

    +David L weed

  36. LaToya Banks

    I like it

  37. Saif Chowdhury

    She's like cream skinned Skarlette Jo. Plus amazing singing voice! Love it!

  38. Amélie O.

    This song really is the bessssst. I'm hoping to see you guys live in Belgium some day soon!

  39. marcele gouvea

    his beautiful love you.

  40. Naomie Armand

    Who the Hell is Lenny Kravitz? (Saying this after reading comments, I know he is her dad, but, like, who the hell is he?) found her through Willow Smith, lol

    Ena Vizcaino

    +Zulu Armand Ignorance is very arrogant.

    Yakria Gray

    he's a kick-ass rock musician. look him up

    Cristina J

    +Zulu Armand you must be 5 years old. Isn't there a rule kids under 12 can't be on here?

    Levi Gray

    Lenny Kravitz: Rock singer, also an actor. Olayed Cinna in the first two Hunger Games movies. :D

  41. love love

    loved zoe

  42. love love

    loved zoe

  43. Chayanne Richard

    Amazing ❤

  44. Annony Mouse

    Mom is still hotter.


    Fr tho 😂

  45. Kayla Bey

    I love this song ❤️

  46. Amram Ami

    Love Zoe! Song is Dope music is cool

  47. Mr. K

    Did Lenny help write this?

    Mr. K

    @***** ummmm cuz I wanna know ;) I remember when Lenny worked with Vanessa Paradis, and I think he wrote all or most of that one.

  48. Sie Fi

    I really her music.

  49. icequeenwaikato

    Cool song Zoe, hope you continue your pathway and ignore the haters.

  50. Sinai Delorisses

    Sooo good

  51. brer rabbit

    Beautiful song beautiful video beautiful singer beautiful band x

  52. kaitlyn miller

    thumbs down

  53. Zuzu Bibi

    I love hurr, we have the same name Zoë    (:

  54. Eunis Woods

    I like it :p

  55. Tianna Frazier

    lolawolf has perfect summer vibing music

  56. Babs Bear

    This sucks

  57. Lana Cohen-S

    luvyouluvyou omg

  58. KevinTheVillian

    Would Be so much cooler if she did rock like her pops

  59. Sonya Pina

    Song is good but video is pointless

  60. Sam S

    I love Zoë but this song seriously sucks 😐

    Cristina J

    +Tessa Hartelle thank you for saying that. Because I was not impressed either. Alice Smith had better vocals and better music. This is like kindergarten pop.

  61. Yola

    Love it 😍😍

  62. iamTroyHudson

    I wanna know what love is too...

  63. Net Florence

    💝 lt!

  64. gpg20s

    She's got her mother's eyes and her father's nipples.


    Omg lol




    I'm done😂😂

  65. Deedy gomez

    I love this song Zoeeeee

  66. Zahir Raye

    bae for life

  67. Julio

    She too fly.

  68. Future Chief of Surgery Philosopher

    Seriously, why does she always have her nipples out in every one of her videos?? Lol

    Future Chief of Surgery Philosopher

    Anyone else?

    Future Chief of Surgery Philosopher

    Lolol Atta girl! !

    Future Chief of Surgery Philosopher

    @***** yes! Come on, anyone else?

  69. Tashh Ice

    I like her music, the polyphonic sound to it as well, it makes you feel happy.. I love

  70. Brandon Burrows

    Anyone who finds justification or verification in this song is a fucking bitch. Nice sound though.

  71. AJ Martinez

    Buzz Buzz Buzzfeed

  72. msshygirl 101

    She don't sound bad. Don't like the song though.

  73. alan lopez cazares

    sounds like a song that would come up in adventure time....

    Louise Rattigan

    @alan lopez cazares Great minds think alike ... just saying ^_^

  74. byirisvandenberghe

    i seriously don't want LOLAWOLF to become commercial/known, like when they get famous they always change. im not saying it's a bad thing artists who change, but a few who change, the music gets awful

    Dillian Stockman

    @IRISHAYLEY i agree they change for the worse

    impi xoxo

    @IRISHAYLEY She'z zoe kravitz ya moron everyone knows who she is already


    i posted this months ago idiot

    Cristina J

    +bibi xoxo lol not to mention she's done over a dozen films to her credit.


    VANDI1994 true!!

  75. Jack Grogan

    this is pretty bad

  76. ash ash

    Wow she looks exactly like her mother

  77. 4herskin

    U Go Now

  78. shakejunt24

    Under rated gem!

  79. Blanca Navarro

    love this song!!!

  80. Jimi Hendrix

    I thought this was the Macarena when the song first started.

    muave love

    Jimi Hendrix I thought it was that potato knishes song

  81. Brew Doo

    Love This

  82. Vicky M.P

    Honestly... not a big fan of the song but I can watch the video a million times.

  83. Simply Shaye

    She is super weird, I saw her on yelling to the stars and she's totally different and on some other show.Please don't reply to me.


    not weird just diffrent

    niknak maxam

    @***** that's the best you could do? lol ahahahhahahahahaha 


    Lmao. Why don't u want replies anyways??? :'\


    just replying. hi.

  84. Brittany Horn

    Can't wait to see you opening for Miley in Adelaide!

  85. ibbar

    My Favorite!

  86. Crystal Bihun

    Love this song omfg lolz rofl :) !!!!!!!

  87. HumanTheBeast

    This song is the opposite of suck

  88. Glynn-Austin Toliver

    Your my wife and we're getting out of this fire together and I love you we can do the show. It's just us and current events. I love you baby it's Glynn-Austin Addison Toliver, your big hubby quarterback (the game winners are yours) I just played 6 games. Goodnight I have another ahead and the sun will rise the thoughts of your love will occur and I'll have a thought for quest. 

  89. brianna hughes

    Is this a band or a solo project?

    Duke Togo

    Band.says in the description :)

  90. Tracey Kilgore

    she looks soo much like her mother!!! 


    Maruskaaa <3 <3

  92. Demi Campbell

    I absolutely love this song

  93. RedstyleGamer

    It remimds me a lot of Royals

  94. This is not a feminist song!

    I agree this song does suck songs like some N64 music mixed with some 80s music. But i love zoe tho.


    That description is actually awesome.


    Song is actually pretty good. Lyrics strong but I think it needs to decide whether it wants to be disco or electro. I'm personally rooting for a discofunk edit

  96. Starshema Rash

    So they changed their name to lolawolf? Are these the same band that was name elevatorfight?

    tegan santana

    no, they are different.

    Starshema Rash

    @tegan leva  Oh! Thank you 

  97. Chelsa Lewis-Bevel

    I loved every minute of this!! I Love ZOE!!