Loick Essien - Stuttering Lyrics

I'm stuttering, oh oh oh oh oh.

I can't believe it babe, you got me disarrayed.
I stand up, end up, it's like I'm stuck in place.
I go to speak my mind, forgetting what to say.
You're the only one who makes me feel this way.
So at the most, baby we might play the silent game, catch each other's eye again.
But that's where it ends.
Until you ask me my name and I feel like a kid again.
It's that feelin', I need again
But I'm so gone.

I don't even know if I can even be me.
Cause it's so hard to be me when you're next to me.
If I could say so, I'd say what I'm feeling.
But I can say so, my lips just tremble.
I'm stuttering, oh oh oh oh oh.
I'm stuttering, oh oh oh oh oh.
I'm stuttering, oh oh oh oh oh.
What's happening to me, I keep stuttering.

I wanna conversate, tell you how I see your face.
It's so me, it's lovely, that's exactly what I'd say.
But I'm running out of time cause my words are fumbling.
There's no way I could turn and walk away.
So at the most, baby we might play the silent game, catch each other's eye again.
But that's where it ends.

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Loick Essien Stuttering Comments
  1. Kwamez Waye

    This was my tune ...how time flies 😍💥

  2. mitt bhogaita

    Dope tune, underrated.

  3. Andriy Yarmalenko

    Damn he is ugly as fuck

  4. lome1

    I didn’t even know this version existed! I only knew Mario’s one . So was this a proper released single ? Actually never heard of this guy in my defence I’m old 😂

  5. Rebecca Love

    Still bangs in 2019 but how does this song not have a million views 🤔

  6. Samy Heath

    Dappy ruined the song

  7. a.t_

    This tune reminds me of Year 7 days fr😂

  8. Jordyn Xxx

    2019 and I still love this song 💕

  9. Ladajzo Brinton

    240? No 1080?

  10. Sajida Hussain

    Forgot about this for a while....

  11. KingKhanAbz

    240p for a 2011 YouTube video is unacceptable 😂

  12. The Dude

    2018 and I'm still listening to this

  13. Hannah Leach

    Still love this!! Been about 10 years lol

  14. Kirk Kelly

    This should have been a 1 hit wonder

  15. Hannah Leach

    loved for years! always come back, it's a tune!!!

  16. shanethesaiyan

    it isn't only me who hears Chip at 1:39 right?

  17. bevz90

    I forgot about this song glad I found it

  18. Abiraj Rai


  19. angel Marie collick


  20. Ridwan

    I can't find the version which sounds exactly like this video (beats wise)

    Simon Roscoe

    Ridwan it's Mario stuttering

  21. Johnny Carey

    Tune 😂 forgot about this

    Jamar Smalling

    Johnny Carey my g

    Jamar Smalling

    Ur video r sick



  23. PrincessSammy

    DAPPY! :P

  24. Kyle-Seaham

    Views on this song are ridiculous amazing song lads

  25. Islandprincess

    I love this Song so much. Remerised the words. This song is my Lullaby to Fall asleep to.

  26. Rebecca King

    Have loved this song for years! I know every single word! Forever love Dappy in this!


    Me too. Quality song.

  27. Sosmcs See

    This song is amazing and this gurl's hair though!!! OMG!!! Perfect

  28. Abhishek Basnyat

    this video needs at least 10000000 views

  29. Christian Plows

    why are there so little views on such a good song

    lily moriarty

    Ikr it sucks, Ik your comment was from 6 years ago but still applies but has more views just less then newer shitty rap songs :(