Lohan, Ali - Winter Wonderland Lyrics

Sleigh bells ring are you listing in the lane snow is glistening
Beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland
Gone away is the bluebird here to stay is a new bird
He sings a love song as we go along walking in a winter wonderland

In the meadow we could build a snowman
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown
He'll say are you married? we'll say no man
But you could do the job when your in town

Later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire
To face unafraid the plans that we've made walking in a winter wonderland
When it snows ain't it thrilling though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play the Eskimo's way
Walking in a winter wonder
Walking in a winter wonderland

Walkin' (its a magic time)
Walkin' (its a magic time)
Walkin' (in a winter wonderland) - [repeat]

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Lohan, Ali Winter Wonderland Comments
  1. Mariposa!

    the music is over powering her voice. you can barely hear her. how did she get a contract to do a whole album with a weak voice?

  2. Nia L

    Sad on every imaginable level. Very, very, very sad. The good news is that the entire family seems to reside in a world of delusion and denial, so her lack of vocal talent, or any other discernible talent, isn't going to faze them in the least.

  3. M C

    This is really really bad. Really bad.

  4. Aaron Saltzer

    The extra 2 or 3 mins. @ the end have got to go.

  5. Aaron Saltzer

    Why do you say that?

  6. Maria Oravainen

    she actually can't sing...

  7. dance4life282

    i hope ali doesnt turn out like sis lindsay

  8. Cozy

    WTF she can't sing

  9. viczai

    @Marie2000ful still? i think she might be turning just like her.

  10. Carolinagal4

    It's not that she's bad, she just has no power to her voice. Her voice is sweet, and would be better suited to ballads, or soft romantic songs. However, she should wait and sing those when she grows up.

  11. patrick otto

    Don't sing this one... it was one of my favorites growing up and you totally ruined it. Gosh !!!!!!! Possibly consider cutting out your voicebox

  12. patrick otto

    Don't sing this one... it was one of my favorites growing up and you totally ruined it. Gosh !!!!!!!

  13. ManonCorneliaDonna

    @ the photo she's looking like a little child... x))

  14. hmcwilliam

    She is not a good singer... at all.

  15. newt smith

    how do you go from miley cyrus to this ????


    That's a whole different problem!!!!

  16. lois coady

    i was listening to miley cyrus and this came on???

  17. Manon Laurent

    this song sux no offence!!! x(

  18. Filip Ilip

    love it i listen Lohan Holiday every Chrismas and it's so warm and cool ;)

  19. Saltytacos

    ok did she like die noone talks bout her anymore. her voice is so quiet you can bearly hear her!

  20. wizard101personguy99

    @FRANKMANNACO700 ew lol

  21. Nargiza G.

    XX! WOOO. BRAND NEW SINGING. :-) Sub me please, hope you like.

  22. wclaurence

    I'm not sure why people continue to record holiday music. These great songs were recorded in the 50s and 60s by quality artists.

  23. Juan Resendiz

    i agree selena gomez better bye forever your fan

  24. angelica wilson

    shes sooo pretty!

  25. Polly Wannacracker

    smh everyone's a singer these days

  26. 100stacy


  27. Sabrina van ekeris

    i dont like her and either her music it was`nt express that i came on this song a friend sended it to me -_-

  28. scootr1999

    She has a beautiful voice...... i love this song

  29. Allice9

    Selena has a same song, hasn't her?

  30. Hannah Margie

    @ilovelyrix haha ok? wwhat the cops are going to come and arest me? wooow.

  31. gradhito

    @ilovelyrix i don't get what ur saying

  32. gradhito

    i love looking at her beautiful face... shouldn't sing though

  33. Hannah Margie

    hahaha, this is a joke right? thats so fake man her voice i fake as fuck just cuz her sister is all fucked up theyre like, oh how bout we put her little sister famous. WRONGG! no one will ever like her

  34. Sophie Sour

    qq no me gusta el estilo de musica q hacee aww

  35. hbunn5

    Wow, sounds really pathetic. There's a 6 year-old girl in our church who has better pipes than this wannabe

  36. greenzie


    are u deaf by any chance?

  37. Myra Ma

    @asdfavfa lindsay lohan's sister.

  38. asdfavfa

    i know
    who the hell is she??!

  39. TehFailure

    it seems like it would be better if they didnt edit her voice as much

  40. Maria Bezama

    she sounds like a two year old! eww. find a new hobby hun

  41. elijahendtre

    @pinkismylife0 kinda sorta you are right. but something is diffrent. it kinda sounds like if she changed the music genre..instead of singing christmas, sing something a bit more poppy she may sound better than her sister. that smokers frog isn't stuck in her throat so deep as her sister. lol. she may have a chance..

  42. Ashley Pelaccio

    Shes nothing but a spoiled brat that went to school wit my baby cuzzen shes nothing but what i said a brat

  43. DisneyStarsTube

    i like it :). good job ali!

  44. Charkender

    eh its pretty kool

  45. Gwendolyn Myshrall

    Wow, this is just sad... In every possible way.

  46. adrianlindsaylohan

    I don't like it between her and her sister lindsay's voice is way better

  47. dansfav226

    she just sounds like a small child.which looks like she was at the time

  48. roseynessthepoet

    It's not too bad, could be majorly improved though. And I'm NOT hating before I get any abuse over this comment!

  49. BebeJane19

    this is a pretty song! her singing is so-so, but its not bad overall

  50. Starfirefan12

    she looks like lindsay in this vid!

  51. JainaMac

    Is this for real? It sounds like it was recorded in one of those karaoke booths.

  52. snowyrain

    merry christmas and a happy new year everyone best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  53. Dhana Andison

    i really dont think she has what it takes to make it like lindsay did... and even if she does people will just say that it's just cuz of lindsay, which would be true. so shes screwed either way :( poor girl!

  54. Amy Tunstall

    I'm sorry, but this is terrible.

  55. Soledad Levoratto

    es la tipica chica caprichosa que quiere todo. No la soporto ni a ella ni a su madre a la unica que banco es a linsday -

  56. Emily Wang

    agreed with wendyice123.

  57. kathia Garcia

    i agree saymynamexx

  58. Liam Gray

    She looks so beautiful now.. she looked cute then too. Im actually in love with her sounds silly but i feel good when i see her. I wont ever be able to meet her though as im english. :( x

  59. Eugenio

    She is 14 NOW but she was not 14 when she recorded this song.

  60. Eugenio

    she is about 9 in this song.

  61. Valeria J

    is she 14??? in the show Living Lohan she looks so much older...but anyway, her voice is ok, but nothing special...I prefer Demi Lovato

  62. DisturbedbyDeth356

    this is just shit. who buys this talentless airheads albums anyway? the backing singer has a better voice for fucks sake! i can only imagine what she sounds like live, as this is WITH the vocal enhancers.

  63. L Z-H

    why does someone have to be jealous because they dislike someone's voice? I mean it's not like we're talking about Celine Dion or Rihanna here..this girl can't sing and her mother is setting her up for a HUGE let down and it's a shame. She needs to just be a teenager and get out of the limelight with her dignity before she ends up in rehab like her sister.

  64. L Z-H

    to be honest if she did that, they wouldn't even look at her, let alone let her in the door. She's a spoiled brat and she really doesn't have enough talent to make it in the business without her mother throwing Lindsey's name around.

  65. L Z-H

    amazingly HORRID, her voice is ear piercing! YIKES she's worse than I thought she would be gd who the hell did her mother jump to get this kid a record contract?? All the talent out there and this is what they try to shove down our throats...dang!

  66. Melissa Marengo

    she really isnt bad, but she still sounds young-yes i know she's 14

  67. abbie thomas

    i absolutely LOVE living lohan!! i really hope ali learns from lindsay's mistakes because for now, ali is on my top 5 fav role models for teen girls!

  68. Alix Gabrielle

    Okay no one yell at me for saying this but she sucks.
    She has nothing special about her and shes only famous because of Lindsay. She wears way too much makeup. I would never buy one of her CD's

  69. 2kf1nisher

    i wonder how many cds were sold....

  70. nikirock1

    i think she is better then her sister

  71. Mascaraland

    omg worse than linds

  72. marlene367

    shes going to be in hsm3

  73. Savannah Brown

    she was a little kid!

  74. Savannah Brown

    lol shes coming out with a movie. yay!

  75. Savannah Brown

    well maybe you just dont like her type of singing. i happen to like it myself.

  76. Elizabeth Stratton

    she isn't that bad. she is still really young her voice isn't full devopled give her a break.

  77. kim l

    she sound s like a kid

  78. PianoChick36

    She sounds like an edited version of LiLo in her Parent Trap years...

  79. strongsebe

    WOW!! she freakin sucks!

  80. Brigitte Losey

    she's not aweful but not good either and i know people who have more talent than she does and that probably deserve a record deal more than she does

  81. Claudette

    shes shite

  82. tookiepretzel

    oh no not another lohan. and shes not even that good at singing!

  83. knightsintodreams

    i would change my last name and do something on my own ~ its the way to go. otherwise how would you ever know if its based off your talent or just your name???

  84. Rayanne Olaes

    what makes you think she has no personality? everyone does. and shes not bad.

  85. Bladerunner

    She has a horrible voice....she talking through her Noise!!!! she also has no personality! if u see her interviews you'll see

  86. ana te

    She's got a good voice...if she takes more singing lessons and she will be fine =D
    but i hope she's not a bitch in real life and doesn't end up like a slut!! lol sorry but it's true i can't stand all these kids being whores

  87. Kelly Wong

    If you can't sing, don't. Please.

  88. BreannaL

    shell grow up to be a drug addict like her sister. she is gorgeous, but honestly cant sing

  89. Jordan Picard

    She has the same birthday and in the same year as me

  90. Anna S

    She's not beautiful

  91. Staci M

    she's trying to hard to be her sister, she sings ok, but she should do everything her own way not like lindsay.