Lohan, Ali - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Lyrics

Rockin' around the Christmas tree
At the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Every couple tries to stop
Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Let the Christmas spirit ring
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie
And we'll do some carolling

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear
Voices singing "Let's be jolly,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly"

Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone dancing merrily In the new old fashioned way

Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Let the Christmas spirit ring
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie
And we'll do some carolling

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear
Voices singing "Let's be jolly,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly"

Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone dancing merrily
In the new old fashioned way

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Lohan, Ali Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Comments
  1. yestilin1

    me gusta mucho es un ternura

  2. ExtendafamilyNetworks

    Personally I like Ali & love her rendition

  3. adrian3098

    If you have nothing nice to say, you better say nothing at all. Do you sing better?

  4. Caitlin Davis

    Ok people really all the hate comments??...I'm not really a big fan of the Lohans anymore but the first time I seen this was about 2 yrs ago & I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen & now every year at Christmas it's one of the first songs I download to listen to this time of year I love it

  5. ale garci

    ugly voice

  6. ale garci

    beautifull the songgg

  7. philinator56

    Is it me or does she sound like a 2 year old?

  8. spotty1984

    good on ya 4 having a go love

  9. hytek1

    Does she have to go to the bathroom or something? Facial expressions are way too exaggerated!

  10. rops1970

    I like it

  11. Haf

    Oh my god zzzzzzz

  12. andres51994

    She can't play guitar .......lol

  13. Donna Gleave

    who is she. she got a very cute voice

  14. Allison Nickens

    Dude. Stop singing through your nose and sing on key. Or rather stop living.

  15. evilmarc

    It's a stupid version of the song but I like it. Don't know why, don't care.

  16. JonPasqual

    @nonconman god bless you

  17. Rational Asylum

    couple more years of practice and she should be adequate!

  18. Rational Asylum

    ok !:))Muhahaha

  19. natumsia

    is that lindsay lohan

  20. JonPasqual


  21. vix Adams

    OMG I just realised who she is, or rather who her sister is


  22. vix Adams

    How annoying is she with the smug looks to the camera - not much of a charmer and the voice is too childish - too many good singers around now to rate this as any good

  23. chenille88

    I think it's good... good video

  24. xMedgeekx

    And she ain't that HOT

  25. xMedgeekx

    Okay I'm really starting to hate this song BECAUSE of her,,, Her voice is just FUCK!!,,,,,,, PLEASE MAKE HER STOP!!!!

  26. CAR Carlos

    ahh the ugly Lohan

  27. Lauren Kelly

    you have GOT to be kidden me.
    face it, you will never be as famous as your sister. same goes to katie price& beyonces younger sisters.

  28. molly v

    seriously this girl a llllooossseeerrr oh my god you cant sing stop trying im sorry but its the truth! fuck!

  29. Lauren Earnest

    all i have to say is...BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Miguel Mendes

    nice way to ruin a great song

  31. BrittAnnie Leonetti

    i've met her once and shes a total bitch. and all my friends that know her say the same.

  32. Nicole Welna

    no offence but voice aint so great...i was lookin for a good version of rockin around the christmas song but i guess i havent found it yet...

  33. coldeadandsparkling

    Um...wow. Sweetie, I don't think singing is your best talent. Maybe acting or drawing is more your talent?

  34. Karvirako


  35. touchmybodymc

    Whay a bitchy!

  36. roseynessthepoet

    Her voice reminds me of a mix between Hillary Duff and her sister-Lindsay. I've heard worse, but I think her voice may suits light rock or punk better!

  37. RedLadyBug U

    i think like every singer in the world has done a cover of this song.
    she has a sweet voice but you can tell she is still young.
    Well Done xx

  38. Laura Kawasmi

    That was awful! Sorry...just because her sister accidentally became famous doesn't mean the entire family has to kill for fame!

  39. Jazmyn E

    lol how she get a music video?? she sounds suckish..

  40. Alice Wong

    i like the original one better this sounds like crap!!!!!heheheh but its still good!!

  41. Iwanna Tzella

    hahaha that's all i have to say. ^^

  42. Ryan

    sounds like an 8 yr old boy

  43. alinettefbi

    Well i have to say that if one person is sort of a celeb in the family they have the feeling everyone is. It doesn't mean that Lindsay is a "celeb" that her sister is to. you know what i mean

  44. laserxxxx

    She's pretty, that's for sure.. but her voice? sucked.

  45. oldieslova101

    its different from the regular version but its still good

  46. Pinky347

    She sounds a lot like Lindsay Lohan.. Well she is her sister.

  47. sarah trento

    it sounds like someone recorded their kid who is 7 during family night kareokee...oh god.

  48. Adriana Moran

    omfg1 what was that! "day" she said that in a manly voice. lmao

  49. kittysnickers125

    Ali, you SUCK!!! the music sounds good but you.. eww!

  50. Heather Rhiannon

    omfg i replayed it like 5 times its fo fucking funny

  51. Dana Henderson

    I played her in soccer once. I didn't know until we left and my mom was like "did you know that was lindsey lohan's sister's team? lindsey was there." Needless to say they beat us like 9-0.

  52. ChukchiCatori

    she should give up singing and continue acting. leave the singing to lindsay.

  53. rich bits

    she has a big willy

  54. Belinda Infinity

    she is GREAT, like Lindsay

  55. canahata

    wow she was so bad back then. i think shes better now

  56. Ashly

    just because her sister is lindsay lohan doesnt mean that she HAS to sing and act and everything. but.. i guess thats just how our society works today.. employ the legacies.. not the real talent

  57. Felicia Ofori

    OMG this is fuckin horrible

  58. Kayla Hollingsworth

    amen to that... lol

  59. zoe davis

    she has awesome hair lol. Random

  60. johnnydeppmanic

    they look alike, but lindseys much prettier and has a fair voice

  61. Cammy O

    shes doing hip hop [no not rapping]
    hip hop like... rumors by lindsay and bossy by lindsay something like that.

    but more of an electric sound to it.
    im so excited for that new album thats coming in the fall.

    this girl is going to be FAMOUS!

  62. Heidi

    she sounds like her sister when she was younger... she really thinks she's all that

  63. Emily Austin

    She's crap! It's a shame cause she doesn't even have the good looks to back up her lack of singing talent. And she's also crap at pretending like she's singing in the video, when she does the "high notes" her face screws up and you can tell it's so fake. She looks constipated.
    Good god, get this girl off our TVs.

  64. Amanda Cox

    and on the show. she even said she tries to look and sound like lindsay. what the hell. get your own life. stop trying to live lindsay's

  65. Amanda Cox

    haha. i didnt even know that she sang and made an album until i watched Living Lohan or whatever that show is called. and they said she's working on her 2nd one. and then she was singing without music, and i thought she was horrible. and now after watching this. how the hell is she supposed to have a carrer in singing? shes horrible. im sorry, but Lindsay is wayyy better. shes just copying her older sister and thats annoying. she'll never be as good as Lindsay.

  66. xfeelslikehomex

    wow when she sings she barely opens her mouth. but i think shes still a cutie and hope she keeps a good head on her shoulders.

  67. Abby Shapland

    that was awful.
    but she really cant sing.

  68. tinymouse2

    high school musical sucks...

  69. ULLIOP

    She is sooooooooooooo bad at singing and vanessa is still seeing zac!!!!! <3 its love....oh crap singing...again....XD

  70. biscuitbarrel


    for once, i find myself agreeing with a HSM fan.

    when it sounds so bad, AFTER studio editing, you kinda have to wonder what the poor studio technicians had to go through, hearing her raw.

  71. meow meow

    Wow! Bad video and an awful voice. Becuase of this girl,I'm going to be tone deaf soon.

  72. mariahrose

    um ouch. my ears are bleeding.

  73. swimmachica

    i feel so sorry for her. she tries to be famous so bad but its just not in her... at all! this song is a perfect example!

  74. booahpeek

    yea she's not vey good. lol look at 1:03! lol just too funny!

  75. bammargeraswife2b

    She's fug LMAO.

  76. bammargeraswife2b

    She's fug LMAO.

  77. lovely89

    eh shes ok.......

  78. Kenny Youch

    her voice is so weak, i don't mean to be mean, but she is really bad. think of how awful she would be if she were live. She is probably talented at acting, but singing is just not her thing.

  79. Stefania Cristoforo

    I love it when she smiles.

  80. mcburgerz

    i think SHE could be good, but the music videos suck

  81. futurstarprince

    shes only 14, dont make fun

  82. caikris

    wow. This is horrible.

  83. paravelove

    She's so awkward...

  84. Electra Michaelidou


  85. Liam Gray

    Loooove It :)
    Sounds Amazing, Looks Beautiful.

    Im In Love. x

  86. Lydia Park

    her voice sounds so young :P

  87. Jenjen Wang

    huh, not bad

  88. Angela Cameron

    i think you sound sweet. :)

  89. maddieeck

    i just posted a vid of me singing all i want 4 x-mas, and i'm going 2 post 1 of me singing the same song, i'm not showing off

  90. maddieeck

    maybe i will, i need the instrumental though, and i can brag about myself if i want 2

  91. maddieeck

    i kno, i'm way bettr!

  92. maddieeck

    actually, i can most definately sing better than her! also, maybe she does'nt have a bad voice, but all i'm saying is that if we both had a famous sister, i would be famous 2 and probably even more famous than her. if u have a famous singer u r automaticcally noticed by ppl that own record companies or whatevr and if u can sing even a little bit, u get ur own cd

  93. maddieeck

    i never said she lipsung, and actually i can sing way better! so i'm not jealous, y would i b jealous?!the only reason she's famous is her sister

  94. Audrey Horne

    even the voice enhancer used couldnt fix her shitty voice.........

  95. maddieeck

    i think she's kind of good but i can sing better! seriously,i should be the famous 1!i guess shes just famous because her sister is. also, they did a bad job making her lips go along with the music

  96. Crystal D

    .........wow jus like Lindsey except Lindsey is still better.