Lohan, Ali - Christmas Magic Lyrics

Every year December comes smiling faces on everyone
There's magic in the air spending time with family putting up the Christmas tree
Lights are going up everywhere strangers and friends every boy and girl
Spreading joy around the world

That's Christmas magic...It makes the world come together
Things get better...magic (makes things happen)
Its Christmas magic...All those who don't get along
Forget who's right or wrong...Its magic (makes things happen)
That's magic...That's magic

People think of others first looking for good things and not the worst
Giving gifts to show that they care there's excitement in our soul
Its the same thing for young and old its a time that we all share

A magical time for all the boys and girls
Shared by all around the world

The reason the season blessings sent from heaven
The peace and the giving jingle bells are ringing
The cheers and the laughter nothing else could matter
The love and the gladness... (around the world)

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Lohan, Ali Christmas Magic Comments
  1. Ethan Pasamanero

    Ethan Pasamanero (10 Year Old)

  2. Ethan Pasamanero

    Pretty Video

  3. Ethan Pasamanero

    Pretty Video

  4. Roscoe Hall

    Hell yea this is the best Christmas song of all time

  5. Roscoe Hall

    I love this song

  6. Катюшка Пузиевская

    Где про Дарвин 4 русский врянт ушлёпок

  7. Son~Rize

    A Great underrated X-Mas Song. Still listening 2017

  8. Raine Gilligan

    You know, just because you have money to record songs, doesn't mean you should. The Lohans have no musical talent.

  9. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    What the hell happened at 3:03, when she becomes pissed off and angry? And why is she wearing sweats under that gold dress? Amazing and confusing.

  10. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    This video is SHITASTIC!!!!!

  11. garrett nutgrass

    this is christmas magic

  12. Mark Rohland

    this is the best christmas song  of all time bitches


    I know, I love this song.


    At least she diddint pull off a rebbeca black i give it 5/10


    of course she didn't, this came out before Rebecca Black.


    this song is garbage

  15. Evan Tanguma

    We play this song where I work, multiple times a day.  I have a new least-favorite Christmas song.  I had to double check just to find out that it *wasn't* Rebecca Black.


    this song came out before Rebecca Black.

  16. Matthew D.


  17. Matthew D.


  18. Star Rose

    i admit that this song isnt that good, but just so you guys know, i was in this video, i was the little girl in the pink coat with the crazy curly hair, i did this when i was little, this is my first time actually seeing the video. oh well

  19. Devon Phoenix

    Very hot

  20. FJones777

    Are you a freaking joke?
    There's no way you're even qualified to judge anything.
    What have you ever done????????? Oh that's right - NOTHING. LMFAO

    HAHA, LOSER :)

  21. lpsbrianne

    it is the music video

  22. caelumxcv

    So this is the Rebecca Black of Christmas songs...

    Ron Vorpe

    caelumxcv 80's feel

    Ron Vorpe

    Ali Lohan opening for the Cover Girls or Dino

  23. shutDadoe

    i like the song

  24. timone1002

    half the people disliked it cuz it was so bad the other half liked it cuz it was so bad

  25. pastor Gaither

    I will always love your song

  26. pastor Gaither

    This is my favorite song

  27. justwatching719

    wow, this is even worse than i expected

  28. TrevonGStovall

    I could just punch her right in the face for this terrible shit...smh hahahahaha

  29. ronnymatt81

    rebecca black who????

  30. Saiful Bakir

    Holy crap. No wonder FBC made an open letter.

  31. Saiful Bakir

    Holy crap. No wonder FBC made an open letter.

  32. izmo

    this is fucking wonderful

  33. Yang Yoesel

    Its not that bad

  34. Ryuu Bateson

    @AnnaInformation I can't speak for anyone else, so I'll answer your questions for myself.

    I certainly don't wish to be ridiculed by the public, so why would I be jealous? And I don't want to know her personally. She hangs out with pedo snowmen and furries. As to why I'd be listening to it: Someone linked me to a video and said "watch this. It's horrible." I wanted a laugh, so I clicked it. Sadly, I did not laugh. It's too terrible to laugh at.

  35. The Chimera

    Warning: Do not watch.

  36. spicydragonz

    She looks like Michael Jackson after a lot of plastic surgery.

  37. Manon Laurent

    nice music vid but i hate the song

  38. Alice Murch Smith

    1990? lol

  39. Hector Amaya

    Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don't stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but.... Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real.If you don't post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon as you finish reading this. yes I do hate these coments

  40. Saoirse Farley

    Am I the only one that notices this girl has ZERO talent?

  41. Sephiro12

    Wow, it's like it's from 1994.

  42. Snickersthedog1124

    this song rocks

  43. Kostas Antoniadis

    epic fail

  44. Freja Ostrom

    oh dear. shot me now please!

  45. TinyVessels23

    hahaha how come they didn't use auto tune to hide all of this??? HA! imagine if its already auto-tuned......wow she truly sucks

  46. maha althani

    i like the song

  47. snowyrain

    merry christmas and a happy new year everyone best wishe to you and your loved ones. god bless thanks for posting

  48. hannahbanana785

    Are you freaking serious?!?!?! The only reason she's famous is because of her sister. However, I prefer her to lindsay....

  49. c1nDy3o1e9

    its jus a song u dumb ass

  50. angeluh007

    haha! sorry, your comment was fucking hilarious. only 'cuz its true

  51. AnikaOx

    Omg...I Hate Thiis Song !

  52. Stephanie Humala

    I don't like her too much...but I'm not trying to be rude and judge her too fast..but still..

  53. Trent Salter

    well im sure theres plenty of other 13yo who could do alot better then this bitch the only reason why she gets to make songs is because of her sister. It's not fair to all the other talented kids out there.

  54. Sirnig

    i think she was a little younger in this so it sounds a little weird.

  55. dustinwashere

    this is magic!
    i love this

  56. lucy1994sfinest

    this sucks
    like really bad

  57. hpfreak1233

    I think shes great

  58. onelifetoliveintheus

    Okay why don't they all just stop! Live normal lives as kids! Make it when they're adults and mature!

  59. Sarina D

    OMG...She can't sing.

  60. Angela Shier

    ew just horrible this video stole 4 minutes of my soul and i want it back

  61. Lydia Park


  62. Georgia Leigh

    well she's kind of a kid, and her voice isn't fit for depth.....

  63. Isyana Arslan

    Um...she should've waited until her voice matured a bit.

  64. Karima S

    i love her she is so talented ive never seen someone with such natural talent wow!!!!

  65. roxxibelle4

    shes not pretty, she cant sing, she cant act, nuff said.

  66. Katherine Sarah

    Uggghhh. I was actually expecting her to be good. She has a good voice but SUCKS at controlling. And she can't act, no offense. This song is terrible, bad choice for a first attempt. The only reason she'll make is because she's Lindsay Lohan's sister. The things connections can do. =/

  67. bobcatnation

    lol horrible song

  68. twindad

    Excellent first effort...

    Everyone needs to remember that this is a girl who is just turning 13...she is not a "finished product." With that said, it is clear that she possesses a great deal of talent -- Ali is on her way to becoming a star just like her big sis!

  69. ktaurus

    Yeah I have to agree, sorry, but she does not have star quality. And the acting in this video, which is somewhat boring, is pretty bad. : (

  70. Fullhouserocks23

    i dont think she can sing really well, she doesnt suck like sum people say, but its just im not interested in it. i thought wen she was in her gold dress, she look soooo pretty