Logic - The Return Lyrics

Yeah yeah, yeah
Satisfied this hungriness
Big Pepe
Oh, you got the studio shoutout
You feelin' good about yourself right now, huh?
Satisfied his hungriness (6ix)

Hold up let me get up in it now
Bitch, I'm here to win it now
L-O-G-I-C, I'm feeling free, I'm finna bring it now
If you know the words take a step back and sing it now
Never thought I'd have to, but I keep the windows tinted now
Like, la-di-da-di, who got the keys to my Audi?
Last time I said, it went viral, I don't fuck with nobody
And I don't fuck with you, you, them, her and him too
'Cause none of y'all know a fucking thing 'bout what I been through
And all that superficial shit you love I'm just not into
And when it comes to gettin' deep in this rap shit I've been to
Like the pussy, don't push me
I ain't no killer, but you know the rest
You think I caught the holy spirit how I'm feelin' blessed
Ain't no contest to all this wack shit, it just ain't no test
Step and get laid to rest, boy, step and get laid to rest
And ain't no "S" on my chest but I'm still gunnin'
While half of these motherfuckers still runnin'
I've learned everything I've attained and they steal from him
Like God damn, I'm the motherfuckin' man
Used to call you a hater, you a motherfuckin' stan
Ain't nobody built himself a brand like me
I ain't signed a shoe deal 'cause I'm waitin' for Nike
To recognize all these youngins wanna be just like me
Cut the check for 20 Million right now and we might see
Everybody rockin' my kicks, preachin' positivity
I get up, I get up

I get up, when I'm down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I'm beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, when I'm down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I'm beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up

Never address me as "Robert" unless it's about that Dinero
Far from a hero, I ain't never savin' hoes
I'm not defined by these clothes, and zeros
It don't matter if you got six dollars or six figures on the creep
'Cause in the end we all six feet deep
Meanwhile, I'll be immortalized on the 6ix beat
Flashbacks and havin' visions way back in G'Burg
Every single one of my homies and me work
Cuttin' had to get up out it, make a hit, forget about it
Youngin' wit' a dream but nobody gave a shit about it
Ten years later pick up a pen, write a hit about it
And back then I thought I'd be defined by how good I rhyme
Not like these rappers with shit flows, but look good online
Not made to feel bad for speakin' bout this shit on my mind
Or called a faggot or nigger or cracker who wish he was blacker
I wish I could face my homophobic, racist attacker and smack the shit outta they ass as peaceful is possible
It's highly improbable, it's stoppable
But still, way too many people feel how I feel
That's on the real, on the real, on the motherfuckin' real

I get up, when I'm down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I'm beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, when I'm down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I'm beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh

Ayo motherfuckin' Trump said that shit on my last album but you wasn't tapping in
Fuck a mumble let's make America rap again
Industry don't give a fuck about rap or what's happenin'
Fuck a Hype Beast, bitch, now who seein' me?
Nobody reports the music, this shit, this rap TMZ
Nowadays everyone divided, so I collided with headlines to preach that
Go 'head now boy and preach that
Wash my hands of this negativity, word to Three Stacks
So fresh, so clean, who the illest on the scene?
Wu-Tang, get the cream
Sinatra 'gon reign supreme
Hoping your mental get out your feelins like dental
This shit is consequential, lightin' a fire to the game
Can you rappers feel the flame? Nah, this shit won't be the same
Fuck a rap beef, I promise I want all of y'all to prosper
But deep down you know it's only 'gon be one Mufasa
I'm the king, fuck the bling, but just might make you kiss the ring
All these rappers I came up on, I surpassed, I know it sting now
Don't try to twist my words and turn that into some shit
I love all you motherfuckers, just want to hear you spit
Dropped my last shit, the whole wide world applauded it
Game still ain't giving me my credit so I'ma audit it
I'm heartless like Kanye in '08
Yeah that's word to NO I.D
Now they all know who I be
I'm callin' out Jay-Z to jump up on the track with me and smack the whole industry
Show 'em what that real rap do
The ball's in your court, Hov
I hope to hear from Guru, woo!

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Logic The Return Comments
  1. Kshot Beats

    Shii sounds like sum 1998 shi

  2. Fusion EDM

    This song is 🔥 i love mlb the show 19



  4. Bob Billy

    That dear god verse in this gave me the chills idk why

  5. A space being

    He absolutely killed this oh my god

  6. Gyro Fusionz

    I heard this before MLB The Show. Logic fan since 2012

  7. Steven Horacius

    Here because of MLB The Show '19 lol

  8. hue janus

    You can tell logic means it when he says the n word, but when he says it with the hard R, you can tell he felt something

  9. Armir Velcani

    Ive come to the conclusion that logic has 3 types of true fans
    Those who like Logic ( albums Under pressure Everybody Coadm the incredible true story )
    Those who like Young Sinatra ( mixtapes of ys and album ysiv)
    Those who like bobby( mixtapes bobby tarantino)

  10. NonStopLofi

    We all know that hook ;)

  11. Alec Piche

    thanks to mlb the show 19 for showing me this gem 💎


    The show

  13. Lookin more so Everyday again!

    What did kanye do back in 08 anybody no sounds familiar! !!

  14. Eating Beans

    Best new logic song

    Nathan Boii

    New? Oh yea ur not an og

  15. Volvo doto

    The pump on this ♥

  16. Roberto Santos

    Cool music🎧

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    What did kanye do in 08?

    Roberto Santos

    I dont no

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    @Roberto Santos lol ok take care

    A space being

    In 2008 Kanye West made a song called Heartless

  17. Alexander Toma

    yo this is a bop! :)

  18. Andre Pintor Rodriguez

    MLB The Show 19 ??

  19. Raam Ravi

    Great Song!

  20. Barbara Randle

    Living in 2019's society this gave me goosebumps. I dread 2020 because we'll likely get more brain dead millenials who idolize rappers who sing about have sex and doing drugs, brag about "beating their meat", and think being crackheads is cool. The fact that I'm a millennial myself severely upsets me because I'm automatically grouped in with them due to my age.

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    I feel you youngin

  21. chicken tender

    "Sinatra" u knowwwwwwww this Is gonna be a banger

  22. Amar Smajlovic

    These 990 people that disliked are BUGGIN

  23. collin calhoun

    I love when I can feel the beat

  24. XX 666

    1:35 only Og’s remember

  25. Robert Ritchey

    Damn this song gets me motivated!

  26. joe

    Fuck Trump. Fuck you Logic
    Talkin bout race its ironic
    How your half white and forget all about it
    The fans i know that you want it
    But you gotta stop talkin bout whites folks like we demonic
    We workin every day jobs like at Sonic tryin to make some income
    But people like you shoot us down and laugh watch you sink em
    If i had a mic i would spaz quick and kill you without blinkin
    Bringing color in and thinkin that could help you map shit
    No more of those of those wack tricks
    Hit yo brain so hard you do a back flip and end up in the past quick
    When the match lit
    It explodes you end up on yo back split thinkin you blowin but you pop like a back zit
    Next time you know stop following a simple fad hit
    Cuz not everyone is gonna just go and just back it
    Lay off the race shit and stay on humbleness
    Id rather be gay and just listen to mumble shit
    Its really no different any other fuckin shit
    Your a demecrat another bitch i cross off the fuckin list
    And really once your gone i wouldnt really think much of it

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    joe you slaughtered that mutherfucka dog thats how its done!! ....😂 Their logic doesn't aquire any common sense they just jump the gun like some lost souls . They remind me of that type of kid that fronts that wants to act hard poken they nose up in the wrong hood or they pick their fights they aim at lil surburban kids with great anger and furvor knowing dam well they aint got that same heart to act up like that in the STREETS ! Word up

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    @meme 4 (Aye) why say that my dog? You want me to get up there and be evil hypocrit like them rappers ? Why should i give to the game nigga ? You know what i am sayin? This is not a game to me anyway this arguing back n forth in poem style! Its like grow up 😂 I just think rappers are weak for that for the most part they mis use their power and their tool of voice . Plus most of these rappers nowadays jus want to take aim at people not even rappin they use the music as a weapon against AYE the masses! I mean there is so many messages i could send to the world in a career or profession but that wouldnt be one of em man fuck rap ! Blame it on the og's!!! If i was spitn and banging with my crew on some do or die shit trusss meee all yo hero ledgends would be dead ! 😂 Cuz thats how i roll


    @Lookin more so Everyday again! Thanks man appreciate it tho

    Lookin more so Everyday again!

    @joe Ya man no doubt! Dat flow got hot fire ! 👍stay true to you! dont waste no game on no playa hata busta! 😂

    SKD_ Cascade

    You so dumb 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  27. One ToasterBoi

    Anyone from the show 19?

  28. HELLC4T

    Those “Dear God” lyrics, goosebumps

  29. Ceeg

    Dope song. Here's my remix of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De2FISEbJbY

  30. 0 subscribers with no videos Hot pocket

    i don’t remember in the show

  31. Jeremy Tarter

    That sample is 🔥🔥

  32. Lina

    I forgot how good this song is

  33. HKGaming

    My 2019 people where you at?

  34. Abhishek Ramakrishnan

    This brings me back to “dear god”

  35. sasumari

    Youngin' wit' a dream but nobody gave a shit about it
    Ten years later, pick up a pen, write a hit about it

    thats some real shit

  36. Austin Sehlke

    The show 19

  37. Kaed Abshire

    Mlb the show 19 anyone

  38. Aaron Morgan

    I’ve listened to this dozens of time and just realized that the chorus is from the end of one of his older songs: Dear God. Mind blowing

  39. • Ayezz •

    MLB 19 lmao

  40. FroBroKing

    “Im heartless like Kanye in ‘08” damn bruh 🔥

  41. Muzi Kheswa

    I'll never get over this intro "Oh you got the Studioooo Shoutout You feeling goood about yourself" 😄👏

  42. Muzi Kheswa

    In his mixtape I loved Common Logic. In this album, this track gives me the same goosebumps. My favourite track

  43. The Savior Sports and Entertainment Channel

    Being a lakers fan this is the mindset after getting AD

  44. Jayleen Davila


  45. boi succ an egg

    I found the keys Logic they were by the *supermarket.*

  46. Gerardo Herrera

    All the people who listen rap trap havent listen to this

  47. Dak Rose

    Best Logic track he’s ever put out...impressive lyrics


    Go listen to Under Pressure. As much as I love this song, it’s got nothing on more than half of the songs on UP, including the title track, Gang Related, Metropolis, Nikki, etc.

  48. Fernando Flores


  49. saBROteur

    Dear God -> The Return

  50. Xykloud DuPont

    only 3? wow lack of appreciation guys this is fire

  51. Alex

    Anyone else notice the YSIV under the new single on the sign, he gave us a clew of the album name months in advance Damn.

  52. D- Nasty

    #1 work out song 🏋️‍♀️ 💯

  53. Kara

    His samples are nice AF 🔥

  54. Neon

    Alright he got Eminem, now it's Jay Z's turn.

  55. Sin XE

    1:28 dear god vibes

  56. Hyrrax

    the sample is "wild is the wind" if anybody was wondering

  57. shiftyguggs24

    Here from mlb the show 19

  58. Mae Barrett-Fox

    *Logan Paul has left the chat*

  59. cloutzie

    Dear God...

  60. Tom Costello

    When he had that call back to dear God from the mixtape days it made me smile

  61. D X V I D

    The intro was just PERFECT💯👌

  62. Kundo23 Destroys

    Anyone here because of MLB 19 the show?

  63. Moisés Cituk

    *No MLB The Show 19 fans?*


    @Derek Trujillo ?


    Rays here broski

    jaydan joy rojer


    Alejandro Reyes

    Wxter another name for the angels

    Noah O

    I’m from the show but I knew this song before

  64. aaditya

    Best logic song

  65. sniper ghost

    Love that

  66. Maddox Henry

    Who tf called the fire department?

  67. Jaden G.S.

    MLB The Show 19

  68. GeneralRac

    2:25 Whoa there Logic you can't say that


    giv mony cause hes whiter than the polar ice caps

  69. Caleb Wells

    WhO iS sInAtRa

  70. TheRoyalScam

    MLB the show 19?

  71. Shams Hermani

    Large donkey balls

  72. sinkiy

    I was looking for the return by selfscientific old school shit.

  73. Valter Björnström

    "ladi dadi who got the keys to audi" xDDDDDDDDDD

  74. Michael Hill

    Anybody else have half a heart attack before he finished the bar where he said: "Im callin out JZ-"

  75. oD GyroStandZ YT

    here cuz of mlb19

  76. Jovon Fox

    Ohhhh SHITTTT!!!!!! 😯Straight fire 🔥 that’s right Logic let these people no that pure Talent and raw lyrics should still matter👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  77. Hamborger 250

    The college basketball blockbuster song



  79. DJ iSHY

    MLB the show 19 anyone?

    nQ Hapsii

    Right here 🖐🖐🖐

  80. Farishta Meow

    Fuck the shit

  81. Dylan lang

    Referance to dear god from 'undeniable'🤗

  82. Young Flexx 318

    Everythang they pataining is this joint right here "YSIV" is inspiriation...to be real this album is dope not the best he ever did but the 2nd

  83. Reena Sinha

    It's the old logic

  84. Micah World


  85. Richer Time

    OOOO DAMN I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!!! Logic fucking murder all these mumbling rapping bitches damn bro make me want to spit with you so bad I’m tired of all these fake mother fuckers who care about cars and money and bitches I need my music and dream let’s link up and LOGIC I PROMISE YOU GIVE ME A YEAR AND I WILL SHOW YOU HOW FUCKING AMAZING WE COULD BE.

  86. Josh M

    This comment section is full of toxic fans

  87. Isaiah Hill

    College basketball ESPN commercials brought me here 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Ashlyn Munoz

    Real music is the best music 🖤🖤🖤

  89. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    You went hard on here

  90. Louis Wright

    Dear God?

  91. Javon Graham

    Fuck a mumble let make America rap again that the coldest shit I’ve herd all day

  92. Jame5 T

    When i heard this song the smoke alarm when off in my house

  93. HyperSpeedGaming 740

    This song is amazing with headphones on

  94. One Mystical Motherfucker

    i still haven't heard 1-800 and if it's that different idc to

  95. E Sierra

    Getting my cardio on like, Uh!

  96. E Sierra

    This some next level shit

  97. Matthew Loyster

    Good music for a Blockbuster

  98. Visionary Music Group

    You know what to expect when you hear that tag in the beginning. 😉

    Grab "The Return" on all streaming services now: https://logic.lnk.to/TheReturn

    Intelligence Cycle

    Visionary Music Group dear god reference to the OG's Respect


    Visionary Music Group c

    Sara Berte

    Visionary Music Group wgmgggem


    Visionary Music Group hell yeah

    Longfellow Watkins

    Keep it coming guys stay positive stay blessed stay making slappers