Logic - Thank You Lyrics

This concludes the program—

Damn man, we been walking forever...

Well, Thalia's tracking system says we'll be there in just over an hour...

Shit, at least we got good walking music—or is that it?

No man, I'm queueing up the fourth album now—his final one...

Nigga, what the hell are you talkin' bout?
Man, he has like a million albums!

I mean the final Young Sinatra, the fourth one.

Aww, shit man, you had me trippin'!
I was about to say...

(Yeah, yeah) Let's get back to this boom bap shit.

Yeah, so we just gon' let this shit breathe one time
Shout-out my boy Henry right here in the studio
Aye, yeah—
Check, check, mic check, one, two
Alright this is classic shit, yeah

I coulda never imagine that this shit here could happen
Went from the basement to thirty million just off of rappin'
Young Sinatra, that boy that brought you so many classics
Ain't never comin' with nothin' less than the illest tactics
Thought the series was over, but we just gettin' started
I won't ever leave this rap shit, no I can't depart it
From the trap to the boom bap
To Young Sinatra to Tarantino
We know he do that
Bitch, I got the flame, who dat?
I'm the new Kanye when they was like "Who Kanye?"
I got that fire in my soul to make these classics, aye
I decided to write this letter on a private jet
'Cause in many ways it still feel like I ain't made it yet
For every goal I attain, I set like ten more
But I had to take a break to write you, that's for sure
Take a moment and celebrate how we all alive
Had to write this letter here over a Nujabes vibe
Fuck that rapper shit, fuck a punchline
This for every single fan that know every single line
So I'm saying thank you for loving me
For setting me free and letting me be me

Thank you, thank you
For letting me speak my mind
And putting it all on the line
Through the sunshine and the rain
Through the good times and the pain
And never staying the same
And having the courage to change
Through the sunshine and the rain
Through the good times and the pain
For never staying the same
And having the courage to change
Thank you, thank you
For letting me speak my mind
And putting it all on the line
Through the sunshine and the rain
Through the good times and the pain
For never staying the same
And having the courage to change
Through the sunshine and the rain
Through the good times and the pain
For never staying the same
And having the courage to change

Aye what's up Logic, big love out here from Jonathan U.S. Navy out here in Japan. Much love for my boy Oscar. Keep us going everyday

Yo Logic I'm Shane E. from Pueblo, Colorado and I just can't since about 2014. I love every one of your projects

It's Yiana from Australia and honestly I'm so excited for Young Sinatra IV. You've been an amazing inspiration to me. I just wanna say thank you so much

This is Seif from Egypt. Yo, I love your music man. Everything about it's so inspirational. I just love the way you look at things and how real you are. I love listening to you. Take care, man

Yo, what up Logic. It's Max calling from Alberta, Canada. I just wanted to say your music has really inspired me and has always got me feeling up when times were down

Hey Logic, it's Michael from Israel and I'm a really big fan of yours. I love you so much and I love your music. Keep doing what you're doing. Thank you very much

Diego Sepúlveda from Puerto Rico. And your music to me helps me get through everything

I'm Francis from Botswana, in Africa, your music really means a lot to me, thank you for always being you, peace, love, and positivity

Hey I'm Deborah from Hong Kong, and I just want to say that your music has lifted my soul in such tough times and it told me that anyone from anywhere could be anything they want to be

My name is Ali, I come from Jamaica. Yo, your music helped me through some whole heap of dark times. Down here in a third world country it's rough, but hey your music helped me get through. Yeh RattPack, RattPack for life yute, Young Sinatra yute, yeh

Hey Logic it's Chester and I'm from Silver City, New Mexico and Paige whose also from Silver City, We love you Logic

My name is Abdulla, I'm from Palestine, I just want to say that your music is so inspiring to all the youth in the Middle East, and Asia, and all around the world

It's Eric Khaled from Canada, Alberta, Sturgeon Lake, little reserve, repping all my native homies

It's Katie from Portland, Maine, and each day I fall more in love with your message your music and everything about you. RattPack all day, every day, for life

My name is Muhammad and I'm from Amman, Jordan and I'd like to say that your music is a big inspiration for me

Hi Logic, it's Amber from Ireland; I just wanted to say your music means fucking everything to me

My name is Tebogo Kodisang and I'm from South Africa

What up, Logic? This is Dionisio from Mexico

This is Summer Sheers coming from Joliet, Illinois

My name's [?] from Singapore

Yo, what's up Logic. New York, Taiwan, I'm from Australia, man

Hi Logic, my name's Alexandra I'm from Brooklyn, New York

My name's Issam, I'm from Israel

My name is July, I'm from Seattle

My name is Kinan Fayyad, I'm from Beirut, Lebanon

I'm from New York
I'm from Mexico
Northern California
Albuquerque, New Mexico
North Carolina
Turkey, Istanbul
New York, Long Island
From India
Bay Area
I'm from Brooklyn
Calling from Serbia
Nashville, Tennessee
From Dallas, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Los Angeles
Viewmont, California
North Carolina
From Zimbabwe
From Wisconsin
San Antonio, Texas
New Jersey
Comin' from Maryland
South Carolina
Chicago, Illinois

Yo Logic, what's up. It's Tanner from Boise, Idaho. PLP. RattPack forever. Visionaries never fail

Yeah, yeah
Shout out to all the fans
All my family, the RattPack all around the world
I love you guys, man
Thank you, thank you so much for letting me do what I love every single day and spreading a positive message
Peace, love, and positivity, baby
Yeah, yeah

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Logic Thank You Comments
  1. Peter Riley

    You're welcome

  2. VenomDragon

    Was expecting to see Dempsey comments🤷‍♂️

  3. VenomDragon


  4. Lincoln Sanchez

    I like this song a lot but I wish logic went in more

  5. Null

    1:44 Nujabes vibes <3

  6. seventeentheworld


  7. Conor Bril

    Just gonna say this the way it should be

    Thank you Bobby and love you dood

    Rattpack whatup!

  8. TonyFR Official

    Yooo call of duty zombies voice actor in this shit? (dempsey character) i you know you know

  9. M3G4 KING

    Not gonna lie I've been following Logic since 2012 and just hearing him say thank you made my year even thinking to when I heard it the first time and every fan on the track just hit me some type of way ..anyways P.L.P repping RatPack for life 🤙

  10. Big D

    Didn't here myself. Boise,Idaho

  11. Morgan Trombly

    I cry everytime I play this song

  12. Love The Rhythm

    YOU DID NOT JUST SAY A NUJABES VIBE 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 R.I.P TO THA O.G.!!! GONE TOO SOON (if ya know ya know)

  13. FreeAgent

    Jeezy stole this beat on
    TM 104
    Dint forget

  14. Joel Hannigan

    this is reminiscent of Worldwide from Welcome To Forever, the chill beat and the voice messages from fans across the world, that's love🐏🖤

  15. Tyrone Pullan

    Sampled a clip from "Green Aphrodisiac" go check it out

  16. Brit-Pop Snob

    Sucks. Are you actually serious?

  17. killerfighter11 vlogs

    Did anyone else notice that tank Dempsey was in this

    M3G4 KING

    I did 😂😂

  18. Marnie

    Am I the only one that thinks the dude at the start was Dempsey from bo1?

    M3G4 KING

    Yep.I'm not certain if it is tho 🤔

  19. Skalkin

    "I'm reppin' Young Sinatra till my last breath"

    Actually the saddest lie I have heard in my life.

  20. Carlos Perez

    I cant sleep so i figured i should treat my soul to some fire lyrics.....its official i just became a member of the pack for life.

  21. RDC LEO

    thanks bob im with you til death- my hero!

  22. Drew

    You’re welcome #rattpack

  23. Scharfe

    why am i this late

  24. starzandearth

    Really liking Lucy rose on this

  25. Evan Martz

    Peace, love, respect.

  26. earl

    Thanks de :)

  27. Aguilas De La America

    If he retires I’m done with music.

  28. Tylan Jamison

    Umm.. it's almost May! How did I not know he released this album? Where's the notification squad?

    M3G4 KING

    I'm waiting for anything Logic related at this point

  29. James Aidan

    I sent a call but didn't get put on the album. 😔

  30. GibbonBasher

    I wonder what the last guy thought when 6ix put an echo on HIS voice.

  31. Jacob Haven

    This has been on repeat. Again and again.

  32. Ramza

    "Nujabes Vibe", I JUST NOW FKN CAUGHT THAT? I feel dumb for not recognizing the grandfather of lofi's name...

  33. dull razor

    This man is so lyrically gifted and talented! I love every minute of hearing him rap and the fact he got Steve Blum, the voice of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop knowing what a fan of anime he is, it's like icing on the cake!

  34. Richer Time


  35. JacksonisAFK

    sup boys currently at school

  36. MrShostoper

    When I heard this beat tears came to my eyes, he should’ve went in harder on this beat

  37. Deaunna Gravitt

    Damn I didn't get to be in it but I'm soooo thankful for this album and I don't why I ain't comment earlier but I love you logic keep doing you baby❤❤❤❤

  38. The Jew

    You really did this again godamn and I was just thinking how great it would be if you did it and you fucking did it.

  39. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good way to start off the album

  40. The Ledge

    World wide

  41. Ellis Dee

    Did NOT know he dropped a new album. Thanks dude who came to my work with this hoodie on 👌 papa bless 🙏

  42. afternights

    where all them native homies at?

  43. VitrulicGaming 22ruls

    Nice to see
    Lucy return from innermission

  44. Aroun Deen

    You know the scene before the song

  45. Aroun Deen

    I heard this on the song African Nyan

  46. Kenny Sneve

    At 13 seconds don't it sound like tank Dempsey

  47. Ronald Moore

    Wats more true than throwing your fans from all over in your song? Fuckin brilliant! This whole song shows logics true colors.

  48. Anthony Cooper

    2019 anyone fan since under pressure

  49. PieZello

    Is the voice actor for Quentin Thomas a voice actor for initial D

  50. Liz Miller

    Love the Corinne Bailey Rae sample!

  51. Jack Kent

    I didn’t know Tank Dempsey worked with logic

  52. Lonk

    I fucking love this man. How could you not love this man? Thank YOU. For everything.

  53. I A


  54. M T N 1 9 9 5

    Steve blum in the beginning?
    And lucy rose!!!

  55. ShouthShortYBeats

    My favorite logic album ever

  56. S3cK5hun8

    "Had to write this letter right here over a Nujabes vibe."

  57. JCL theUtuber

    Sounds like he's tired

  58. Ashton Mcphee

    fucking ehhh man .. that last part where everyone called him and said how much they appreciate him //// that hit me in the feels hard!! ive had about maybe 10 people call me telling me that and it is honestly the most amazing feeling in the world!!! i love this straight up !!! keep positive guys !! your dreams will come true be you!! one love MCPHEE.

  59. Diego Ruiz

    😭it’s the last ys album

  60. Gamey McSk8terboi

    Is that Dempsey off of bo3 zombies??

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    tank dempsey?

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    Best Rapper? Logic
    Like This Picture? Yes
    Mumble Rap? Eww
    Hotel? Trivago

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    bruh russ ripped this for nobody knows fr anyone else hear it or am i smoking too much?

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    Best song on the album rip young sinatra

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    My other half: "Babe, listen to this. I swear I know that voice."
    Me: "Holy shit! That's Steve Blum!"
    >come into the comments
    Commenter: "They're like best friends."

    And now I have learned something new today.

  67. Greg Sherman

    Bobby till I’m 6 feet under

  68. Fire Ma33z

    Mac Miller

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    Wait hold on their should be a music video for this one

  71. Cameron Sanchez

    If he isn't in your top 10 or going down as one of the greatest yet then he will be...he's 28 don't you realize how much more albums he can come out with he's gonna have so many hits in the future you will see that he will be known as one of the best rappers if not now then he will be

  72. Chris Bonilla

    Worldwide 🌎 🌍 throwback

  73. Heh Heh

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  74. bonus meme pepsi

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    Nah Logic Thank you u bring our hopes up when
    were down So THANK YOU!!❤❤

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    Every day..
    Repeat..for eternity.

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  80. Ponchin

    Visionaries never fail

  81. Desmon Strachan

    Logic I’m front Savannah Georgia and I love you and your music you saved my life in so many ways when I thought about ended it. You are my Hero ❤️❤️☮️☯️

  82. Eric A.

    No Logic

    Thank YOU for this amazing music you gave us

  83. Szymon Czajka

    Damn, this cut gives me lot of chills. Cheers from Poland Logic and Fans

  84. Avoyde

    i wish i was called “Young Sinatra: 4” i understand for copyright reasons but “YSIV” doesn’t look nearly as good lol.



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    Logic aint raise no bitch

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    Like if you are from the 210, I'm just curious lol.

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    Love logic and this new album❤️he never disappointed me.

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    dat cole ref tho " bitch I got that flame who dat"

  97. Tavo 101

    For the people that want a song similar to this, Logic has a song called World Wide. He adds people in it just like in this one and its great.

  98. Visionary Music Group

    YSIV is out now on all streaming services! https://logic.lnk.to/YSIV

    Hermano Martinez



    Visionary Music Group masterpiece album

    Adan Garrido

    Shout out to pueblo colorado


    Visionary Music Group THANK YOUUU