Logic - I Am The Greatest Lyrics

(I, am the greatest)
Fuck 'em all I'll never love 'em, I'm way up
Bitch you know I been above 'em, I stay up
Steppin' to me tryna talk it out
Knowin' goddamn well there ain't a fuckin' thing to talk about
Hol' up, bring it back now
That ain't no way to react now
You was talkin' all that shit but where it's at now
Huh? Where it's at

(I am the greatest) Motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, wassup, get none
Like wassup, motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, from me
Like wassup (I am the greatest)
Motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, wassup, get none
Wassup, motherfuckers get no love
From me

Okay now what the fuck they talkin' 'bout?
It's like they never heard the words that came up out my mouth
It’s like they just wanna discredit what I’m all about
I be in the studio, the motherfuckers fallin' out
Yeah, you know we balling out peace and love
I represent all of the above
You fuck bitches and get money, that's wassup
It's all good, but all these people do not give a fuck
And now I bet they bitchin' cause my flow switchin'
Tryna tell me what to write, up on some fan-fiction
Can't they just be happy I no longer have to face eviction?
That I'm livin' out my life, I'm livin' out my inner vision right now
I be on my Big L braggadocios rap shit
I could flow on anything from Premo to that trap shit
Sellin' out shows, I'm on that shit
Late night, dark night, crowd going bat shit

(I am the greatest) Motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, wassup, get none
Like wassup, motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, from me
Like wassup (I am the greatest)
Motherfuckers get no love
Hol' up, wassup, get none
Wassup, motherfuckers get no love
From me (I am the greatest)

From me
Like wassup
Like wassup

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Logic I Am The Greatest Comments
  1. Austin Franks

    Where it at now huh where it at

  2. Austin Franks

    Someone of power

  3. Austin Franks

    I am the greatest

  4. Austin Franks

    You get no love from god

  5. Austin Franks

    Huh where it at

  6. Austin Franks


  7. Austin Franks

    Checkered god

  8. Austin Franks

    I am god iiii am god i am god

  9. nikoLMAO

    still here... 9 days before 2020, still fire.

  10. Pierre Worldly

    I remember when it was so hard to find this track on youtube cuz it was so heavily copywrighted, og fans remember the struggle

  11. Tylor Cardinal

    Imma pull that cheesy ass comment and say who’s listening in 2020 lol

  12. KIZKI & FLAKO #thatrapperstudio

    How tf u name this a song ahahaha

  13. jvred

    Cassius Clay. The Greatest.

  14. Jay Alpha

    Yout the greatest man alive💯

  15. I’m cereal With milk

    “I want Nutella”

  16. Kevin Perez

    Who's here in 2021

  17. OOF559

    Bro logic used to be dope asf man😭 he’s fucking wack now

  18. S Dot

    Come back to listen after young thug bad bad bad

  19. Connor Jacobs

    honestly top 3 hardest songs ever made

  20. Doodie Blessed

    Drop a 👍 like if he is a mini Eminem

  21. Syaiful Haziq Syaifulzamani

    Has anybody notice Cassius Clays’ voice saying ‘I am the greatest’?

  22. Marcus Dion

    This shit is to easy 🔥🔥

  23. Johnnie Boy

    November 3,2019

    And this song has been on repeat for 4 days !

    You muthaFunkers get no love ! Especially after you hated !

    Stay strong stay vigilant !

    Let’s go!

  24. Mouhamed Mahdi


  25. Harley Hammons

    How did no just find this song man it's fire 🔥🔥🔥!

  26. _tairus_

    2019 ? 🔥

  27. Itsmartie

    Still the best song

  28. Druseth

    just found the sample lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75nPmkegHyU&list=PLz7MwVq_c0Z0CKVtX7nDRvVaZ0tPW16zg&index=8

  29. Abdiel Moreno-Cruz

    Best song to listen to when you’re about to take the drivers test

    And the album art represents my confidence vs the instructors lol

  30. ssgssjaiden 「空白」

    0:19 free replays

  31. Dull Boy

    I'm always left alone to sleep so no one cares.... after all i did for them... still get no love

  32. Taipolar

    who else is here from Hustle Art

  33. Produced by SWiM

    Nobody gonna mention that fire ass grizzly bear sample? Who produced this masterpiece?


    why does logic sound like Eazy E ???😷😏🤔🤔😂

  35. Antonio Botello

    The best song he’s ever made 🔥

  36. J R

    "Cum on the floor, cum on the stairs" 🤔

  37. Elton2K Dre

    Gets me pumped when I'm at the gym

  38. Drew chavis

    I remember this came out and me and my brother were so hype but now hes in college im in highschool it makes me appeeciate how we would always play games and we would sing this if we won those were my favorite times

  39. Christian Chambers

    Did anyone come here because of the S.A.O Abridged?

  40. Mr. Mister

    Yooo dude flow & delivery is Eazy-E like ..straight up.

  41. Crackhead Jimmy

    Shit I remember this

  42. Rahlo Sockem

    Logic respecting malcolm, ali, king ect.. in his songs...logic the greatest too💯

  43. jennifer guirado

    Can a good comment negate a negative one ?

  44. Gangsta A Glide

    974 people missed the like botton

  45. lilatzin

    I'm listening to this while animating. The best

  46. Jenifer M H

    logic seems very humble

  47. F R I Z B Y

    R.I.P Cassius clay

  48. Richard Zapien III

    Who's here in 2019?????!!

  49. Evan Sweik

    This song is very very good

  50. Alejandro Hernandez

    Logic made my 2017 summer hella good i wish i could go back

  51. SG. BOXING

    Dont really know about this guy but heard the song and the 2 things that caught my attention was the bomb ass beat and of course the late great Muhammad Ali mix. I dig it.

  52. Ian Sipler

    John Brzenk is the true goat, undeafeated in his sport for 25 years, longer than anyone in history

  53. LostInTranslation59

    2019 anyone?

  54. Raymön Wägnër

    When you realize yo headphones are fireproof 🔥

  55. Keegan Key

    By far my favorite song from this album

  56. Mihai Ciocan

    Care ati venit aici de la piesa lui Neli? :))))))

  57. S U B S C R I B E_T O_ P E W D I E P I E

    Im the greatest...

    ~Muhammad Ali

  58. Moises Alonzo


  59. Kiri to

    Hustle art online?

  60. ssgssjaiden 「空白」

    I.. am the greatest

  61. SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000


  62. Dalton Parker

    NO Love

  63. Shafiq Fiq

    Muhammad ali song

  64. Earth DragonXQ94

    all of you logic fans go and check out oddisee tangible dream

  65. shyfty

    “911 What’s your emergency?”
    Me: “Logic just dropped some heat
    “We’re on our way”

  66. Ben Billy Broston

    Mắt tím môi đỏ mặt xanh lè

  67. jose alanis

    In brasil were i live have some Mc's that you dont have a fucking idea how much this mtfuckers are sick
    PRIMEIRAMENTE - Como um rei
    Síntese - A rua sabe
    Djonga - Junho de 94
    Djonga - esquimó
    BK - Castelos & ruínas
    Baco exu do Blues - Esú
    Djonga - Ludmilla
    Hope you guys enjoy it
    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 R A P 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  68. Sabir M

    Who else is here because of 2gs bootlegged

  69. integranationrr

    R.I.P. to the gym when this track plays

  70. Pablo Theoren

    Dylan from real making the band" Chappelle show " said, YOU WANT SOME OF THIS HOT FIRE???????

  71. It's your Dad

    Eminem vs Logic

  72. Marty Duran


  73. The future of the Universe

    RIP Nipsey Hussle!!! This is dedicated to a real one. Partake in Gods glory while up there bro.

  74. TFS

    Muhammad Ali !

  75. aliii

    Am I the only one who kinda thought this sounded like flexicution

  76. nba nba

    Snap back to reality oop there goes gravity as long as eminem is alive logic u are second

  77. slim shady -.-t

    One of my favorite songs out of this album.

  78. Eduardo Rarani

    2019? And this shit still fire !!!!!!!

  79. itz chrome

    Fearless anyone

  80. Adam Ferguson


    Keegan Key

    Yeah we all know you are no need to shout it out dood

  81. Kartikeya C

    of course


    is the GREATEST!!!!!

  82. Anton Kröger

    This is sick

  83. The Vermont Railfan

    2019 anyone????

  84. cadin wanju

    Logic is just amazing 👌👌

  85. Crustations

    This belonged on Bobby Tarantino

  86. camo675 super loader

    Lyrics ?

  87. Mr assassin123

    I'm doing it so he doesn't have to #propersquad #fatalkrouser

  88. zeth •


  89. Connor R

    I remember listening to this song before my very first wrestling match, I won and this song became something special to me

  90. Apple sauce

    Hustle art online?

    BowTie Bandit5097

    So happy I am not the only one 😎

  91. • Omos •

    2019 squad where you at!

    Keegan Key