Logic - Growing Pains Lyrics


I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[Verse 1:]
See I was born into a world of food stamps and welfare
No dollar for the ice cream man and nappy hair
Raised by a single mom but in the back of my mind I thought I gotta have my pops no cereal
Never had a lot but now I got plenty material
No longer, do I wish for money cause being broke made me stronger, Harder, faster, better
So now I alphabetically murder every letter
Uh, feel the conviction in my words like a jail sentence
Murderin' a first through a verse won't be no repentance
Momma I'm sorry that I left at Seventeen
But I had to chase my dream and get this mofuckin cream
Only people that I got is the people that's on my team
Cause when I roll up on the scene I see everyone start to scheme
Talk about they connections, talk about who they know
Then they beggin' me for a feature and I'm like hold up yo
If you know who you know why the fuck you ain't blow
Matter fact you ain't fuck with me this time last year though
I was kicking rhymes but you ain't paid on mind or the soul
And you on my dick riding like the baddest of hoes
You think its easy but its not
See the talent that I got
Determination keep it fresh if I don't shine in this gold mine
Cause it don't happen overnight
One hit wonders don't keep the spot
And I plan to hold the torch until I pass it and get shot, What

I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[Verse 2:]
See this is dedication running up on radio stations
They with the glind enter my mind they was just hatin' haha
Testing my patience they got me pissed like probation
But I had the mind to keep going and the heart to keep racing
And as the world crumbled beneath my feet like a Hatian
I was inspired by them to persevere through dedication
Failure I'm never facing my lyrics is education
So if you got the tape crank that shit like Jason Statham
Yeah, this is my story word by word as I'm emerging just relax and let me open your mind like brain surgeon
Uhh, fresh in the game they should sign me the the virgin
But me and solo know that I would only get to splurgin'
I see the road to success and now its time to merge em
Don't forget its when you gone what my homies urging, don't forget its when you gone, uhh I gotcha
You see these Seinfeld rappers talking a whole lot of nothing so allow me to curve your enthusiasm or something
This is kinda like M.J before his prime when he dunking cause I ain't 23 yet but when I'm there it'll be something

I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
I'm Tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[Verse 3:]
Growing up there was baby momma drama everyday and every way
But now my kids I ain't got none to this day
Cause a rubber ‘round my Jimmy when I consider foreplay
Hey, back in the day West Deer Park where we stay
I was running around while momma was drinking everyday
But its okay I wouldn't have it any other way
Cause it developed me into the young man that you see today
Through dedication Yeah, Yeah
Never follow traditions you see I had a different vision
I always skip school and writin' compositions 'bout my home conditions
You know the usual no money and family division
In specific I remember this time in my kitchen
With my sisters man back before he went to prison and got into religion
He showed me how to cook crack at 12 and I ain't kiddin'
After releasing him with ba-- he no longer living
And I'm pretty sure his last breath was lord forgive him
Now my nephew ain't got a father that'll keep him safe
All I can hope is he a good boy for his mommas sake
Cause she never did recover from his fathers fate
And if he grew into a man that made the same mistake
Well to be honest I don't know how much more she could take
So to every baby momma that could truly relate it is you unto this song that I should dedicate


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Logic Growing Pains Comments
  1. kkcote

    One hit wonders dont keep the spot🔥

  2. Rattpack301

    1. Growing pains II
    2. Growing pains II
    3. Growing pains II,I,III

  3. John Carter

    around 8.20 i shitttt... awesome beat all around

  4. Izaak Wilson

    1 is obviously the best

  5. TheTimeBomb21

    I love the beginning buildup of Growing Pains 1. Gets me everytime.

  6. Sgurd Meal

    Nice, those ads really do improve the transitions.

  7. Justin Pawelski

    2019 still dope. I want this logic back

    Johny Bauer

    The best logic there ever was.

  8. Vic Ruccolo

    it's so hard for small people to be psyched, instead of jealous, and they hate, and try to convince themselves something isn't hot, while in the meantime they're burning the fuck up.
    jealousy is a weak emotion. just let yourself love something, without thinking it means YOU suck.


    when that TV turn off and I realise I'm back to hell...

  10. hue janus

    Pops no cereal caught me off guard

  11. Sean Phillips

    Most dont realize this Steve Urkle lookin as kid was slangin on the side.

  12. Colin Meives

    its 2019 and I j had an urge to listen to old logic (I gave ya vid a like)

  13. Rael Ockletree

    "My Mama locked up, I pray to God that I see her today, maybe not maybe so, West Deer Park that's all I know"

  14. Rael Ockletree

    2, 3, 1

  15. Rael Ockletree

    "It's hard being a saint inside of a sinner's body, it's hard living as Logic after livin as Bobby😔

  16. Heather Casteel

    All this dudes beats are fire

  17. Blue Cuts

    Growing pains lll is amazing

  18. Darragh Maguire

    Growin pains 1 is so underated

  19. Kid Omi

    growing pains 1 is the best, 3rd is also good, 2 is aiiight

  20. Thirst Isreal

    Damn dude can spit.

  21. robert adriano

    For people putting growing pains 1 last on your list, you’re probably born after the year 2000 because clearly you don’t understand life before smartphones

  22. Booker

    I think 1-2 was him growing and developing as an artist as a more underground rapper.

    3 was obviously from the perspective of him as a child wanting to escape his situation

    4: full circle: maybe talk about how he’s made it and how the fame and money has affected him?


    Booker The Wolf love to see a Growing Pains 4

  23. Booker


    Rattpack Family


    Furries not allowed.

  24. Zlatko Kosar

    4:24 Outkast

  25. mrdrowsypants2

    what's the instrumental?

  26. Jake Manzella

    Growing Pains III - 1
    Growing Pains I - 2
    Growing Pains II - 3

    snugg me

    2 is the best, relisten ur probably judging off the beats

  27. Amulya Shekhar

    First verse on Growing Pains 1 is all the feeling you look for in real hiphop.

  28. gursiman

    Not on Spotify :(

  29. Chris_02

    The last verse of GP1 🔥🔥🔥

  30. SploogeTube

    growing pains 3 my 2nd favorite logic song

  31. SploogeTube

    whenever I listen the the under pressure album I get For Honor vibes (yes the video game) is that must me or ?

  32. Booqhie

    Logic left in his spaceship at 17 (;

  33. Booqhie

    I'm 17, me n him have the same brain but I can't speak, felt like I've been kidnapped....

  34. Innermission

    Not a single soul has commented on this video in 3 years, except for me.


    played yourself lmaoo

  35. King Tarantino

    Old logic and old kendrick shouldve collabed

    Eduardo Olguin

    For real man

  36. Tyrese Townsend

    Growing pains 1 really hit close to me in the beginning
    Growing pains 2 really makes me want to go harder than anyone

    Growing pains 3 makes me want to see the dark reality and survive through while being optimistic through it all

  37. Vlone

    1 is underrated

  38. Faze DeyFaii

    I write this down to show this Song's live for ever deap Down.

  39. YeboiGabe


  40. Floyd Slinks

    Why do people not like the first one that shit went hard

  41. Beyond Zay

    Personally I love all the Growing Pains by Logic. but here's how i rate them:
    1. Growing Pains II
    2. Growing Pains I
    3. Growing Pains III

  42. Giodinho

    GP2 is the one I listen most to, and also love the most.. His theme of 'Everything ain't what it seems', which he keeps saying throughout the song, is just so goddamn real.. And also the "freestyle"-bit at the end, if so to say, is just godly to listen to..

  43. CrackingEdge

    Am i the only one putting Growing Pains 1, as my personal favorite

  44. Ema Eva

    GP1 GP2 GP3. GP1's beat goes with the lyrics dark af.. Some can't relate to what he is saying the last verse he starts spazzing dont know why most dont like part 1

  45. Jose salgado

    The last part of gp 2 is deep....

  46. vares STL

    He don't sound like Kendrick at all, or Drake really. He enunciates like Hopsin. The only person logic sounds very similar to is Cole, but I wouldn't say he's copying. Just influenced like all good artists

  47. Bianca Hernandez

    I start from 11:18 and start the song all over❤💔❤

  48. Jose salgado

    “you know it’s hard living as logic after living as Bobby “ :/

  49. Michael Vallejos

    Growing pains 3 is my favorite

  50. Jiho Sung

    Guys the problem is children who likes logic can't listen to his songs because almost every music by logic is explicit(Parental Advisory Explicit Content).

  51. SJ 08

    Best growing pains.
    1. I

    My opinion plz don’t hate

  52. Nowu of the North

    "Flow angelic but now it's time to bring the demon out"

  53. Nowu of the North

    Original Young Sinatra mixtape-Logic was peak Logic.

  54. MetroSB

    2018 and growing pains 2 still give me them goosebumps

  55. Jer

    Y'all sleeping on Growing Pains 1


    can't vibe with that beat

  56. Gamesee

    Growing Pains 1 is the best

  57. Eli Lambert

    gp3 the best for me

  58. bree alvarez

    anyone else hear trynna get a dose of the old logic ? 😍😭💕

    Rael Ockletree

    Very rare for fine women such as yourself to have a great interest in music


    Rael Ockletree ong

  59. bicboi46

    Growing pains 1 definitely. This man was hungry and fening to make it out some way and you can hear it through the entire song.

  60. Maha Sattva

    First time I ever heard Growing Pains III, I was working (at an art museum) with my headphones in. I had Pandora radio on, and this song came on. I ended up having to take a step outside and calm down. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up, my eyes were full of water. This is one of those songs that hits you in the Soul.

  61. Kyle Davis

    First is best it's the rawest

  62. Brandon Correa

    “It’s hard being a saint inside a sinners body”

  63. Dank Meme's

    this is a boring rap

    Comfortably Numb

    Dank Meme's go back to 4chan

  64. Mark Cardenas

    Growing pains 3 Is the best

  65. Sporty

    Picking A Fav is like picking beetween your kids or your parents Lol You just CANT

    gabe hunt

    Sporty ever have divorced parents, really makes you pick the favorite.

  66. Im Remmo

    Fuck. So hard to choose but Growing Pains ll Is probably my favorite.... The end of it tho 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Neby Moges

    Old logic>>>>>New Logic

    Anthony Gonzalez Arandi

    Neby Moges Nah, Old Logic ==== New Logic. Have you even heard "Everybody"?? I had the privilege to go to his concert yesterday, I used to think "everybody" was ok but in person it changes ur perspective

    Jermain Allen

    Neby Moges if u real Logic u would understand hes still being what he wanted to be like

    A New Age Young Sinatra


    On me bro, on me

  68. Tisha Parker

    can we do an evolution of Logic??? he has really grown man...

  69. Jacob Pacheco

    when your obscure mixtapes are better than your hyped up album

  70. Mr Quackers124

    I'm so glad to see where logic is now :)

  71. William Gale

    he's so much more different now than back then the sound has gotten way different through the years

  72. tian

    "momma I'm sorry that I left at 17" :'(


    Had to chase this dream🤷🏼‍♂️

  73. Olitoven

    it's amazing how much he has grown.

  74. WhiteBoyDom

    This song is dope

  75. s̿e̿b̿a̿s̿t̿i̿a̿n̿ ̿ ღ

    Cancer cells can form

  76. Travis Fisher

    I am trying to write my wrongs, but its funny the same wrongs help me write the song.

  77. D3FY Odin

    (D3FY Loyalty) My list is Growing Pains II, GP, GP III. The 2nd one has a nice beat and fresh flow, 1st one has good lyrical style and nice beat, and 3rd goes deep, but doesn't appeal to me, doesn't feel like Growing Pains.

    Op Beast69

    D3FY Loyalty and D3FY Odin Look up Dead presidents Jay Z. that's where the beat came from. also check Nas the World is yours

    D3FY Odin

    That's crazy, dude. I actually didn't know about that...

  78. Izek DeBoer

    Growing pains IV?


    I think so, but a man can dream


    @mysteryj bro with the now album coming you never kow


    @BatoEdits facts, the gp songs were on Sinatra tapes and UP, like street dreams and ys

    Dzang Dzang

    Hopefully not logic doesnt need more pain in his life. Love him but the dudes had a tough life.


    Growing pains iv is on the leaked tracklist for no pressure

  79. Jayden Langford

    Love the altered Touch the Sky sample ♡

  80. Drew Jones

    Wow, listening to the first two for the first time and really listening to the third one with the first and second in mind.. the second and third gave me chills, that shit was dope. And deep

  81. King Quan

    2 is better ... i feel his pain

  82. glory puls

    growing pains is just mind blowing

  83. Joseph Bass

    Growing Pains 3 is so true

  84. Eli Nowitzky


    Andrew Enriquez

    Eli Nowitzky it would make the servers crash.

    Brandon Correa

    Eli Nowitzky copyright issues. The samples from other music or sources is not allowed as he would need permission that he would never get

    Psych0delick x

    Brandon Correa well it’s on there, so...

    Nic owo

    Jonathan Hinojosa no its not, only growing pains 3, because it's not a mixtape which usually has samples that the artist doesn't own

  85. Olitoven

    Love the "Logic" in the background

  86. SickofTALKIN'

    312 but 2 is still really good but 3 and 1 my fav but at the same time its hard to compare because there all so good and the ending of 3 just gets to me

  87. Daniel Barillas

    best shit ever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. XxTurtle RacexX

    Andre 3000 should collaborate with logic? that's my dream!

  89. Matt Buckley

    yoo I like this

  90. Iam Pyre

    "Aye, what's up now niggah?" Outside I can hear em bustin, bustin, police the rushin!

    Why do

    Iam Pyre Go to my head like I'd rather not have this discussion my mind racing from the elevation of the toxic in my blood

  91. Iam Pyre

    Growing Pains-III brought me here, but GP2 is undoubtedly the best!

  92. witboi33

    The first one is my favorite. Then second, then third.

  93. XxTurtle RacexX

    the bridge in growing pains 3 almost makes me burst into tears


    bobby what are you thinking? how does that make you cry?

    Kayla Logan

    XxTurtle RacexX Honestly me too. My reason is because sometimes I wish I could explain how I feel to people. Wish people understood me fully. "Bobby, What are you thinking? What are dreaming about? Bobby, what's inside? What are you thinking right now? Go to sleep."

  94. Ozzy

    For me the 2nd has the best Lyrics 1st has the best beat & 3rd just has the best flow 👌

    Floppo Man

    Ozzy for sure

    Ozzy II is my favorite but the first is the most focused out of all of them


    Ozzy imo 2nd had the best beat and 1st had the best lyrics/wordplay and 3rd was the realest

  95. SirSleepy247

    Where is the hook from growing pains 2 from?

    Miehaj Nichols

    Jay z Dead Presidents


    SirSleepy247 its a chopped and screwed line from Kanye West's verse on "Touch the Sky" and part of the hook from Outkast's "Ms. Jackson"


    SirSleepy247 Jay-Z and J. Cole

  96. The King

    best 1 2 and 3

  97. Valecilo RL

    Anyone from Maryland here ?(:

    Destrxyz MGD

    Bassing Defainted I am 😂

    Valecilo RL

    Destrxyz MGD haha same west deer park Gaithersburg 😂

  98. carlos Medina

    Growing pains 2 is the best


    carlos Medina 3 is deep 2 goes hard 1 is chill

    Macaroni Beats

    My personal favorite is 3 but I respect your opinion

  99. Street The Rapper

    all three of em are dope man. they so real.