Logic - Blow Your Mind Lyrics

I blow your mind like cocaine, nah
I blow your mind like Cobain
Rest in Peace
Sucker MC's deceased
Rise on the East I'm the sun bringing heat for sure
I've been making tracks on the low
Waiting for my time to shine and then blow like Johnny, Depp
Increase the rep
Like a bench press set homie yes I get red
Paid my dues but I'm still in debt
Cause I have no credibility in the game yet
Gotta apply, and run a background check
But I bounce
Cause I ain't done shit yet
Right now, that's what I'm trying to do
Stay spitting rhymes whenever I roll through
Call me the Grinch, homie I don't give a hoo
Any MC yes I gotta kill you
But don't take it personal it's business fool
Do like Travolta just be cool
And nowadays everybody sound the same
The Price is Right, but I don't play that game
Won't never stop 'till they all know my name
Gotta grind to the top rid Rodriguez with the fame
Homie if I kill you accept that you're gone
This ain't Call of Duty you can't respawn
Had your girl down talking on jive
'Till I hit you with the MP5
Suppression, I really hope y'all learned your lesson
And never forget that I'm the unsung freshman

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Logic Blow Your Mind Comments
  1. Ethan O'Neil

    This mixtape needs to get on Itunes

  2. Vanessa Oquendo

    2017 Anyone?

  3. Jere Sinkkonen

    had you god damn talkin on jive till I hit you with an mp5

  4. JrRosales100

    "This ain't call of duty you won't respawn" :D

  5. Bliz

    Better than Nirvana? I don't know.

  6. ITzz Buraak

    he made it 💪

  7. adam corrales XO

    is that supposed to be chucky in the beginning? 😂😂😂



    adam corrales XO

    @Ernesto 3251 childs play u know? ;p