Logic - Black SpiderMan Lyrics

Jesus, Black Jesus
Jesus, Black Jesus

I been feeling so down
I think they should know now
I think they should know what's up
That's that road I been down
I know how it go down
I know how it go now, what's up
I feel like I don't belong
I feel like my life is wrong
I feel like I don't know what's up
What's up, what's up
Yeah, yeah

I ain't here to pick and choose
I ain't here to sing the blues
I'm just here to spread the clues
I'm just here to spread the news
Everybody know I do
I ain't ashamed to be white
I ain't ashamed to be Black
I ain't ashamed of my beautiful Mexican wife as a matter of fact
I know you fucking with that
And I'm not scared of the people who tell me I should be
Do what you love and don't ever wonder what it could be
Everybody from my hood, everybody know I'm good
Sometimes I'm misunderstood
But that's just the uneducated that never related and feel like I'm fading off
They feel like I'm fading
I'm right out my mind
Tell 'em!
Momma don't love me
Daddy don't love me
Wonder why I drown in the bubbly
You could be anything you wanna be
'Cept the person you don't wanna be
Let him hate let em love
Wondering if everybody still like this up above
When that push come to shove
Make me wanna pull up with the, with the gat in the glove like
I just wanna be free
Not a slave to the stereotype
All alone in my room in the middle of the night
I don't have the words but my stereo might
I don't wanna be black, I don't wanna be white, I just wanna be a man today
I don't wanna be a Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, or bi, see you later, bye
Not perceived by the things I believe or the color of my skin
Or the fact I'm attracted to her, maybe him
Or the fact I'm a single mother living all alone
Looking for a man and a home to call my own
But I already have one
The only man I'ma ever need is my son, my son, my son, my son
Son, say:
Black is beautiful
Be black and proud
Fuck everybody hatin' on me right now, I'm black and proud
I'm just as white as that Mona Lisa
I'm just as black as my cousin Keisha
I'm biracial so bye Felicia
Praise Black Jesus now call the preacher
Maybe Jesus was black
Maybe Jesus had dreads
Spiderman should be black
I vote for Glover instead
Glover instead
Like what's up
I vote for more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more
I vote for so much more

I been feeling so down
I think they should know now
I think they should know what's up
That's that road I been down
I know how it go down
I know how it go now, what's up
I feel like I don't belong
I feel like my life is wrong
I feel like I don't know what's up
What's up, what's up

[Logic & Damian:]
Go on and let your soul glow
Let your soul glow
Shine and glow
Let it glow
Let, let it
Black Spiderman can he save a brother now
Black Spiderman can he save a brother now
Let your soul glow
Let your soul glow

[Logic (Sir Dylan):]
Ayy man
(What's up, bro?)
Spiderman should be Black
(Yeah, I mean Spiderman should be Black
Fuck yeah)
Yeah man
Black Spiderman
Black Superman
Black Santa Claus
Shit, Black Seinfeld
(Black Seinfeld?
Nigga, that's Martin!)
Damn, you're right...
Shit, I'm fuckin' high

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Logic Black SpiderMan Comments
  1. Diane Berg

    I kept hearing of this biracial rapper named Logic, so I came to see for myself.

  2. TESLA Gaming

    He can rap on jazz music 😨🔥💯

  3. Peace Peace

    There is black panter

  4. Nigram Karlos

    Miles morales shouldve bunped this during spiderverse

  5. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Love Each Other.

  6. Shivamm Vyas

    I love the fact that he included Donald glover in this song as many people wanted him to play Spider-Man in a new Spider-Man movie back in the day. Subtle stuff like that is what makes logic logic. :)

  7. biblicaldefenders

    his father is black which makes him so called black its of the fathers seed

  8. Lillian Savell

    I like the cats at the end😂

  9. RSEVN

    ay son this is not it

  10. stromytube

    no words...man u logic....isnt color only human

  11. deadlynoob05

    Me: *Reads a comment I agree with*
    Edit: "OmG tHaNkS fOr ThE 100 lIkeS gUyS

  12. Babby Dong

    How can i not like logic....gawddahym!!!😏

  13. xinrar

    black n proud

  14. Simon riley

    4:20 Sans Undertale should be black xD

    Hence Nothing Remains

    Thanks i hate it

  15. Xxxslime Ball

    Who's watching in 2020 😂💯

  16. byi

    glad to know his old house is a few minutes away from me🔥

  17. Sarada Uchiha

    I don’t know why but but logic is bae 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  18. Yashneel Handa

    Who ever disliked this video is a racist

  19. João Henriques

    Miles Morales it's up to you now!!!
    Logic called...🔥🔥

  20. matee

    Pewdiepie: *"Says N Word"*

    Logic: I got u fam

  21. BIGboy 09

    did anybody notice the girl at 4:17 getting hit in the face with a piece of confetti (bottom left)

    ChrisT 111

    BIGboy 09 yeah

  22. Willy25 Bosss

    Logic you got your wish dude they made a black Spiderman

  23. Bill Hubbard

    He's not ashamed to be white, but he's not ashamed to be black, but he is does hate being white.. Makes sence.. When do we go backwards in time when being a Pacific color was wrong in frowned upon.. funny how racism became one sided and is still to this day a Democratic push to keep us separated.. Democrats back in the Civil War were all for white people and hated black people now Democrats hate white people and all for black people And it's really all about who can put them in power and keep them in power... Saying you're proud to be black and black power pride is okay and not racist but saying you're proud to be white Or white pride or white power that is racist... Funny how white people can be called crackers hunky's rednecks Etc etc and that's not racist That's okay.. But for white people calls another color anything but their name then all of a sudden they're completely racist.. Well, here it is.. I am proud to be a white person.. I'm not racist. I don't wish I was anything else but what I am today Which is just a man Out here trying to make a living With no extra privileges on any behalf or because of my color. I don't care what color you are. Call me out my name. I will call you out yours. You bring it down to race and start calling me racial slurs Out of hate I'm going to throw them right back at you. I'm not afraid to get down and dirty. I'm not a white collar white person.. You cool with me. I'm cool with you. It's pretty damn simple.. I don't play that Democratic racial bullshit, especially when I live work and survive around all different colors.. You want to call me racist just because I'm white and I won't sit here and bend over and bow my head And say I did something wrong Because I was born a certain Ethnicity and act like I had some part in something that happened centuries upon centuries ago.. Then more power to you... Still ain't changing me... Slavery has been going on for thousands of years. Every race every Creed every religion, it's some point in history has been enslaved... The beauty of all of it is that none of us today are enslaved.. We're all free to make good choices and bad choices. Some of us are born with a silver spoon And a lot of us aren't. A lot of white black and brown people have started from the bottom.. but this Democratic racial agenda bulshit can go fuck its self... the only people I owe anything to Is my family in my kids.. I'm not saying sorry nor am I going to sit here and act like I had something to do with things I have had nothing to do with.. I'm chewing the same dirt in trying to survive day by day Just like anybody else so no apologies..


    Эт типа чё сын эминэма?

  25. Finsoups

    People are so conservative tho, life can be over even before the expiration date of your bean can...tsk all this boxes that people need to differentiate them or elevate from each other.. try to be a person first and then an individual

  26. Neel Parmar

    Logic: Spiderman should be black

    Sony: hey that's a good idea...

    Marie Parisi

    The ultimates universe:"Am I a joke to you?!"

  27. Caleb McGuire

    Logic: I’m not ashamed of my beautiful Mexican wife

    *divorce has entered the chat*

  28. Leonardo Carolo

    Spiderman is already black tho. Spiderman 3, black suit. Into the Spiderverse, Miles Morales. Yayeet

  29. Yudhy Pranata

    How can some people dislike this song?

  30. Grap3 Ju1ce

    🔥🔥🔥why tf do people say everybody is trash. COADM is the definition of trash!!!!


    This is the most amazing song I have ever probably heard in my life..How did I just realize Logic was here all this time😂

  32. tawanda mukosana

    He a dope rapper, one of the greatest
    But madman just wanna say 'nigga' freely and get no smoke

  33. MONROW

    Yo Logic! Next song that talks about race should be Asian SpiderMan!

  34. Worthy

    *Miles Morales joins the fight*

  35. invasao zumbi

    Falta muito reconhecimento aos bons rappers como o logic

  36. Teaeli Anderson

    The cats at the end!

  37. o1a1k

    love it❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Rrlrr Y'kimej




  39. RoyalMango

    He protecc he attacc but most importantly he blacc and proud

  40. Charles Luikart

    This shouldve been in spiderverse

  41. Brandon Perez

    Had to come back and hear logic to remember who I am

  42. Aryan Kaushik

    Can't believe this much dislikes.

  43. Nova Hampton

    Jesus is black according to the Bible

    Uncle Bens

    Wait what

  44. Elizabeths Channel

    Tobey Maguire does not approve of this

  45. Charles Boyle

    I ain’t ashamed of tearing up everytime I listen to this

  46. Charles Boyle

    why does this man only have 3 milli but every mumble rapper has 10????

  47. Alayah Norwood

    Still vibing to this in 2020💕🤪

  48. Irenda Parks

    Thank you Logic!

  49. Braden

    Who is here from $not-Why U Mad?

  50. Britthegoat Udntwantnone

    You did that fasho fasho!!! I feel you

  51. Corey Mcfly

    Van 2 años y sigo amando esta canción

  52. UnKNoWn K1NG

    it's my fav musiq

  53. TRIV


  54. David McCutchen

    bruh i didn’t even realize khalid’s in this until now... damn lol

  55. Ömer Senturk

    brothers ı have aquestion for you, can venom say the n word?

  56. Andrea Quinteros

    Siiii...vine por SUGA...quien más?!

  57. extra plus ordinary

    Who else came after see yoongi and logic future collab project? ❤️❤️

  58. Rishav Basnet

    When he says ayy i am like yeah yeah

  59. Mystr Mystic

    3:34 Khalid

  60. Aria Radiktya

    My neighbor called the cops when i played this out loud, they got arrested

  61. Дмитрий Саломатин

    2:43 ahahahahahhahha

  62. sum boi

    Twenty-twenty bois here ?

  63. Gogeta/ Vegito

    3:37 that guy on the right looks like Khalid

  64. DEVeloper

    I’m disappointed this is the first Logic song I listened to. I wish I was there for the Under Pressure or YS2 days

  65. THE FUN kuchen

    there you go miles!

  66. Sun Dog

    Black everything yes sir I'm fucking high lmao dopeeee

  67. Sun Dog

    👍👍✊✊🤟🤟🕷️🕸️☝️👆💪🤘💣💣 🔥💯💯💯💯💯

  68. Will

    Bruh he predicted that spidey verse movie oh shit

  69. O2inhale CO2exhale

    4:13 that eargasm beat started ,BUT! . This 3:11 just made my morning glows brighter everyday:)

  70. Gregory Duru

    If Miles Morales was a rapper.

  71. Prìp

    I love Logic as he gets me happy and inspired when I'm sad. He kinda inspires me to keep on fightin' for what I should be fightin' for. He's one of the greatest rappers I've ever seen...

    *I Love You, Logic.....*

  72. Sinethemba Cinywa

    Logic is the best rapper I know . ❤

  73. Sterling Interlocking

    This song always gives me hope like maybe tomorrow will be brighter then today. Just a thought

  74. Zer0xxCooL

    wtf put sub titles on and when Damian is singing it just says (DAMIAN SINGING)

  75. EN1GMA

    😎👍LIKE 797K
    💯 Wana Be YouTube FRIENDz? HOLLER🎩

  76. Somerandomboi ;-;

    My name is Demian

  77. Griffin Slack

    This should be a musical

  78. Jordan Anims

    Can't say shit about this song but only one thing

    Infinitely amazing
    -2020 and beyond

  79. Sir Buckington the 3rd

    2 years later, and here I am, dressing as spider man. Proud af

  80. MKCX09 STECH76

    *proud to be human*

  81. falcon hunter

    i was eminem fan but when i was logiced i got a fan of logic too

  82. Dr CocoTv

    1:36 - 2:04 is pretty strong fr

  83. Marcia Santos

    Man, you are just amazing.

  84. K.bndman 4L


    Logic: diD I fOrGeT tO tELL u I’m biRaCial

  85. Michaela Brlzer

    I love this song

  86. Tiagø silva


    Corey N

    No more wife


    Hellcwanna cross ,every thing i am , heaven dont bother to stop everymove they got planned i dont think you understand, i aint the man , i aint the one you gonna make them watchme me fall like i dont got the upper plan ,i think you dont understand

  88. Metal Head

    When you found out you have 001% Black Dna

  89. Billcosby Bootycrumbs

    Back when logic was good.

  90. Aurek Rung

    I love the beat at 4:35!

  91. Derfel Cadarn

    Myles Morales likes this

  92. Sterling Interlocking

    Logic is one hell of a rapper. Much respect

  93. TVT

    Am I the only one that cares that there is no -- between the Spider and Man. I am such a nerd.

  94. Colin Van Sande

    Logic is the blackest white man alive

  95. jose manuel