Logic - Baby Lyrics

Oh baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby

I've been down for the cause for a minute now
Be lying if I said I didn't want to hit it now
On a hunnid, that thought been running through my mind
'Cause baby, you're just so fine
But, first I want to make you mine
Study you like constellations, I wonder what make you shine
All that 9-to-5 rhyme, but girl, you got bigger dreams
It's just no one there to tell you you're destined for bigger things
I'll be the one, to let you know you're brighter than the sun
More beautiful than any girl I've seen from where I'm from
By any girl ever, anywhere I might have gone
I only have eyes for you, that's why I wrote this song
Life is changing fast, I feel like I don't have long
To tell you, anything you want, girl you can do it
And I'mma be there when you make it, smiling like I knew it
Every man you gave your heart before me, yeah, they blew it
I just want the chance to show you how I do it

Oh baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby

I've given my heart away just to have it beaten up
That's a heart attack, now my shit don't beat enough
But ever since the day we met, girl, I can read your bluff
If I wrote you letters every day, would you read the stuff?
Girl, if I gave you my everything, would it be enough?
The road is hard, and my current situation is rough
They say there's plenty more fish in the sea, but you're the only one God made just for me
Sometimes I wonder if you know I exist, or if I told you how I thought, would you be like "Hold up, who the fuck is this?"
Sometimes it feel like I'm inside of a love movie
But, I'm the extra in the background, truly
Wishing that he had the leading lady
But, I guess it wasn't written for me, maybe
Unless I flip the script and just ignore the words read
Sweep you off your feet with the all the things I never said

'Cause every man you gave your heart before me, they blew it
I just want the chance to show you how I do it
Every man before me, man, they blew it
I just wish I could show you, I'd be like

Hey baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby, you, you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend
Says she only needs a friend
Oh baby, I, I got what you need
No, I can't just be a friend
No, I'll never be a friend
Oh baby

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Logic Baby Comments
  1. Sean Hendricks

    This song makes you think about that one girl

  2. Connor Thompson

    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was an amazing album even, but Supermarket wasn't it at all.

  3. Connor Thompson

    Not a fan of the song, but it sounds like he used the same drums that he used for Warm It Up

  4. Gengam Karcho


  5. NamaWave

    This album is so depressing cause it reminds me of this girl i used to like

  6. T3rr0r1st_ -YT

    Sounds better than biz markie

  7. japplejam

    Ok this album is no where near as bad as the internet makes it out to be. I'm digging this

  8. Ceci

    Biz Markie — Just a friend

  9. Ya boi David

    Should I sing this to my crush?

  10. cerbonediditr

    She say she just a friend my nigga

  11. Kofis Tofis

    Reminds me of Biz Markies just a friend

  12. Kami Joestar

    This sound like biz markie

  13. The Whiz Kid

    Logic 🔥

  14. Ajfjf Xjhfhc

    Shout out Biz Markie

  15. Jozlyn :*

    Biz Markie okayyyyy then Logic 🤧🤧

  16. Squid swigg

    This man stealing lyrics from biz markie

  17. Bandana GROUP

    I keep expecting Young Sinatra to come in out of nowhere

  18. EzhitEvan956_YT /

    Congrats for being a father

  19. Aaron Paskell

    Theirs this girl I really like named Zoey, and for prom this year I might make a poster that says; "Oh Zoey you, you've got what I need, I can't just be a friend, no I'll never be a friend."

  20. That_Anime_Girl_

    1:49 OHH BABY


  21. Destynee's Dreamz

    I love this Bobby

  22. yes _IN

    Why this audios r in here?

  23. Joshietoshi

    🚨🚨This SONG IS COPIED🚨🚨

    Baby is copied form the chorus or Austin Mahone Just a Friend. I used to listen to Austin Mahone when I was much younger and this sound the exact same!!!

  24. Rosa Perez

    I love your voice and songs

  25. SmiteMAster101

    Everyone look up the song “just a friend” by biz markie this is pretty much like a better version- just thought I’d put that out there!!

  26. Brandon Reynolds

    I dedicate this to the one I will love in the future. If I meet anyone.

  27. Davey van seventer

    'i gave my heart away just to have it beaten up'


  28. Hassanat Khalid

    the lyrics reminded me of austin mahone

  29. K Lewis

    Who else gets p!atd pretty.odd. vibes

  30. K Lewis

    This book is amazing

  31. Zane Webbow

    COADM in t- 4 hours. Lifes good.

  32. Scania1968 __

    For the first minute I tought this was a joke...

  33. Robert Fenech

    reminds me of Biz Markie - Just a Friend

  34. Angelique Umutesi

    Aaww so sad, they were cute together

  35. Lars Music

    I Love You Mia

  36. Caleb Batchman

    from Freddie Scott to Biz to Austin to Logic

  37. Hania Nizami

    Is no one gonna talk about how this sounds like Say You're Just A Friend - Austin Mahone??

    jay joshi

    i fucking know right i listened to that song straight after this :)

  38. Kvng JMIKE

    Logic cold 🥶

  39. gaberrs23

    I love this song it brings me back

  40. Naomi Palanca

    this is REALLY familiar with Austin Mahone's "Say you're just a friend" Check it out https://youtu.be/Po3h5nObU50

  41. Jason Kameo

    When Logic starts to actually believe he's adopted

  42. Mut3

    Everyone talking about the warm it up drums but nobody noticed the sample from drift away

  43. BroKing

    bro why logic is so underrate
    d only 300k views
    ppl have shit taste leaving the gold here

    Uli Quiroz

    BroKing because they prefer rainbow mumble rappers

  44. Sitt Thway Aung

    JUSTICE FOR AUSTIN MAHONEEEE TT #sayyouarejustafriend

  45. Jebester

    For everybody loving this, listen to Chef’Special! They sound so similar, it’s great!

  46. Victor M

    This is one of my favorite songs ever, because it's exactly how I felt at the time I first heard this song. I was very shy, and had a huge crush on this girl who always made my day better whenever I saw her. Once I heard this song, it was like my feelings all put together in a song, and it led me to finally talk to her and after a month, I proudly have one of the most beautiful girlfriends in the world. Logic tha OG

    First Name

    @Victor M Dude I have all my respect for you. I like a girl and she also makes me happy when I see her. We go to the same school and only have her for 1 class though. I really want to share put my feeling with her but I'm just too scared because I'm just really shy and ALSO I think she is taken😪 I just can't stop thinking of her.

    Victor M

    @First Name You should definitely try to figure out if she's taken, because if you don't ask, you'll regret it. Either straight up ask her, or if you two talk regularly, bring it up in a conversation casually. Even if she says she's taken, you can rest easy knowing you at least had the courage to do something.

    First Name

    @Victor M Yeah I feel like asking her but at the same time I'm just going to feel really embarrassed. But I'm still willing to figure out if she is single. I also don't even know if she like me back but I'm still willing to try.

  47. Swish Swish Rish

    Who's better Logic or J Cole

    Like for Logic
    Comment for J Cole

    Gengam Karcho

    Ratt packk ...logic 😎😎

    Reinier Sandtke

    Dislike cuz this comments sucks peepee

    R U N E

    Logic is best

    Michael Nicholson

    J cole any day

    Connor Thompson

    They're both good. Logic has a lot of really good songs, Supermarket was terrible in my opinion. I'm not sure, J Cole might be a little better.

  48. Swish Swish Rish

    WOW WOW WOW WOW Bobby you are a legend bro

  49. Sergent Buzz

    Imagine creating a knock off Biz Markie song


    Sergent Buzz

    shaggysgotbars needforspeed 👌😗😏😝🙂😉🍰🥰😫👌🙃😍😝 to you too

  50. Mikey Wazzoouuski

    Beat me to it 😭 its beautiful tho

  51. brandon

    anyone getting vibes from j cole's "deja vu" ?

  52. Poch the Derp King

    he ripped off biz markies- just a friend

  53. MC. STORM

    This vibe is yummy

  54. SXAM

    Am I the only that notices this was inspired by “Just a Friend” by Austin Mahone ? It’s still fire tho

  55. Akshit Singh


  56. nikila

    Biz Markie left the lobby

  57. Duco

    This ain't it chief..


    It's better

  58. Sicotic Crow

    The song “just a friend”kinda similar?🤔

    Haya Abdulgafar

    Sicotic Crow he sampled it

  59. Panaroz

    This hits home so much

  60. John White

    This is low-tier work.

  61. z3ke_sk1さん

    I'm just gonna leave this here: https://youtu.be/PueK3Jz--r8

  62. Bored


  63. Mondo

    Isnt this a tipoff of RHINO's song Just a Friend. I mean dont get me wrong I love Logic but this is way too close to the OG music


    y does no one notice this

  64. Mitchell Gallagher

    Now this is music

  65. Alex Torres

    This is the type of song where you're singing along by the end of it your first time listening

  66. Duke

    This album is flawless.

  67. Chris Jericho


  68. k3no

    best one

  69. marvin pineda

    Does anyone how the guitar chords for this it would be much appreciated

  70. Edgar Mares Muñoz

    Isnt this biz markie's just a friend?

  71. Matthew Rigsby

    Biz markie

  72. 술티배고파요

    Damn never knew logic could do that ✨

  73. Simonsini

    This sounds like a song i would find in 2012 uploaded by swaggytracks it has that old school vibe

  74. James Wayne

    Aaaaand the most relatable song of the year award goes to....

  75. Genesis8629

    Big Markie - Just A Friend

  76. Moe Maltais

    Shit hits hard

  77. Zach p

    Last year i lost my best friend in a car accident. She was female. And this song bring immediate tears throughout the entire song. I always had a crush on her and i could never tell her how i felt about her. And now that shes gone it kills me because maybe if i had said how i felt it would butterfly affect up to the point that maybe she wouldn't gone right now. 😩💔

    Dont hold back guys if you feel a way about somebody. Dont hesitate tell em how you feel. Life is short and any moment could be your last.

  78. Jasper Yedra

    I can Relate to this song!😖😖

  79. Volixing Yt

    Dis that good logic bro who else listens to 5 am ,super Mario world ,all I do,and spotlight and remembers the good logic the old logic bro literally is him

  80. alanis leiva

    imagine a transition from this song to warm it up

  81. HK Romeo

    Wow, I'm surprised nobody mentioned Biz Markie! You, you got what I need. But you say he's just a friend. But you say he's just a friend.

  82. Iconic Legends

    Anyone else think some of these or at least one of these songs is about Jessica?? Idk, maybe it’s just me..

  83. Dmitriy Puzur

    Biz Markie - Just A Friend chorus? 🤔

  84. Childish Gumbert

    These comments are corny

  85. Declan

    i...want...to...throw...up 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  86. Declan

    disgusting oh my god

  87. Aryle Casillas

    Best song ever

  88. imComplex


  89. Chronicle

    Synthetic substitution Drum track?

  90. Chronicle

    Warm it up drum track?

  91. Vanchenzo Morgan

    everybodys on the drum pattern im on the Biz Markie

  92. Mexzi

    Sounds Like Just A Friend (Cholo Version)

  93. Vitoh

    here for the millions of views.

  94. Tomás Maria

    This one is so real it hurts...

  95. Kaleb Parks

    sounds suspiciously like just a friend by biz markie

  96. Visionary Music Group

    Logic's debut novel 'Supermarket' and accompanying soundtrack are available now: https://logic.lnk.to/SupermarketSoundtrack

    Izabella Lopez

    Visionary Music Group I love you guys so much !!! Thank you so much !!!

    Steel Verrier

    Visionary Music Group mood

    Leonardo Valdivia

    I will definitely be getting supermarket. Have been wanting a new book! Thank you so much for supporting Bobby throughout the years :)

    LaTavia Williams

    Visionary Music Group
    Logic is making me cry with these songs. 😭🙌🎤👌✊
    #Baby 😘💯😎

    change is good

    Amazing album logic.
    I'm happy you are living your dreams you deserve it.
    i love you bro