Loggins, Kenny - The Last Unicorn Lyrics

When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain
And the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain
In the shadow of the forest though she may be old and worn
They will stare unbelieving at the last unicorn

When the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing
And you look to the north and a pale moon is rising
And it seems like all is dying and would leave the world to mourn
In the distance hear the laughter of the last unicorn

I'm alive, I'm alive

When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning
And the future has passed without even a last desperate warning
Then look into the sky where through the clouds a path is torn
Look and see her how she sparkles, it's the last unicorn

I'm alive, I'm alive

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Loggins, Kenny The Last Unicorn Comments
  1. Old Germanic

    I've met witches. I've seen Pan dancing in the rain, playing his pipes. I've fought Jörmungand the World Serpent. But my mother was blessed to see a unicorn in the English countryside years ago.

  2. Tom B

    Jimmy Webb is a freakin' genius as a songwriter...

  3. Heather L.

    That was a lovely video. I have a nice collection of digital unicorn pics too. This is the first time I'm hearing Kenny Loggins sing this. I guess I still favor the original by America, but this was nice too. I'm definitely a Kenny Loggins fan.

  4. Jeimi Cato


  5. Stew Alexander

    Wow …


  6. Sam Ellis

    Heard this song while putting the kids to bed at work and fell in love with it. Such a great song.

  7. Lost Ones soul

    The beast of possibility....the unicorn.....in a strange sense we are each are own last unicorn....but even we.....can't stay pure forever.

  8. Margaret O Mahony


  9. Devilah

    unicorn beliver,,

  10. Sandra Mcgehee

    Yes U have had contact and he is real
    He will reveal himself soon
    Scriptures are coming to pass
    But the blind do not see
    I am already in awe of “Our Savior”
    Are you ready ?????

    Sandra Mcgehee

    I have seen and I Know of his coming !!! B

  11. Wolfpack Wolf

    So sad poor unicorn 😞😞

  12. sue moore

    I love you kenny

  13. George whiplemyer jr.

    Beautiful video. Thank-you

  14. tim carlson

    I am so grateful for having these song's to help enjoy holding my children..it's been 16 yr's but tonight we are babysitting a baby and i got to share this with my youngest boy and his girlfriend..what a wonderful night


    I myself am so grateful to hear that. Wonderful song for all ages. Thanks so much for sharing this comment :,)


    Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment. My lil girl loves this song so much... I love sharing it with her!

  15. Richard Clifford

    I heard this one morning on Radio Disney's overnight program which broadcast lullabies and soft music.

  16. Heather Hutchens

    Love I watch this with my kids and now they are in high school.

  17. Heather Hutchens

    Love I watch this with my kids and now they are in high school.

  18. Heather Hutchens

    Love I watch this with my kids and now they are in high school.

  19. Hollie

    this song is soo emotional

    Jenny N

    I'm usually crying before he even starts singing, lol.

  20. Austin H

    Danny Sexbang, Kenny Loggins, collaboration. make it happen.

  21. a merk

    One of my all time favorite songs for an all time favorite cartoon. I remember how much more "grown up" the movie felt when I was a kid, compared to all the Disney cartoons coming out at that time. Now in my late 30's and it's my daughter's favorite movie. I'm also now reading the novel, and it's so much better than the movie, mainly because of all the various subplots that never made it into the movie (such as Prince Lir's origins and how they tie into King Haggard, the castle, and the villages surrounding the area... seriously, read the book). That said, the music for The Last Unicorn was really what made the movie so great.

  22. Chantal Paquette

    One of my favorite songs since I was about 5. It's so beautiful and I love the pictures in this video

  23. Rachel Nicholson

    Never Heard this version, But its beautiful Not Quite America but very pretty

  24. FatalFrameKiller

    i love the book/movie growing up with the book and movie got me thought alot of hard times

  25. Carla Mazzella

    I had that unicorn folder as a kid that you used as a thumnail for this vid.

  26. Kristin Crumpler

    wonderful song.. love the movie.

  27. LivanaFaolan

    Technically, it's, "Look and see her, how she sparkles." It isn't, "Look and see her, how she shimmers."


    Artistic license.

  28. Sabrina Carpenter

    I love your videos

    So much

  29. Sabrina Carpenter

    I love your videos

  30. lilliemariie

    I am a unicorn lover trying to reach 20 subscribers
    Anyone care to help???🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  31. yahmum u

    one word dude amazing

  32. Levi Rainville

    This is my oldest memory of music. I never forgot those last piano notes after the climax.

  33. Silver comet

    that last pic is...kinda terrifying

    Benjamin of Houston

    Well, what do you expect from a song about Armageddon?

    DarthBlad Gaming 2

    Benjamin of Houston how is it about Armageddon?

    Teddybear Killer

    Silver comet The last picture depicts the death of imagination.

  34. Tiamat Michelle Hart

    Walking Man's Road...A Highway to the Danger Zones! ;)

  35. gwarriorfromhell

    As good as this is, NSP did a stellar job. Danny truly has a love for this book/movie, and did this song true justice.


    @gwarriorfromhell Saw that, he did a fantastic cover :)

    Silver comet

    +gwarriorfromhell i was gonna say that :p

    Pheonix Cosplay

    +gwarriorfromhell If it wasn't for Danny I actually wouldn't be at this song.

    technodewdrop yay

    dannys voice could cure diseases

  36. SARA Colon


  37. Steampowered Clock Music

    I listened to this song along with all his other child friendly songs when I was under 7.  This actually brought a tear to my eye to hear again.

    Blake Stallsmith of the matrix

    me 2 when I was 3 my mom played this when I I slep and I refound the cd and if I here any part of any of the lulibys I kinda tear up. as I'm wrighting this I got atear in my eye

    Steampowered Clock Music

    @Blake Stallsmith of the matrix Haha

  38. HollyArts

    Please send me this picture in 2:32!

  39. Spyro Fan

    Not as good as the NSP cover


    @Spyro Fan
    honestly after hearing the NSP version even the original sounds lackluster, Danny's voice just soars and carries this song to heights of pure beauty

  40. Mike

    For anyone who loves this song, look up NSP Last Unicorn Cover. It's amazing

  41. Serena Sherman

    I love unicorns.

  42. Djörk

    Game Grumps' Super Metroid episode 13 brought me here lol

    But god, I remember listening to the return to pooh corner album as a little kid. All the songs Kenny Loggins sung were so relaxing and put me to sleep

    Ben L

    Thank god someone else remembers that! I had a cassette my parents would put on before I went to bed and his voice is so nostalgic and brings back those hazy childhood memories.


    Did you know he would make these calm songs for his son so he knew his voice

  43. Russell Shuey

    Many can feel the magic of the music but it takes one to create and master it

  44. Agung Rizki

    horses, unicorns they are beautiful creature isn't it ?

  45. Chris Melvin

    This is a really pretty rendition of America's The Last Unicorn.  They originally performed it with the London Orchestra for the soundtrack of the animated movie of the same name.  The story was originally written by Peter S. Beagle in 1968.  I remember watching the movie as a child.  Never deride a cover before you listen to it.

  46. Wolf Warren

    So living this today

  47. Justin Thomas Kraus

    OMG I was NOT a child when this song came out lol...best kids album ever. Love playing this for my daughters....

  48. Jan Luft

    I often feel like 'the last unicorn'.

    Carmela Szymanski

    Jan Luft ..You Are NOT Alone my Friend..You Are Loved

  49. Alex Green

    Archer brought me here

  50. Brianna Battle

    ugh, childhood just slapped me in the face

  51. Girlwithlotsofnames1

    This brings back childhood memories...

  52. joethehero2

    This cover always gets me to tear up.

    Jenny N

    I know it's almost 4 years later, but I just wanted to say...me too. I can't listen to this without crying, sometimes before Kenny even starts singing.

  53. Lizzie Bridges

    I like all the unicorns

  54. Jenny Mylo

    could you send me the pic at 2:01???? [email protected]

  55. FrostyFeet

    Gorgeous song! :')