Loggins, Kenny - December Lyrics

Once upon a dream
Moonlit wings come into view
Winter casts her spell
And all the world is born anew
A child sees a star through a window
He knows with all his heart
That wonder is coming

Only in December
Are hearts so full
Or feel more alone
Could it be the same
For everyone

Only in December
Can the broken heart
Feel so alive
And the autumn ashes
Become the fires of December
Can I be inside
And out of the cold
Still I know
December always leads me home
I still believe in magic
Always leads me home
And I still believe in miracles, mmm yes
Still believe in Christmas
I still believe in love

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Loggins, Kenny December Comments
  1. Armando Enriquez

    Let's Go Luna! Christmas Around the World is now until 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

  2. Armando Enriquez

    Mountain Standard Time only.

  3. Tigre Indomavel

    The best

  4. Mydnight Mystic

    so beautiful...⭐

  5. Elliot Elliott

    Thank YOU for being one of my favorite people on this PLANET! This Christmas gift of songs will bring joy to the 🌎 Thank you! My one wish would be to hear YOU sing one of my very fave holiday tunes from many moons ago.....Same Auld Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg.

  6. Barbara Smith

    I could listen to Kenny Loggins sing every day. On UTube i do.

  7. Bint Dubai

    Love it, thank you!!! Happy holidays Kenny

  8. Dawn Warren

    Wonderful Christmas gift, thanks..

  9. EcoDude2011

    What a fabulous idea for a fabulous album. Thanks for the imagery to go along with the music.

  10. Shawn Bryant

    Sounds good Mr. Loggins

  11. Marilee Denr

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lol Marilee shared worldwide

  12. Gianni Pirz

    Grazie!....il primo regalo che ricevo per questo Natale......molto molto bello

  13. Ariel Campagnola

    Es genio retro 80 s siempre escucho su música mi radio aspen 102 clásico . ¿Cuando bien tocar en Argentina algún show el año que viene saludos??

  14. Esoteric Mystery

    Adding to a whole new playlist!   Thank you!

  15. Terry Sanders

    Very nice...Thank you so much.

  16. Esoteric Mystery

    Love it!  God bless you Kenny Loggins!

  17. jeff rodriguez

    The New Kenny Loggins is awesome! Wish he would come out with more new music!!! #solovkennyloggins

  18. Aunt Reese

    Love Kenny Loggins music even if it’s Christmas music take it anyway I can get it 💖

  19. Eyesee You

    Yes! Thank you.

  20. Jose Eduardo de Lima


  21. Bob

    Bob likes Kenny Loggins.


    Bob i like you to mi love ❤️🔥🙈

    John C.

    Merry Christmas to you, Bob.!

    Helen Fritze

    Hey Bob!!!