Loggins, Kenny - All The Pretty Little Ponies Lyrics

Hush a bye
Don't you cry
Go to sleep my little baby
When you wake
You shall have
All the pretty little ponies

In your bed
Momma said
Baby's riding off to dreamland
One by one
They've begun
Dance and prance for little baby
Blacks and bays, dapples and greys
Running in the night
When you wake
You shall have
All the pretty little ponies

Can you see the little ponies
Dance before your eyes
All the pretty little ponies
Will be there when you arise

Can you see the little ponies
Shining before your eyes
All the pretty little ponies
Gonna be there when you arise

Hush a bye
Don't you cry
Go to sleep my little baby
When you wake
You shall have
All the pretty little ponies
All the pretty little ponies
All the pretty little ponies

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Loggins, Kenny All The Pretty Little Ponies Comments
  1. no name

    Love this song, but what's up with the Pegasus picture with the wings out of it's butt?

  2. Nessa Blessa

    He said I was the only one who made him feel better

  3. Nessa Blessa

    My papa who died a week after my first birthday from cancer left me this song

  4. Teddybear Killer

    2:15. Sorry I have to ask....WHAT IS THIS THING I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS AND I'M USUALLY GOOD AT FIGURING OUT WHAT MYTHICAL ANIMAL IS WHAT!!!!! So if enyone could tell me I'd much appreciate it thanks. :)

    mark brandenburg

    The signature is in Arabic, so I’m guessing it’s an Arab version of Pegasus. Or maybe the guy just likes wings on butts.

  5. meyersonfire

    you should put the lyrics up in the info box

  6. Debra Elliott

    there's an animal cruelty picture in this video.

    Teddybear Killer

    Debra Elliott Which one?

  7. Emm Zawa

    Scared my kid half to death 💀

  8. lowell buschert

    The origin of this song is not fully known. The song is commonly thought to be of African American origin

    The author Lyn Ellen Lacy is often quoted as the primary source for the theory that suggests the song was "originally sung by an African American slave who could not take care of her baby because she was too busy taking care of her master's child. She would sing this song to her master's child".[1] However, Lacy's book Art and Design in Children's Books is not an authority on the heritage of traditional American folk songs, but rather a commentary on the art and design in children's literature. Still some versions of "All the Pretty Little Horses" contain added lyrics that make this theory a possibility.

  9. God's melody5172

    this is what my mom sang to me when I was a babe

  10. Debra Elliott

    omg a pic of tying up a horse on its back...

  11. Bill Pfohl

    Dad someday when I have a son or daughter I will sing them that song. Dad i just think it's peaceful music.

  12. andrea king

    (\ /)
    |o o|
    (0 0)

  13. Chei Perez

    Works like a charm on the kiddys

  14. Rachel Otremba

    this song reminds me of my childhood because my mom would sing it to me and my preschool teacher would also play it at nap time

  15. Hayley Mendenhall

    this song is so super cool i love horses so very much

  16. bunny

    i just love this song ever when i was little kid i remember my mom played this in the car at night :)

  17. Kristin Crumpler

    a bright future :)))

  18. LizardBreath 9295

    Yeah late comment I know, but I only discovered this song a few months ago and I loved it. Then I sang it to my beloved Paint horse mare Dobbin to calm her when her leg broke in three places. She is buried in my horse field, surrounded by the new fantastic horses in my life. No joke, I'm not saying stuff for attention, just wanted to post this so I don't forget why I came here. I know Dobbin comes back to me, even though I can't see or feel her. She does, even though I may never know that she does, but that's okay because I told her that I didn't need a beaming revelation, just assurance that she would visit. And she does, and she told me I'd see her again. Sometimes I look over my shoulder, fully expecting to see her when I fully know she's not alive. Sometimes she comes along when I'm riding my new Quarter Horse Ginger. Can't ask for a greater blessing than for her to be free, and that I know she is very happy.

  19. Anya keays-smith

    It makes me cry as its reminds me of.. the fights that me and my bff now had for 2 years and i ould go to the stables on fridsy and rush to my ponies stall and hug her burriing my head in her mane hugging tight. So i remeber her,i want her to be with me (my pony) forever,so guys cherish yours horse or dogs or cats and bff and parents :)-crying-

  20. Peppy Should Die

    omg literally me when i was 4 i still remember this [crying]

  21. Al The Bunny

    I just discovered this song, and I love it

  22. DL Cook

    I sometimes sing this still - to my 18-year old son.  The effect is visible and beautiful

  23. BradyWinslow

    U can't help but fall asleep to this song, his hole album seemed to be made for a sleeping child

    J.K. Wise

    @BombaFilms whole*

    J.K. Wise

    @BombaFilms One* (not U)

    J.K. Wise

    @BombaFilms Also, it should be a semicolon. A comma has no place in that sentence.

    Jasmine Yamahata

    it was! ;)

    uriel carlisle

    BradyWinslow I thought my twin sister and I were the only ones that listened to his cassettes to fall asleep as little kids.

  24. Kim Pond

    I sang this to my son as a his lullabywhen he was a newborn

  25. Jan Luft

    This song reminds me of a favorite childhood story book, with images of ponies by Marc Chagall.  If only all the world could embrace the magic and peace that plays in children's hearts and minds... I imagine we might know how to love and accept each other as we are... like all the pretty little ponies.

  26. Joe Hayes

    the statement of no parents is not from Joe H.  It's from another kid.

  27. Joe Hayes

    no parents................what a wonderful song to go to sleep by.................

  28. FelonWind

    Reminds me of warm, blissful times with my mom and dad.

  29. TheDarkQueen

    This was my lullaby as well as now my daughters as well <3 The memories of this song will always make me smile <3

  30. Kathleen Hendrickson

    I sang this to my children when they were young. They are old now. How quickly life goes enjoy every minute they are young. Because they grow far to soon. Leave the dishes the wash can wait, time never stops.

  31. Jessie Spring

    i love this song it's relaxing and beautiful

  32. Kristina G.

    mine to it also soothes me when i was scared and i would cuddle up by my mom when i was little

  33. abelaibe

    This was a lullabye for me too.
    Kind of makes me sad

  34. Alexandria Jensen

    my childhood right here

  35. GoldenEcho

    ....listening to this i almost cried...it reminds me of when i was young and every thing seemed 100% ok all the time...how wrong i was...heh..

  36. WolfNinjaAlchemist

    I remember this was the only song that could get me to sleep at night when I was really little. And it was the song that made me fall in love with horses. I love this song and I always will -3

  37. May Coolburg

    [iminent=JNRyN9gUWfOB] I listone o the lullaby everynight Thankyou

  38. coroixiwa

    I remember this from when I was very small...it was the first song i ever learned and the only thing i could speak correctly without mispronouncing any words...used to listen to it during the very bad storms we used to get here...it's how i came to love music so much

  39. James Popek

    When my dad was home from working, somewhere he would come back from from traveling because of work he would take us out on the boat and when we all went to bed, me in the bow room, i could hear Kenny Loggins in the background. I would alwasy fall asleep to this song

  40. Cassie Duhrkoff

    my grandmother played this song for me ever night ad I always fell right asleep. I miss her R.I.P

  41. Joseph Stim de Souza

    bonitas as fotos legaal

  42. Shadowdroid776

    i can still remember not being able to sleep when i was little. My dad would always sit with me in our rocking chair and sing this to me as well as saying "rockies". Because of that everytime i listen to this one version of the song, i cry almost instantly. Thank you for uploading this <3

  43. MJsAngel107

    my mom use to sing this to me when i was a baby, even when she was still pregnant with me :')

  44. Samantha Roney-Lara

    I looked for this song forever! I couldnt remember who it was by,i just remembered it off an album my mama used to play that i loved when i wasa kid :)

  45. Reshni

    I haven't heard this in years-yet I still remember almost all the words...that's how you can tell a song is really amazing <3

  46. brianna robison

    Child hood favorite