Local Natives - Shape Shifter Lyrics

My king, I'm humbled before you, I bow
Moods like you're pulled by the moonlight, somehow

How is the language we're speaking the same?
Shape shifter have you discovered a change?

Why does the soul hallucinate?
I've got control, I shift my shape

Your eyes, they swell like a riot, deranged
Tomorrow you're laughing like a child again

Why does the soul hallucinate?
I've got control, I shift my shape
If flesh and bone do not contain
The mirrors don't reflect my face

Psycho, you killer, you cancer, my friend
Why don't you give me an answer for when
When you'll let it go

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Local Natives Shape Shifter Comments
  1. stephen armstrong

    This band are uplifting because they make awsome music

  2. mayanroses 1

    This song, Sun Hands, and Wide Eyes are the holy trinity. What a debut album.

  3. Rachel Zehnder

    They are amazing, my favorite song on this album. SO good. :)))

  4. Jenn Soriano

    Amazing !!

  5. supersonicgreenski

    With If flesh and bone do not contain The mirrors don't reflect my face is like a ghost is singing. Check out my playlist Silencing team tributes and this would seem more for a ghost. Some of my videos say about mirrors not reflecting a ghost's face.


    Refreshes my day every time

  7. MORindie

    Such a great song :)

  8. Jdt Walters

    this song is amazing live. detroit!

  9. Kyle Fisher

    He can't help it, He is like me. This is some of the most true religious music I've ever heard. It just feels so...holy.

    This shit completely changed my life at Bonnaroo 2010, and it was the opening act on the first day of the festival.

  10. Mark Parton

    The first minute of the song is perfect

  11. karisma wash

    why is everyone blessing everyone 0_o ?

  12. Tamere Topere

    52 996 now hahhaha ! god bless

  13. uglydog44

    44 000 now haha

  14. Eli Hansen

    God bless you;)

  15. Sydnee Koia

    'god bless you"

  16. Danielle Janae


  17. Maddie Magrath

    I love this band so much. Great video and great album too.

  18. TheMagicKingdom02

    Derp I feel stupid lol. Thanks for letting me know and God bless you haha

  19. Emil Mejndor

    It's cause you say god bless you in all the responds :P

  20. TheMagicKingdom02

    lol wat?

  21. micheyla smith

    i cant find my socks but i like the band they -rock my sock (=

  22. TheMagicKingdom02

    I totally agree. Thanks for the comment and God bless you

  23. TheMagicKingdom02

    Yeah I agree. Thanks for commenting and God bless you!

  24. alan

    Think it was rumored that the actual band deleted and re-posted the songs cause they didn't want any of that but hey who really knows, And Yea This Band Should Be World Famous.

  25. allin forms


  26. ashleymllrsha

    this song is fucking jizz in my pants good

  27. bob dylan

    I saw them live three times in the past two years :)

    They killed it every fucking time haha

    G.I Joe

    bob dylan no bullshit?

  28. Eric Hardin

    I can listen to this song on repeat for hours, incredible band.

  29. Victor Munoz

    One of my favorite songs:)

  30. TheMagicKingdom02

    @spottheplunkers You got to see them live? man that's awesome!
    Thanks for commenting and God bless you.

  31. spottheplunkers

    I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live with the National, and they killed it. Taylor Rice was rocking the porn stache, as per usual.