Local Natives - Cards & Quarters Lyrics

Cards and quarters
Means to ends
Surgeon General warns against
Safe in the knowledge
A short walk back
Punch-line I ruin
But we both laugh
Leaves steeping longer
Knowing glance
Make our appearance
Our minds have gone back home
Brave in her movements
Scared to dance alone
There's a cave made of sheets
And I, I know we want to be inside
Take off all of your clothes and climb
Into a cave of sheets tonight
Steal away
You and me
To a cave made of sheets

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Local Natives Cards & Quarters Comments
  1. Ricky Ricardo

    this song is one of the sexiest songs ever.

  2. Aron Lewis

    very romantic tune

  3. Amy

    im here bc of jessie rutherford;s song "opposite"

    Rose Colored Shades

    Amy same! Freakin love that guy 😍

  4. Annie Hughes

    They are far too underrated. <3

    k a y l e e

    this album is far too underrated.

  5. xan in da lean

    Wow heard this at zumies and so glad to have found out about local natives

  6. Tara G

    Wow, I never knew there was an original song?! Last year, I have heard the remix called Card Slinger by Local Natives x Gold Panda x Star Slinger; which I thought was various mixers/djs working together to create a song. I was hooked! Now I know. And I like the vocals and music in both versions! Thank you for posting. :) I will definitely research more on Local Natives.

  7. h0met0wnher0

    Such a classic Local Natives song! Hope they go back to this sort of sound while still being innovative and fresh sounding. I know, not an easy task.

  8. Christina Chavez

    2:43... steal away...<3 <3. <3.

  9. Devoye

    Dilla anyone?

  10. John G


  11. Carolin

    Chill vibez

  12. MrBlueSkyMrNight

    28,000 views - still a hidden treasure.

  13. Amberly McCord

    The sound just as amazing live.

  14. TheSilentWalrus9

    23000 view! is that significant?

  15. Gabrielle Hill

    my life has become infinitely better since i have started listening to local natives.

  16. Eon Noall

    yeesh, get a private webcam

  17. LucidDream

    They have been for me too for a while now. I still listen to this album quite a lot. One of the best albums to come out in a while.

  18. MrBlueSkyMrNight

    This song has some elements of Steve Miller band, Fleetwood Mac and
    Crosby Stills & Nash. Good combination.

  19. Valeria Uh

    me gusta

  20. Timeoftroubles

    @skywoozie Good Question... ;-)

  21. skywoozie


  22. Nate Elfant

    fucking love local natives