Local Natives - Camera Talk Lyrics

We're running through the aisles
Of the churches still in style
Does this city have a curfew?
Don't you know it's good to see you too

The riders on the Champs-Élysées
We are the tourists in the cafes
We drank our wine along the river
Not believing where we were at all

It's alright, the camera's talking
And even though I can't be sure
Memory tells me that these times are worth working for

The buffalo in Catalina
The colored stones and troop leaders
The voices of the canopy singers
Ensured that we wouldn't sleep for long

I knew this would be the part
My plane's arrival catches me off guard
We'll all be leaving with a broken heart
Wallets empty and we're back at start

It's alright, the camera is talking
And even though I can't be sure
Memory tells me that these times are worth working for

The cistern is not even full
The sister is naughty
The cistern is not even

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Local Natives Camera Talk Comments
  1. Liz H

    Amazing 😉

  2. NegaTheImpmon9508

    this video is amazing and i love it so much

  3. Sarah Faith

    who did the video?

  4. Corey Lund

    This hurts

  5. yowillnevergetme

    it's al-raiiiiiiiiight, the camera talkinnnnn (:

  6. James Jackson

    the drums in this song. gad dayum.

  7. sillykid890

    ben reamer brought me here

  8. Freddy89

    I like this version alot. =)

  9. Eon Noall

    ...this video is of the devil

  10. Jimmy Buck

    3 people couldn't hear the camera talk.

  11. Devin Beck

    i thought my computer was fucking up when i started the video.... blonde moment.

  12. Carli Romanchuk

    3:06 ..ew. i dunno know what you guys see but..

  13. natashaburch11

    Its so weird. I first heard the acoustic version of this song on Aurgasm.us and now I can't get that one out of my head so when I listen to this one it's like... a whole new world to me. I still love it though!

  14. Cynthia

    @alyssaudiii jealouss -_____-

  15. ucanthandlethecitris

    Holy shit! I think i just had an orgasm in my ear!!

  16. Tiara Sosa

    i fucking love this song.

  17. alyssaudiii

    amazing live...just saw them at lollapalooza

  18. Emmanuel Hernández Páez


  19. georgiaaustin

    this is banging!

  20. Dylan K.

    so cool, i love this band

  21. kimmi white

    such brilliant harmonies and melodies...

  22. vfwing

    Fun stuff!

  23. Fred Kiesel

    this is great art