Lobo - Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love Lyrics

When your eyes met mine
I knew that I had better play it cool
I'm doing my best trying to resist
Cause I ain't no fool

Where in the world did you come from baby
You waited just a little too long
To look my way
Now it's a little to late

Where were you
When I was falling in love
I was looking for you baby
Where were you
When I was falling in love
Looking for you baby
If I'd ever looked in those eyes before
We'd be together tonight I'm sure
Where were you
When I was falling in love
Where were you
Lost and looking for love

If I'd have met you sooner
I'd be talking to ya and playing the game
But the best thing for me to do
Is get up and leave without knowing your name
It might have been something special baby
Something only people in love could understand
Like this ring on my hand

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Lobo Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love Comments
  1. Rodolfo Costa Rica

    One of my 10 favorite songs of all time.

  2. Carlos Jimenez

    Cuando el amor era respetado.

  3. Gregory Hunter


  4. miztuhx

    Where were you, when I was falling...down the stairs! LOL!

    Patty Palmgren


  5. Sergio Rivera

    "When Where You I Was Falling In Love"

  6. Gloria Champion

    I have this song on vinyl

  7. Charles Rodriguez

    I remember this song listening to it on a fight from New York to Los Angeles, the stewardess and I hit it off we clicked, we met at the cocktail lounge while I waited for my connection but alas I had to show her my wedding ring. Funny thing someone played that song on the juke box while we were chatting. Such memories

  8. Jose Luis Gonzalez

    This song brings me memories, first time I heard It was in a Fred Myers 3 years ago.

  9. Pat Parham

    2019 still tops!

  10. pappy999

    22 dumbass idiots have never fallen in love (or know great music.)

  11. alberto Solari

    Remember going shopping with mom to the Montgomery ward store and this song will come on the PA system

    yester day

    alberto Solari
    Wards....😏I found some of the cutest clothes there....I miss that store, did all the stores have that tower in the middle of the building?

    alberto Solari

    bigpippie littlepippiesmomma I’m not sure about the tower but i did learn to drive in their parking lot early weekends
    With my dad and brother
    Wore school clothes from the store and yes I do miss the Montgomery Wards

    yester day

    alberto Solari
    Me too. I guess they still have an online store. Gonna check it out. Funny, as you left this I was a actually on Wikipedia looking them up!

  12. Jon Nickerson

    Takes me back to 1979, freshman year...

  13. yester day

    Astriano Castellon
    That's a really profound question . Generally speaking.....looking back, it seems now....that I was never in the right place at the right time. C'est la vie.

  14. Jeff Tovar

    I haven't heard this song in forever, thanks for posting it

  15. Linda Downs

    Great Song❤

  16. A Netizen

    Lobo was the tops when it came to disco era YACHT ROCK. I shamelessly love this song!😎💝

  17. lemuel henry

    88.5 keom is the first station I heard this song and Kroger radio is the second station I heard it on


    Mesquite School Radio, right?

  18. Linda Downs

    Love💓 this Song

  19. Ken Perk

    Produced by Rick Hall. Rest in peace Rick.

  20. Linda Downs

    Love❤ this Song

  21. Daniel Alfred

    oct 2018 :)

  22. Sydney Ghisyawan

    I remember staying late at night to listen to a radio program named shindig just to listen to this song in 1979 ...still listening in 2018 ..still sounding great

  23. Astriano Castellon

    .....its a little to late....where were you..?..

  24. yester day

    Such a sad song....😟

  25. claudiorga3231

    Hermoso recuerdo musical de mi juventud . 1981.

  26. Ken Perk

    Recorded at legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Rick Hall's FAME Gang! Come on down and visit the FAME and the historic Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Sheffield, Alabama. You won't regret it!

  27. Luis Roberto

    Cual es el titulo de esta cancion en castellano ??

    yester day

    Luis Roberto
    Donde estabas cuando me estaba enamorando

  28. Edson Correa Sobreira Sobreira


  29. pinoywheelgunner

    I used to be married, in a hellish relarionship, when a nice girl came my way. My ex wife and I parted and Iwent steady with the girl. Unfortunately, 6 uears layer, the girl and I parted ways too. From issues pretty much like I had with my ex. Oh well


    Maybe it's you?



  30. Lider Menosse

    from Uruguay..simply...BESTLOBO..

  31. XyLem HarLock

    I love this song

  32. RomanCestMoi

    Its so nice to dream ..at least this song gives a bit of hope..but a ring on the hand? sometimes it looks so hard. Nowadays find a real love its like to find a cactus in a golf camp..

  33. Loretta Hennings

    What an incredible perfection song!!! Who can beat this one?! ❤❤❤❤❤ Lobo (Where were you when I was falling in love) 🎵🎤🎸🎶🎻

    Shaffie Ali

    Well can fall for me...

  34. Brenda Proffitt

    Totally awesome I love 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 this song...Thank you so much..

  35. DevaInc

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Didn't realize this was Lobo!🙌🙌🙌💛❤💚

  36. Nathalie Connor

    I think he never got his due! Excellent songwriter.

    Dave Wollenberg

    He didn't write this 1, though.

  37. Lider Menosse


    Ken Perk

    Recorded at legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Rick Hall's FAME Gang! Come on down and visit the FAME and the historic Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Sheffield, Alabama. You won't regret it!

  38. Astriano Castellon

    I heard this song as a child...I was at the store n it was playing over the pa...I had to run home and download it. thank YouTube for a beautiful song. now added to my collection

    Lou Santo

    Me too. I had heard it on the PA at my local Kroger in Grand Blanc, MI. I googled it and found the song. I had last heard it in 1980 when I was 8 living in greater Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  39. Mario Arich Dorado

    it's magnificent for me

  40. Arthur Uvaas

    I've always liked this up-tempo song. Nevertheless, LOBO's slower sentimental ballads [or, something of a similar genre, I thought], were much better.

  41. Kelly Salles

    música boa é eterna

  42. sanz automotriz

    OCT-NOV 1979


    I was a junior in high school.

    Paul Patti, Ph.D.

    Had just graduated hs and had nothing but hope. Which worked out eventually - so the song sounds even better now! :-)

  43. Lider Menosse


  44. fvrrljr

    Best Song Ever...
    Thanx for posting better quality than other versions posted