Lob, Roman - Call Out The Sun Lyrics

White bird on the wire, take my soul
Shed your tears on the fire
Come make me whole

White bird on the wind
Where do you fly?
Tell me where you've been
Where do you lie?
My, oh my...

Sweet thing, don't you hide - not from me
Sweet thing deep inside
We all believe
You flow through the veins of everyone
Now come and ease the pain
Cal out the sun
Call out the sun...

Call out the sun
Roll away the moonlight
What's done is done
Dust open the air
Call out the sun
Roll into a new life
A new day, my bird
And I will share

Got my eyes on the wire
My heart set on you
That old man desire
Burn me 'till I'm blue
Ashes from the fire
Where are they bound?
My bird upon the wire
Come on down
Share my ground

Call out the sun
Roll away the moonlight
What's done is done
Dust open the air
Call out the sun
Roll into a new life
A new day, my bird
And I will share

Call out the sun
Roll away the moonlight
What's done is done
Dust open the air
Call out the sun
Roll into a new life
A new day, my bird
And I will share

A new day, my bird
And I will share...

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Lob, Roman Call Out The Sun Comments
  1. MH H

    I love it

  2. Eduardo Lüna

    Roman Lob es mi ejemplo a seguir!

  3. Gordana Bajic

    still listening in 2017!!! amazing

  4. Julia A.

    <3 woooow

  5. Louis Woolston

    His face.... just wow.... and his voice :3

    Louis Woolston

    Well done you smart cookie!

  6. Mathewnr1

    his voice is so sexy...

  7. Master Wolf

    Keep it up Roman! You have a special voice!

  8. Silvia Zimak

    Beautiful singer with even more beautiful voice.Love from Croatia,Roman :-)

  9. wiiiiienes

    Great song!! Love from Portugal :3

  10. Demi


    Much love from Greece!

  11. Springfairy92

    Freakin cutie.... <3 And a great singer!

  12. Slapthe Slap

    Ou My GOD WHY THE F*ck that kind of sh*it like Lady Gaga is popular and Roman Lob not . WTF WORLD !!???!

  13. SarAaaBengtsson

    He's something special :) We have a lot of cute guys here in Sweden, but none as Roman Lob <3

  14. MaryAnnDelacroix

    Great Song =) From Portugal*

  15. Andreas Blanksma

    What a GOOD Song again, gives you a good and happy Feeling!
    Love ya Roman!

  16. mery ok

    1:40 Hahahaahaha...cute

  17. Miglė Markulytė

    A bit borring, but stil awesome!

  18. Dori Rácz

    I love Song! :) From Hungary ^^

  19. Niiskuish

    Thanks from Finland :)

  20. Djurdjina Bakic

    Wooooow,it great :) I really like it :3

  21. Lana Klein

    ok.. I'll try to do the same..

  22. Temo Legashvili

    :D let`s transpose the first step for a friendship.i will foret everything which happend in the near past. :D :D :D
    it`s my sweet words

  23. Lana Klein

    yes, we are. but you replyed to my comment first and wouldn't let without an awnser...

  24. Temo Legashvili

    congratulation, and one mention i am not saying,i am writing :D :D :D
    do not you think that we are arguing about silly things ? it`s foolish

  25. Lana Klein

    yes.. If you say that just because I'm replying to your comments..
    then I am.

  26. Temo Legashvili

    omg princes.are you mental ? :D :D

  27. Lana Klein

    1st you're not telling me anything, tou're writing..
    2nd yes, you are..

  28. Ana 9

    I absolutely adore his voice...this song is so good :)

  29. Jess Gillings

    ....And WHY have I just heard of this now? I LOVE IT. The UK really need to get a move on and put this on the radio.

  30. Temo Legashvili

    Not yeah,yes! :D :D
    P.S ---i can tell you that i am not stupid :D :D

  31. loliukas70

    I love it how simple people see a lot of potential in artist and create an account using Their name and VEVO in the end so eventually VEVO would need to use something else like Music of Official in their nickname lol

  32. Lana Klein

    Yeah.. You too.. but i'm not saying..

  33. Temo Legashvili

    unfortunately i can`t agree you :D

  34. Temo Legashvili

    i think katie melua and roman lob would be great couple

  35. Temo Legashvili


  36. Temo Legashvili

    i love this kind of songs lets sing for us roman <3 <3 greeting from georgia

  37. CarnivalOfTheDamned9

    How is that gay?

  38. Kelember Tabone

    I want to squish him *.* <3

  39. Lana Klein

    Love Him.. S2

    P.S.: He is already my husband... :D


  40. Ranga169

    <3 amazing!!

  41. Julia Sh.

    I would marry him! Fantastic!

  42. criskwi

    me encanta este chico

  43. Jurgens Breytenbach

    just so you have something to comment on.

  44. 2411Nils

    @HarrietC123, it's not possible to watch this upload from Germany, that's the reason. There is another one with more viewers actually.

  45. HarrietC123

    How can this song only get 19,455 views. Deserves more :/

  46. morax ella

    so fuckin gay!

  47. Fhernando GlezLopz

    This kind of video-clips are the kind of good entertainment.
    Amazing song! -Greetings from the Mexico's Called out sun.

  48. MyMy45MeMe45

    0:31 geiler Arsch! *__*

  49. MyMy45MeMe45

    bin ich die einzige,der es aufgefallen ist,das er unterm Boot fahren immer was anderes anhat?!?! o.O

  50. DeejotPizzaschnitte1

    Super Song!

  51. Nina Jokisic


  52. Alexandra st

    Cause there is no wheels!

  53. heteros antihomofobi


  54. Alex4u

    Lovely song, Roman is so cute and talented. I wish they had promoted his album abroad.

  55. MrLawrenco

    So lovely I'm enchanted by Roman since his Eurovision performance... yeah

  56. Jenna Mallow

    so happy song:)

  57. Noncsi Kovács

    Damn, these beautiful shining eyes make me fall in love. ♥

  58. Javier Leal

    I agree with you!

  59. Matti asd


  60. TheMartinesc

    P O L E N

  61. Sabrina Milella

    Why am I Italian and not German? D:

  62. Rosamaary

    Hey, why did you steal One Direction's van? ;)

  63. Nati Hollenestein

    suuuuper song echt klasse! :DD

  64. Vera Pissarenko

    This video is made in the Netherlands, I gues? He;s such a great singer, and hansomee <3

  65. heteros antihomofobi

    roman me too

  66. Ivan Horvat

    Poznat mi je taj osjeća ;/

  67. Mieke Kiky

    Ohh God why am I living in Croatia? Why not in Germany?

  68. Alex4u

    it gives me "touch a new day" vibes. hopefully it becomes a hit, it's such a lovely song. Go Roman! buy his album!!

  69. morax ella

    I dont like the song that much his old songs are better

  70. FreakyFredy

    heheeheh thats what i thougth!

  71. Jenna Mallow

    Roman you are so hot,sexy,like omg!!!!!!!!!!so amazing song,and so amazing you,i really fell in love with you,damn!!!!

  72. aa k

    because its funner :L

  73. miickey


  74. Sílvia Pedramar

    this song deserves more! Amazing as always, Roman :)

  75. miickey

    He's got better songs on album :P

  76. Jo C

    hi roman, you're song is really amazing!!! I really love it! The music video is soo cute and it's really funny how much different caps you wear ;p
    Viele gruße aus Belgie<3

  77. Marija Nastova

    amazing ! :)

  78. Katie Fitzgerald

    In love with this <3

  79. veriusROCK

    aaawww *----*

  80. Marino Malenica

    why the fuck are they rowing the boats if they have engines?

  81. Leonardo Vuković

    Love you Roman <3

  82. Evelyn Tvd

    He combines a beautiful voice with an amazing physical appearance :) ^_^ xox

  83. Ramona Roxana Anita

    You're amazing Roman!I love your smile and eyes:)
    Kisses from Romania:*

  84. Jarrod Dutschke

    I love Romans songs