Lloyd - Tru (Remix) Lyrics

[Lloyd & 2 Chainz:]
I lost it all, my friends, my loved ones
I want you to look at the mirror right now
I want you to ask yourself
Are you happy with what you see?
Are you happy with what you've become?
You know like, where you're going in life?

[2 Chainz:]
Uh, no such thing as cold feet
How can I speak? I didn't have heat for a whole week
I boiled the water on the over, to the tub I dumped it
Back and forth, to survive, it may seem incompetent
I don't need a compass, I know where I'm going
Smoke filled lungs
Started doin' things
Stacked a couple coins
Who me? Shit, yeah
I pushed more blow than horns
To my loved ones, still can't sleep at night
Need an ambian, an ambulance with lights
She said boy you crazy, I say girl you bright
Cause the ones I left behind was probably right
Think my cup of life got spiked
Sometimes pride won't let you express how you feel inside
Egotistical, very cynical, no where near my pinnacle
I hope me lovin' life offended you
You know I ridicule the witches brew
And, everything you heard God say about me true

Hey world, yeah I know it's been a while
Thought I'd come around to let you know what's up now
No album lately so my mind is kinda up, down
I still been taking care of mama in the somehow
Disappeared from the scene and left my old team
Had to find a new approach to an old dream
And it's not to take a shot at my old team
I just want you to see

This is me so please accept me for who I am
And please accept me for what I do
I'm just doing everything that I can
Cause all I wanna be is true
So please accept me for who I am
And please accept me for what I do
Cause there's no me without you
And all I wanna be is true

I look up to the sky, Lord why do I cry
When no one is looking, is the blame for this pain
Even caused by the shame of this fame I've been given
My pride don't cause me to hide my true feelings
Cause I can only be real
Cause I can only be real

This is me so please accept me for who I am
And please accept me for what I do
I'm just doing everything that I can
Cause all I wanna be is true
So please accept me for who I am
And please accept me for what I do
Cause there's no me without you
And all I wanna be is true
Alright, alright
And all I wanna be is true
And all I wanna be is true
And all I wanna be is true

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Lloyd Tru (Remix) Comments
  1. Mc Kacho


  2. Rachel Watson

    I love this remix people just can't feel this remix I love it

  3. Kevin Mathews

    2chainz that was me there years ago the hot water in the bath tub and all

  4. Takera Pippen


  5. thatboyBAM

    Y’all sleeping on 2 Chainz verse! If you ain’t never been thru what he’s talking about or felt that pain then it’s not for you !

  6. Sterling Davis


  7. The jets kids Zion&Ahmad

    2 Chainz destroyed a great song. He needs to know how to stay on beat and the topic "Being Tru".

  8. Delvena Leak

    I L♡VE U

  9. tony wheeler

    This is AWFUL!! 🗑

  10. Tonya Kmiecik

    Dude im real life I'm kill.myself nobody gives a fuck not even God!!!!

  11. Gee Berry


  12. Tabitha Modise'

    I loveeeee the original and thought the remix was gonna be straight but I'm thinking "Damn look at Lloyd trying to make 2 chains relevant again". Lloyd stay at you're art and keep on you're grind

  13. Sunny Mathewson

    Wow ! 💪💪💪💪

  14. Tre JJJ

    2chainz make the song better


    ppl sleep on this song

  16. Pontsho Cordy

    lets support real music, lets get the EP

  17. Pontsho Cordy

    nah, 2chainz killed it

  18. Tasha Chism

    you sang so good but it did not sound right i like the one without the remix i will die listening to that song like frfr

  19. King Texas88

    this shit was terrible

  20. Swan

    i like to listen to 2 chainz but what are you doing

  21. mike quinty

    when I heard the lighter I thought lil wayne -_____

  22. spik3gaming

    lol 2 chainz can not sing this song lol only my cuz lloyd got this song

  23. Tywanda Kinnie

    That's Lloyds choice!!

  24. Chaz Mason

    this shit raw

  25. Robbz Cordova

    Titty boy fucked it up.Would been dope with Gates on it

  26. Tom Wilson

    Imagine Drake on the remix not Chain!🔥

  27. Luke MF-Knocks

    Mature ebony porn brought me here

  28. money mike

    fuck 2 chains you cant rap retire your shit

  29. Markesha Gayfield

    I think I should of been ludachris or t.I or busta rhymes cuz they really understand the song and have been in and out of the game

  30. Sherita Gunter

    I love both songs bcuz you are on them .

  31. XxKvngz_GamingxX

    This remix is terrible the original is what's good

  32. Hartless 04

    The weakest verse from 2 Chainz since he was titty boy. He need to leave the love songs for somebody else. Lloyd should of got Wayne for this one.

    Just Suzie

    hartless 04 it's not a love song

  33. Cool Gamer rug

    Why did 2 chains ruin this the original one was better

  34. charlene leak

    I dig it!

  35. Wavy The Don

    2 Chainz part is trash who else agrees

  36. BeastGuy8Acake

    gtfoh 2 chainz. I'm sticking to the original one.

  37. Cake Smith

    😐😐😐get two chains off this what he is saying makes sense. but it don't fit 😳

  38. Cake Smith

    😐😐😐get two chains off this what he is saying makes sense. but it don't fit 😳

  39. Michael Hendrix

    Everybody hating on 2 chains yall crazy

  40. Kevin White


  41. Ednan Dos santos

    the original much better

  42. Quinton Moton

    y'all tripping 2 chainz ripped it

  43. Dani Mack

    Fan since 04/05'! Alright Llyod. You better work!

  44. Chiniece Wilson

    smh 2 chainz kinda messed this song up

  45. Heaven Ellysse

    I fucks with the remix I feel Chains... Good shit!!! I'ont know what them bozos talking bout.

  46. BUK Beats

    we need lloyd feat. Lloyd Banks collab !!!

  47. Dooney

    He needa stick to makin trap music cuz this shit was terrible

  48. Thaisa Richards

    know wtf this is just what i mean stay in ya lane 2chains you 2chopped this song the hell up

  49. Lamar Brooks

    wtf 2 chainz lyrics makes no sense👎👎👎👎

  50. Nor Flo

    all Lloyd wanted was 2 chainz's trrruuue adlib...way to blow that with a weak verse

  51. Emory Addison

    This mello smooth groove right here is tru...alright alright alright 🎤🎶🎵🎼🙏🙌

  52. Blue Skyy

    I do like how 2 chainz shared some of his real life struggle, that was encouraging. To know he was boiling water on the stove, and now look at where he is. Never Give Up! #tru

  53. Anthony Stevenson

    Please please please take 2chainz wack ass off this track Lloyd you need a real nigga on this shit

  54. Corwin Henry

    2 chains paying homage to Andre I see

  55. Mark Hampton

    nice comeback for the kid

  56. Nestor Villalobos

    Wtf?! this song did not need a fkn remix!!!

  57. fabiohart416


  58. Alexander Johnson

    Hahaha tru!!!

  59. Jordan Teliaferro

    The original is way better and isn't fit to need a remix

  60. Can of cuteness

    the rap fucked the song up

  61. Jessica Kelly

    everyone keep saying should have used Lil Wayne. I don't have think so. Neither one. Lil Wayne doesn't do good on slow music. he's rap on faster beats.

    Jose Mercado

    Jessica Kelly kendrickkkkkkkk he would've killed this

  62. Jessica Kelly

    hope he didn't mess this song up. really didn't need s remix

  63. legendarystickman44

    wtf 2 chains can rap?

  64. Love BabyAlive

    I love your song of your hard work it pad oof

  65. Jimmie Hunter

    all i wonna be is tru

  66. Mark The Drummer

    2 chains didn't have the bars that we thought would not fit in the song, but actually he got out the box. Most rappers would never do that. Salute 2Chainz

  67. Mina Kwon

    The original version is better in my opinion.

  68. TYRIQ Prospere

    shana miller 🌴🍃🌺🌺🍃🌴
    🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻
    🌻Love YOU🌻
    🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻
    💞Let's dance!💓

  69. Saquaia Hood

    I love the original literally listen to it almost everyday I don't really like this version mainly cuz of 2 chains of ALL people to choose for a remix to this type of song why choose him that's all still love the song

  70. Steven Neal

    should did a remix with like Jeremiah

  71. Richard Wiliams

    Mmmm, it was good the way it was to me. Seems like 2 Chainz didn't fit.

  72. King Massiah

    2chainz you ruined a r&b classic!

  73. Art Damez

    fyh. shutTFU and pay attention. chainz went Viktor Emil Frankl.

  74. KI MITCH

    not fillin dis😐😐😐

  75. LaSondra Davis

    if you have ever had to deal with situations like 2 chainz said you would like this remix. when he said boiling water to put it in the tub and back and forth brought real tears to my eyes cause unfortunately I've been there before! yes the song was Great by it self but 2 chainz killed it

  76. Atsuko Tenshi TV


  77. Shakela Salaam

    Damn 2 chains he should left this song alone.

  78. niggy nutso

    why anybody think is a good idea put 2 Chainz on this song this is a great song without 2 Chainz he got on it and made no sense

  79. Suguya Branch

    im not feeling this remix

  80. lakema Nixon

    lol this is me when im cross

  81. lakema Nixon

    i like this song

  82. Barbra Drayton


  83. TheCelebs

    Do a new remix with J cole

  84. Erykah

    please re-do the remix, please contact Andre 3000

    U.T.W. Mobbster

    Destiny lol

  85. Erykah

    stopped the song at 1:05 didn't want to be disappointed if you wanted a remix with someone who's intellect matches yours you should've called. Andre 3000 not 2 chainz

  86. Stephanie Woods

    wow....2 chainz.....so amazing to hear you in this space!!!!Shouts out to Lloyd...stay true and 2 chainz...do u,baby.Be blessed,blackmen!!!#myblackisbeautiful

  87. Xavier McCluney

    2 chainz did mess up the song but you can't say it isn't befitting of his truuu theme. And those first two bars were legit. That's all tho.

  88. MusicTrippin

    bye 2 chainz👋👋👋👋

  89. iam Lee

    wtf was this

  90. wongchai807

    2 chain not meant for a track like this, Fab would of killed it.

  91. DOUGLAS95ONEIL2256

    like orig like remix thumbs up !

    TYRIQ Prospere


  92. teeray1400

    the song it's fired it did not need Know Remix especially with 2 Chainz I would have used Little Wayne

  93. Elwell Green504

    i agree with everyone that felt like this song didnt need a remix....this is a great song tho,lloyd did his thang....

  94. lisa

    2 chains fucked the song up

  95. OLDVI singer

    Yeee hi level

  96. Mac'e Le-Franklin

    Better alone!!

  97. La'Jonelle Hargett

    I love the original song.☺😊🎶🎵🎧

  98. mariah mitchell

    what is this someone just recommend this to me who r u and y

    child bye

    mariah mitchell if this was recommended to you through YouTube most likely this was a YouTube recommendation especially if you listen to this original song on YouTube


    he should have put future on. but this is nice too