Lloyd - Excited Lyrics

Damn girl you're so special
I just wanna hold you
Dance with you
Lose control with you
Bounce, rock, roll with you

There's no time to waste right now
Give me all you have inside
If you let me, I'll show you how
How to groove on this fantastic ride
Just bring your body, bring your love
Let my body fill you up
Baby ain't no running tonight
Ain't nobody gonna tell you no
So do whatever you want
It's a party
(And here's what you should do)

You can bounce back, roll on it
Ride on it baby, the way I like
(Just the way I like it)
Tell me how low, can you go, on it
When you grinding on me baby
I'm so excited (oh I'm so excited baby)

Girl my heart you're holding me
Love to watch you when you work it
(Watch you when you work it)
The floor is yours, you're controlling me
You a savage, that's for certain
(That's why)
Girl your body I can't resist
Ain't nobody do me like this
Baby ain't no running tonight
(Ain't no running tonight)
Ain't nobody gonna tell you shit
So do whatever you wish
It's a party

You can bounce back, roll on it
Ride on it baby, the way I like
(Just the way I like it)
Tell me how low, can you go, on it
When you grinding on me baby
I'm so excited (oh I'm so excited baby)

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Lloyd Excited Comments
  1. Gregory Peoples


  2. Tru Fool Ent.

    This song is so underrated! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Kenny Bryar

    watching Lloyd in 2020

  4. Corey Nelson

    Okay Lloyd listen to couples of Times right now he need artist on that track Wale, Chris Brown,

  5. 1SP

    Still listening to this nineties beat music in 2020

  6. Claire Wayne

    I freaking love this song n video I wish I was in it lol I have to watch it over n over again when I watch

  7. Bennie Jucutan

    Listening to this right now, as I stand in line to enter the " Tao Club in Paris Las Vegas

  8. Joseph Robinson Jr

    This is a good video.. He put that 70's spin on it. I love seeing the dark skin pretty women.

  9. Tina Fields

    Lloyd sample this from the SOS Band song Just the way you like it, LOVE IT!!!

    brianna Phelps

    Tina Fields it’s actually no one gonna love you sample from SOS band 🙌🏾

  10. Lageanna Covington

    Remake s.o.s band

  11. Arnold Covington


  12. Ladiva SoBougie

    This is grown and sexy. I've always loved me some Lloyd.

  13. Thechef 1970

    what a banger

  14. Daniyar Alibayev

    1/5/2020? 💖💖💖

  15. Aydin Özdemir

    Favorite Song from his last Album because it has that Old School Vibe and Sample from Legendary S.O.S Band Group in it.Can't wait for his next Album 😊👍

  16. Daniyar Alibayev

    Lloyd. Dude with hat is from "No guidance"? Good dancer.

  17. Daniyar Alibayev

    Happy New Year, Lloyd.

  18. Not Yours

    Whatever dUde

  19. patmcraig45

    Love me some Lloyd

  20. Maria’s WestSide Story

    Lloyd!!! Keep up with all of this!!!!!!!

  21. Gina Weiss

    God thank i found this music now !!! I only love old school music because nowdays this music industry is killin music its not normally ! Need to come good producers like babyface and devante teddy riley quincy jones etc. Thank god for loyd

  22. Diane Miller

    who else got a Bruno Mars feeling they should mqke a song togetter

  23. A.Toxic Dollie


  24. A.Toxic Dollie

    I Just Love this video ✨Smile everytime I Sing this song

  25. Sidney Rayford

    Sos band

  26. PLR 88


  27. ajaythampi2000

    Definitely he has taken a lot of inspiration from Peter andre

  28. Antanasia Coleman

    He can do a mj song

  29. Antanasia Coleman

    Fla said do your thing. Alex 727

  30. Sosweeta Powell

    This man is so. Damn Sexy

  31. Elissa Day

    I never get tired of some Llyod! This video is on point. And my goodness Llyod is not only sounding heavenly but looking the part as well.

  32. Joshua Pabon

    1:20 like if you felt that 🔥🔥

  33. Jackie Ellis

    He did it again... congrats

  34. Kimberly Cloud

    Sometimes its best to have to star be in the background in order to preserve the talent!!! I love lloyd but we know that he will be around for a while.....

  35. AmiaRancetta Ali GREER


  36. AmiaRancetta Ali GREER


  37. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer

    Loins of WAT L.U.Sss.Tent ORIGINAL CHEIF

  38. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer


  39. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer


  40. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer


  41. Janell Booker

    Ummm Lloyd I’m going to need you to come back perform in Delaware at the queen

  42. kgotso lloyed

    Lloyd, when thngs are going accordingly I sing this song

  43. IAM JustBeing

    He got that S.O.S. sample💎💖 I got goosebumps..

  44. Fred boulanger

    tres classe musique jaime old school

  45. Jennuh

    he’s cute

  46. Rainny PP

    “Lay it down” was the first song made me know Lloyd and this song is the present song made me miss Lloyd in last 10 years 😘

  47. Marshall Mcgee

    S.o.s band ( no ones gonna love u)

  48. Deahra Shelton

    Get it baby 😎🍷💋😤

  49. hazeleyezluv

    Mmmmmm. This whole video screaming sex appeal.

  50. yolanda wade

    Love this dude!

  51. Stan Dammers

    Really wish to see this song with chris on it orvat least a colob between these to awesome artists

  52. Derrick Sagland

    Checking in

  53. Joshua wabinga

    The S.o.S band nobody gonna love you. Sample.

  54. character4thought

    Yessssss sir. Love Llloyd all his music go.

  55. EriccaWith2Ceez

    My favorite male r&b artist hands down 🙌🏼 the underdog

    Day Day

    EriccaWith2Ceez speak on it sis

  56. r3dd baby

    How tf I just discovering this?! Lloyd❤

  57. kadian Clarke

    This is sexy

  58. K Steel

    Damn i feel im stuck in the early 90s flashnback frfr

  59. Randin Lawrence

    Lloyd never disappoints, I feel he gets slept on tho. Great job.🏀🌹♀️🌠Ran

  60. Kevin Supreme

    This shit is a classic, love it. Beautiful and black.... Thanks Lloyd, we want more like this.....

  61. Kevin Supreme

    We gotta get our skating on, ASAP...

  62. Чолпон Джусупова

    Who knows this guy dancing on his left side? Share with me his account on Instagram pleeeeeeaaase

  63. El Cruiser

    Who Hears: *Baby, I Can love you BettaaH* In Tha Background ?

  64. Mansa Musa

    Grown and Sexy! Nice groove Lloyd!

  65. Nevaeh Wideman

    Hi omgg

  66. Brian Maye


  67. Mad Momma

    OMG SO SEXY ... Omg manly body 😋 yum yummy. Hes got a nice ass. See i cudnt be famous id get wit every hot guy.. Cuz ur average guy is shitty looking/overall shitty

  68. DJ Blur

    I was thinking....coulda gave this to Michael Jackson if it was made over 10 yrs ago

  69. Alyssa Suguitan

    This song makes you feel good like you wanna Bob your head and dance! I love the jodeci vibe with the back drop and the guitar solo! Brilliant!!!!


    That guitar part got me like: Damn

  71. Rikaya Partlow

    Whew!!!! Loving this 80s/90s vibe!!!!! Shit!!!! 🔥💃❤🙌 That S.O.S. Band sample tho!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. soulfulheart81

    i love it

  73. Genesis Gunn

    Had the production been the standard 808 auto tune wack shit the views would have been in the billions

  74. D Blake. tribe of BANYAMAN.

    Loyd is my brother we're Capricorns!!!

  75. Slap Me

    0:19 too tight

  76. J.T. Green


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  78. Joann Smith

    Lloyd 💞💞🔥🔥🔥💯💯🎵🎵🎵

  79. Annette Reed


  80. Annette Reed

    Lloyd you are amaaazing

  81. alluringeyes11

    Yeah!!! Sampled that SOS Band! Love Love this right here!❤❤❤❤❤I'm ready to go out now!

  82. Nadim Abraham

    Someone need to pass on them women names beautiful

  83. Tatakaten Moon

    SO many naturally beautiful women in this. Lloyd knows what we need!!

  84. Dequan DQ305 Allen

    🎶🎶🎶 #REALRNB💖👑

  85. Albert Butler

    Party banger

  86. Lisa Sawaya

    😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😋😋😛😝🤪🤪🙏🏾. This is so beautiful

    Kevin Supreme

    Yes it is, Black is beautiful.....

    Lisa Sawaya

    kevin supreme yes!

  87. Newtat

    This is ATL....... I love it!


    How was this not a radio banger??

  89. Tareka Ellis

    yesss... I am into this awesomeness the man and the music...

  90. Milan Jackson

    Lloyd def a true TALENT

  91. Milan Jackson

    Dope song

  92. The Rica Show

    😍😍 I NEED ME A HIM😏💯

  93. Mz. SuGa BaBy !!!

    He is soo 👑❤💚🖤💋💛SEXY

  94. Xaira Camacho

    So sexy & talented always will be one of my favs.

  95. Annette Reed


  96. Theresa Thomas

    Sounds ok

  97. Annette Reed

    this man loves his own period

  98. Annette Reed

    love the suspender look classy