Lloyd Banks - Young Fly Flashy Lyrics

L's from every corner steam up
Told myself just 10 more years and I should be clean
But I'm a fiend, smoke so much purple I shit green
Bitches tryin to Face Time naked, I need a split screen
Top dollar to the mechanics so the Beamer's sit mean
I give you six or seven hundred, I can dream of 16
69 never! Ma you gon' do me and I'm done
See you gon' find better, see if I mind I'm not the one
Bougie hoes blitzin, they sprintin when they get my calls
Look at y'all trickin, same piss different stall
Me I'm never slippin, it's pimpin when I get involved
I'm lookin like chicken, they hungry and you give of course
Cold cash triple Porsche, another nigga lost
A low pass get exhaust, a hoe's ass isn't yours
Bullshit on my line, the sour got me gettin by
The best you can find, I feel like I'm in the sky
Old school Impala spoken, s'a lil' momma open
O.G. by the pound I puff, I'm never tired of smokin
We gon' light up all the shit until it's re-up time
Coppin chronic so long, the weed dealer can read my mind
Shorty hawkin, she'll be with the team in time
Fattest ass I ever seen, she done made a demon bomb
Pulled up on her smoother than the magazine I seen her on
Music up loud, cause I ain't got to beep the horn

[Chorus: x2]
I'm a young high, dumb fly, gettin money nigga
Nigga dumb high, young fly, gettin money nigga
I'm, I'm a young, I'm a a young, I'm a young...
... nigga dumb high, young fly, gettin money nigga

Uh! Thirty bottles later and I'm stumblin out; bitches with me
Ass and titties comin out the nightclub like Mahala House
I know I'm in trouble, cause she moppin from the passenger
I think I'm seein double, their asses'll back the traffic up
Funny thing - I'm thinkin 'bout money while it's happening
My passion, she took it all down, don't need a napkin
Ask me if I give a fuck if I'm a see her again
I ain't your friend, I ain't got a pot to pee in or lend
Bitch I'm a young fly, dumb high, stuntin #1 guy
Rich nigga, swim tides, G'd 'em both in one ride
Risk taker; I'm a need you to take a chance
Close your don't know nuttin mouth up while I lead you with the plan
Plenty more on deck hoe I don't need you I'm just sayin
This the perfect spot for both you and you ain't gon' get there playin
What's my name? Mr. I Don't Love Her, leave her when I fuck
What's my aim? Spend that [?] remaining evening with these bucks

[Chorus: w/ minor variations]

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Lloyd Banks Young Fly Flashy Comments
  1. Omar Young

    69 never.. Manu gone do me and im done.
    See if you'll find better, see if I mind I'm not the 1🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Ben V

    I'm young high, dumb fly, getting money nigga, nigga

  3. Albert Rugira

    still jamming to this

  4. Brandon504 Boi

    I heard this when he first dropped it and that beat still hard.

  5. scott ritchie

    Banks is the underrated king 👑 2019 till infinity

  6. Francisco Barros

    That split screen line was ahead of its time!! Haha

  7. Felix Ortiz


  8. Ace 1800

    One of my fav banks trac

    Felix Ortiz

    jon doe 2018----------->

  9. Jarvis Ragins

    Not really a big Loyd Banks fan...no disrespect but this shit here go hard bumpin up out of the Camaro in rush hour traffic with everybody listening....

    scott ritchie

    If you think this the only banks banger then get the fuck outta here bitch.

    G Biggaveli

    @scott ritchie damn bro the nigga ain't say allat 😂😂😂

    Jarvis Ragins

    @scott ritchie You're the biggest bitch of all ...in the comment section attempting to disrespect me over a comment on a rapper that you'll never meet...#ASSHOLE #DUMBASS ....NOW GO GET A LIFE AND STOP TAKING SHIT SO SERIOUSLY...STUPID MUTHAFUCKA


    Damn you got bad taste if u not a big L fan

    Jarvis Ragins

    @KemetKushGaming Banks is a good artist..I just didn't listen to a lot of his music but I when I hear a hard one like this I give respect where it's due...😎

  10. Rob Jr

    Coppin chronic so long the weed can look and read my mind #plk. Top5deadoralive


    Rob Jr lol no its "the weed dealer can read my mind"

  11. Rob Jr


  12. Ace Dollahs

    One of my favorite songs of all times

  13. @kbgfamily IG:kbgroup

    Bitches tryna face time naked i need a split screen

  14. Trey winn7n

    " I know I'm in trouble,cause she mops em from the passenger
    I think I'm seeing double
    they'll asses uh back the traffic up!!
    funny thing,I'm thinking bout money while it's happening" Real pimp shit..banks slick

  15. Kam

    When you're drivin around flexin in a foreign this is the song to put on. Especially if you have a BMW

    Adolf Hitler

    my beemer doesn't have a butthole cuh

    Serge Belizaire


  16. Rizwan 0113

    🔥💥💨 spend my remaining evenings with these bucks.

  17. Davinci King

    what's my aim? spend every remaining evening with these bucks.

  18. Michael Miller

    what's my name? Mr. I don't love her, leave her when I fuck.

  19. William Franklin

    Blitzen football shit they printing when they get my calls

  20. William Franklin

    Banks is fire there's nothing else to say.

  21. Ben V

    Epic :)

  22. Dwayne J Peterkin

    Surprised this wasnt a hit mainstream its tooo nicee dayumm

  23. GinoStacks #ProudFather #YungHov

    Pl dnt compare Banks with J.cole its just wrong

  24. theunknownmuziclover

    Immortal technique is the best rapper alive ok? he is the best rapper that inahles oxygen

    Mr. TheKidd

    theunknownmuziclover... BANKS will murder his ass.

    J Lim

    immortal tech is trash stop

    Jayeean Nicholls

    Who lied to u he wudnt last wit banks on the mic he's a great story teller but can't do nothing else

    Jayeean Nicholls

    Banks to versatile💪😎💯

  25. clifjr954

    Ill give u 6 or 7 hundred....I can dream a 16.....plk

    Marcus Engdahl

    see if I mind, I'm not the one!!

  26. clifjr954

    J. Cole is nice but doesn't he writte? Banks pretty much just kills shit off the top and makes it look quite easy,,,idk its apples and oranges I guess but gorever on the rotten apple side

    @kbgfamily IG:kbgroup

    Nigga dont ever compare banks to j cole of course hes better hes from the league of fab & kiss and jayz

  27. Cloud 9 Grinds

    thats what i mean haha. you havent heard every rapper if you think hes th best.

  28. Cloud 9 Grinds

    rappers. you say j cole is the best alive. but how many have you heard to make such a ridiculous claim?

    Jayeean Nicholls

    Who lied to u he wudnt last a round wit banks the man will spit 70 of the top who the fuck is doing that besides certain legends and that's a literally a handful

  29. Cloud 9 Grinds

    how may have you listened to?

  30. Rosklot Graham

    banks the best

  31. Flacko

    lol drake can't even tie his shoe lace

  32. SYNIYA S.

    banks talk bout real shit drake and all those otha ppl not on his lvl like if u agree

  33. garyfagan123

    that beat is fukin magic

  34. DatHipHopHead

    Coppin weed so long the weed dealer can Read my Mind!

  35. jooks223

    @lilthug308 True story tho

  36. toslyforyou


  37. Kevin R

    Coppin Chronic so long, the weed dealer can read my mind. what y'all lil niggas know bout that

  38. WindyCityBalla

    That one nigga that disliked this is a Old Musty broke ass mutahfucka.....


    @dankhead72 Hell Yea

  40. rosko cali

    @ThatBenzBoy ....... what up g it stands for the ....punch line king......plk all day

  41. Lorenz Casey

    @909rosko What does plk stand for?

    Mr. TheKidd

    Lorenz Casey ...Punch Line King

  42. Lorenz Casey

    Banks always get the best beats :)

  43. KingLeipzig

    on my channel are the mixtape better no joke but i have it too

  44. Mislav Jirotka

    hardy hard!

  45. kit kat

    @GVJ50 You got me fuck up u little bitch

  46. Wura Gold

    this is a tune ard body

  47. rosko cali

    plk all day

  48. kit kat


  49. kit kat


  50. dankhead72

    like if you fucked with banks since G-Unit Radio Vol.1

  51. HipHopAintDead718

    this beats fuckin crazy, this banks hardest mixtape

  52. Bran Chapo

    Folks betta stop sleepin on banks...

  53. sotos s