Lloyd Banks - The Sprint Lyrics

At the game, ironic I've been balling all week
Sat down high as ever at my floor seat
These is forty four hundred gotta give me four feet
Four rounds, bout to make a jewelry store sweep
Chocolate eye candy gotta pick up all sweet
Tag contract can’t keep these bitches off me
I rap scary, Marry marry me and you a couple
I'm strap really keep your family with a louie duffle
Ain’t too many of my level only knew a couple
Plane swag, I fly steady renew the buckle
We eat like the mob you on a tuna struggle
I left a piece of every where
Stalkers do the puzzle
Hey yeah I gotta shock somebody
I got the bad girls flocking me
Ass dropping and poppin’ molly
The king hands down, you an impostor by me
Champagne & pasta on a block that's grimey
It ain’t no stopping mommy, and know I’m single still
Kingdom on the hill got her flingin' off her heels
My flows on pills, red beams with the cells
Beaming up, gotta clear my head just to chill
My life's a movie sex scene seen on film
Fill a filthy mouth with a ounce on the couch
Ceremony I’m ridin’ leather chromey
You hoes will never know me
Think I’m doing better lonely
Big wheel, all pokey, no top like Ginobli
Blurring out the pitchers stones block out the rolley
Honey gotta fetish so her face is all spit
Stuck my fingers in her pussy made her taste her own shit
I ain’t got a water bottle for you on a dry year
View it all clear, eleven hundred on my eyewear
Die weird, lose your mind here, right in Times Square
Bomb scare, kicking it in my Yves Saint Laurent gear
My hottie tall, black Barbie doll, mack lobby call
Flash party mob, slash Mardi Gras
I don't speak another language always in a foreign car
Cartier on my ear, eightteen five a pair
Gotta lead by year, I swear
I pass your favorite rapper tryin’ to speed back here
Beat ya neck game like a speed bag, swear
When them other niggas fade I’ma be right here
I’m looking at the nigga in the mirror on my signal to be clearer
And this horror slash thriller, I’m just bringing you the trailer
Menage in Venezuela, hope DR is even realer
Turn the bedroom into the ER when I drill her
Highlights like a athlete I need clips
Everything take a back seat to V6
You hoes already loose let’s make it happen
The cash a have the fattest ass in here make it clappin
I’m always kitted, this time I over did it
So all then hold the blizzard, throw dough off the pivot
My flow’s frigid, yeah this my frozen style
Banks bend bars like the golden child
They say they want to eat, McDonalds or flee
Chill one day, see em 6 times in a week
Creep, I see my haters at the crossroads
No heart, got bitches stripping on the north pole
I'm Cold

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Lloyd Banks The Sprint Comments
  1. Jay D


  2. Dthesun

    No top like ginobli

  3. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    Lloyd banks the PLK

  4. Lindokuhle Shange

    This mixtape better than most albums out still

  5. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    Banks so underrated. Plk

  6. Jacob E

    Wow. I was reminiscing tonight and listening to Lloyd Banks... One of the greatest to ever bless the mic. This dude is on another level.

  7. JdNyce.6

    Sick beat sick lyrically

  8. Juan Vasquez

    "honey got fetish so her face is all spit,stuck my fingers in her pussy made her taste her own shit"P.L.K

  9. BeastMode FIAZCO

    1:46 to 2:06 LIVING LEGEND PLK THE HARDEST....an that shit wont ever change to ne fucknigga doubting ahead time. Shut it down banks forever GOAT

  10. BeastMode FIAZCO

    PLK always on replay

    UnderratedGOAT 🐐

  11. BeastMode FIAZCO

    0:11 "top 5 top 5 top 5 top 5 PLK that top 5"

  12. Sriracha Kanto

    This nigga is wild damn this was one my my faves! 🔥

  13. Straws The Plk

    Oh my God Lloyd Banks is there most illest to ever touch the mic thc flow wit a fifth a yak

  14. 8,891,000 views

    My hottie tall/ black barbie doll/ mac lobby call/ flash party mob/ slash Mardi Gras
    Smh the new Kool G Rap!!!

  15. 8,891,000 views

    The most multi syllables I ever heard in a rap. So lyrical its not even funny. Yall sleepin on the last of a dying breed smh

  16. Rob Jr


  17. Michael B

    most ridiculous 🐐 forever by a landslide by a rocketship.

  18. Dan Thompson

    still kills shit....most rappers can't even come close to Bank$

  19. Christopher Hoover

    Lloyd banks 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯