Lloyd Banks - Put It Back Lyrics

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
[kids ovation]
YEAH! [echoes]
Once again... [echoes]
It's the "PLK"! [echoes]
One day... [echoes] {LET'S GO! } I'm BACK! [echoes] {DAMN!} [gunshot]

First things first!
Ain't nobody touching me swag-style or verse! (naaah!)
I chilled a little while but I'm back! - Now it hurts! (uh!)
The games full of he, she's and it's time to lift they skirts Platinum Diamonds to they shirts.
[shot] {OOOOHH! } I'm a Diamond in your dirt! (whooo!) - Neighborhood dust ball,
Man fuck y'all! - You're hating cause I'm caking and your truck small.
Plus y'all - mediocre flows can't cut it
Hip-Hop's too flooded [scream] - wack niggas with budgets! (yeah!)
Fuck it! I'll just ignore 'em! - I'm pretty good at that
I'm hooded black the crown left the town - I'm a put it back! (yeah!)
Now how hood is that? (yeah!) - You in a woulda, coulda, shoulda lane (whaaaa'?)
DNA full of sugar 'caine! (yeah!)
It's "Termination On Sight" - the white good in aim
My dash got the wooden grain, they took yours what a shame. (shame!)
You had been abducted in the hall of lames (lames...)
Niggas ain't calling shots; they just calling names! [gunshot]
Marijuana memory, alcoholic vains (vains!)
Nigga I just want the money! - You can have all the fame! (yeah!)
I had a glow before my chain!
Before the cameras and reporters came to witness a ballers rain!
Rain don't stop the parade - I just raise the roof
I'm the truth! Pleanty of old stereos Osama proof. (whoo!) {Whooooooooooooooooooooooo}
My mama go shopping when she's bored! {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
A beautiful feeling and I chop a nigga for it. (nigga for it!)
I'm tougher than than a bid in Thataca kids in Africa (uh!)
You know I massacre (uh!) - anybody you can think of; (yeeeeaah!)
Think of me I'm spectacular monster - count Dracula
Anything that'll scare ya! - BOO! - I'm right in back of ya!
Half of ya know the deal the other, half don't even matter,
Matter of fact I got a Gat for that! I pop it in your blatter. (uh!)
I'll add (uh!) a million of the niggas up! - I lay 'em down and pick 'em up!
Play around you getting cut - layed in a hospital truck. - What? ! (ooooooooaaaaaooooooooooohhhh!)

"5 And Better" nigga! [echoes]
Bring whoever nigga... [echoes]
It's the Unit! [echoes]
Boy! [car crash] [beat stops] [kids ovation]

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Lloyd Banks Put It Back Comments
  1. Patrick Pearson

    I bet he won't battle DNA on Verbal Warzone though.

  2. Netrell Thomas

    Who is DNA

  3. Jugo Jones

    Who beat is dis

  4. Jayeean Nicholls

    Dna is a ghost in comparison it made no sense to respond that's why he didn't smfh..goat😥✌️🔥🔥🔥

  5. prince nathaniel

    Y'all niggaz is buggin this song came out way before niggaz knew who DNA was,,, this mixtape is 10 years old!!! Wyd wrong with y'all?? When he says DNA full of sugar cane he's talking about your DNA literally u dumb fucks!!!!!

  6. Kerrick Moses

    "Rain don't stop the parade, I just raise the roof. I'm the truth any experience Osama proof." #PL Fucking K!!!

  7. Arnold Shabangu

    ...marijuana memory alcoholic veins, niggah i just want the money u can have the fame....

  8. getback4444

    Dwight Gooden aim

  9. Michael B

    First things first, greatest poet in the world forever. Hh2 tracks 1-13 forever. sickest of all time easily ✌️😥🔥💯🙏

  10. tokenwithat

    he's def talking bout dna the battler cuz he said he's like candy and he talks about them taking his money and its obvs he's talking about a person not medical dna u fucktards

  11. tokenwithat

    dna was 16 when he dissed him. wtf banks goin at a 16yr old if they didnt steal his money and he was lieing

  12. Music101V2

    you dont keep up with battles how do you know how big DNA is..... Banks went platinum once, Thats it., honestly banks isnt but a blist maybe c list rapper. DNA gets millions of views and travels to other countries in other leagues... Battles are watched by legends in the game...........

  13. Music101V2

    DNA got him

    Patrick Pearson

    Where can I find the DNA track?

    Powerful Warzone

    ye where?

  14. Music101V2

    Nah he was going at DNA

  15. zegsify

    please tell me what's the name of the instrumental...

  16. Jay Rosé

    Yes he is

  17. Jay Rosé

    NO he's dissin DNA! He said it for himself

  18. Jay Rosé

    ???? you buggin

  19. Devin DaBoss

    STOP it

  20. Zola


  21. dontizzle805

    dna full of sugar cane lmao u have been in the hall of lames...Niggas aint calling shots they jus calling name....

  22. Matthew Usitalo

    I don't like Lloyd Banks but he Fucking murdered that boy DNA, fuck DNA talking about hahaha

  23. AZ1LLA Capuchino

    ya he is dissing dna cuz dna dissed banks first this is a whole diss track

  24. jake borton

    he jus sayin all the wanna be's aint got wut it takes cuz it aint in their nature, their blood, there dna.

  25. jake borton

    he didnt say shit bout that other rapper DNA. he aint big enuff to acknowledge. r u kiddin me? Banks battle boss status dudes like rick ross and shit.

  26. WhipGame89

    @nuugget91 lol idiot that wasn't what i said... fuck this shit is old..get lost make me a sandwich

  27. cesar lopez

    @WhipGame89 idiot DNA is a nobody u thinks banks gives a fuck about dna hahahaha!

  28. WhipGame89

    Fuck Banks.. get at DNA, he got nothing lyrically on him

  29. drama42093

    @lolyaboi2 banks didnt reply to dna cuz dis is da song dat dna got mad at.....like c'mon son(ed lover voice) do u really think banks wuld go at "DNA" for no reason, banks is a platinum sellin rapper and dna is 18 yrs old wit no deal...sounds stupid to me lmao

  30. Andrew Craswell

    Banks can learn a lot from 50. 50 Cent's been around a lot longer and has had a huge head start in getting music out there. Banks will catch up though ;-)

  31. Shayne B

    sad. like u think 50 is better. mm mmm sad

  32. Shayne B

    banks best alive who the fuk dna, fuk outta here ur banks' next hater-turned-fan

  33. Lunchb0xSupremeSH

    to think he can diss DNA with this gay ass song...i hate banks

  34. Andrew Craswell

    Yup, Lloyd Banks is my favorite rapper right after 50 Cent.

    Demetrius Means

    Andrew Craswell bro you slow as hell 50 did 1 tape before 50 is the future which is a g unit tape banks dont want the fame he just likes to rap he doesn't want to be a celeb

  35. JayouEdits

    d.n.a punched banks mic around

  36. jake borton

    he dont play around. he got serious skills