Lloyd Banks - No Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Hand full of haters. - Know when I stop 'em, survivor
Of close calls though, I'm feelin like death's knockin'
Insides numb! - Thank God for music, my heads rockin'
Wasn't for that, I'd be lost now. - Racin' against the clock an'
I can see it in your smile you don't mean it. - Livin' foul is your secret!
Want me down on the cement? - Talent found, I'm a keep it!
My brother's keeper? - Keepin' my head above the water,
Life's a bitch beggin', - but I got nothin' for her!
Slaughter, - bitches outta order from my ora
I need my angel to come when I call her and save the baller.
Rock sporter, give me floor space! - I'm a need a stupid flip,
There's money cars bitches an' jewels to get. - Let's do this shit!
Look how my music hits! - I got that loouud on,
Sour diesel in a cloud gone, get ya style torn!
Heart crosses for body losses,
Stay in a better place, pro'ly bosses - with Ferrari horses.
I'm just as nice as anyone that wore the crown;
Livin' my dream. - Keep what you think, don't spoil it now!
I can sense the hate before the frown, ya born a clown!
Droppin' all 'em bricks off toilet, bound an' watered down!
I got the anger to set it off ya feather soft,
In and out the B-tracks, intercourse through metaphors!
The Mack bridge, she get across, I met her jaws.
"5" star flaws "And Better" tours an' chedda toss.
My work bodies like a shotty let off in the party,
Pardon my partner! He pumped and ready to hurt somebody.
You send ya bitch to line me, you gon' lose ya Bonnie!
He no/know rude awakenin', you find me with the Ruger round me.

Uh! - R.I.P my nigga! - I'm a see you, when I see ya, (uhh!)
I'm holdin' it down here an' niggas still tryna be ya,
But, - but - there never'll be another crew like us,
Bottles in the air, gettin' high all I do is crush!
And till the day I'm dust, (day I'm dust!) - there'll be no love! (no love!)
No love! (no love!) - No love! (no love!) - Huuh! They ain't no more left... (they ain't no more left...)

[Verse 2:]
Uh! - Damn, pops, I miss you! - See you when I get there,
Wish I can tell you you were right, cause you ain't missin' shit here!
Fans turned on me! - Never thought it'd be this weird,
Guess they thought I wouldn't keep up. - Look how I switch gears!
Swung the last ten, I'm a kill 'em the next 6 years!
Tryna block the pain with the liquor, my nigga sick scared.
R.I.P to Roster! - Salute with the choppa.
Remember us - young boys too loose of the Vodka!
Smokin' like I smoke now. - Now it's part of my intro,
Same shit that we used to brush offs, hard on my mental.
Beast mode, they led me to snap target my pencil,
They been borrowin' a while now. - Countin' the years I lent you!
I got the block poppin'. - And big ass rock coppin'
G throwin' and top droppin', just know when the cops watchin'.
These niggas will not stop him! - Struggle to find a way,
From birds eye jockin', I'm puffin' a dime a day!

[Chorus] [1: 12 minutes instrumental then beat stops]

[Movie Bites from Spike Lee's "Mo' Better Blues (1990) ":]
[Moe Flatbush:] What does it look like?
[Josh Flatbush:] It looks good.
[Moe Flatbush:] What the numbers look?
[Josh Flatbush:] The numbers look good, hmm! Numbers never lie.
[Moe Flatbush:] That, that's what I like about numbers. People start lyin' from the crib, but not numbers.
[Josh Flatbush:] Moe, the numbers never lie!
[Moe Flatbush:] Hahaahhh! But human beings?
[Josh Flatbush:] Human beings is another story.
[Moe Flatbush:]
That's right! Give me some-some, some schmendrick on the street, right?
The guy says "Yes", "This is No", "This is maybe", right? But you never know, right?
[Josh Flatbush:] That's right, you never know!
[Moe Flatbush:] Right?
[Josh Flatbush:] Never know.
[Moe Flatbush:] But, but-but not numbers! Three and three?
[Josh Flatbush:] Six.
[Moe Flatbush:] Bang! Youkno'msayin'?
[Josh Flatbush:] We know that, we know.
[Moe Flatbush:] But a guy, he can tells you it's done... right? But you! Number... 7 and 7?
[Josh Flatbush:] 14.
[Moe Flatbush:] 8 and 8?
[Josh Flatbush:] 16!
[Moe Flatbush:] 9 and 9?
[Josh Flatbush:] 18!
[Moe Flatbush:] BANG!
[Josh Flatbush:] We know that.
[Moe Flatbush:] Concrete is like...
[Josh Flatbush:] You can see it, right?
[Moe Flatbush:]... the sidewalk that you walk on, understand?
[Josh Flatbush:] That's right!
[Moe Flatbush:] That's what alota people in this world, they don't understand.
[Josh Flatbush:] That's right.
[Moe Flatbush:]
You know? The-the- they wanna give you, you know? But a number is right... THERE!
You never trust them.
[Josh Flatbush:] It's on. You can see it, right?
[Moe Flatbush:]
Yeah, these people, they think trust. Trust? You can't buy trust, right?
I trust my mother sometimes.

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Lloyd Banks No Love Comments
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    See you when i get there.
    Wish i could tell you
    You were right
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