Lloyd Banks - Money Rules The World Lyrics

Be cool baby okay., eh bitch come here, you out cha motherfucking mind come here I ain't throwin my pay away the fuck wrong with you bitch. nigga money don't grow on trees I work hard for this shit
You'll get lined up no day, use my head more then my dick keep my bank roll on my mind love my click more then my chick haters all over my shit then I slide more then I slip in and out then I dip all I been about was my grip
Treat my dinner like it's my last hoping the car don't crash cause I'm high and drunk the wine and skunk gots me off my ass.ask any motherfuckas you want they know I'm hot I control the block and I hold the glock know just which words to use to get the hole pop
Lil niggas want doe or not they think I think I'm I'll I think they think the same fake niggas can't keep it real. soft niggas ganna wait their turn a real G ganna skip the line push you in the back and don't really care how you react cause he grip the 9.
Nigga I'm living fine, my car my crib is mine why should she have her piece I'm not the marriage kind.
Money rules the world, money rules the world (new year), money rules the world (same ol niggas, mind ona bank roll nigga), money rules the world (you could sting the whole nation) money rules the world (it don't make anything cum hoes make money anything goes), money rules the world (2000 and 8 flow)

Pussy comes with paper cause paper rules the world one look at a good bank account hell make you lose your girl (come here). she looks good with no doe, I trick off on no hoe, my game tight you so so nigga what do you work for, you know me purple tree break a bitch a bitch won't break me
That's not my reputation shorty I fuck for free. take you from bad to good, teach you from right from wrong, show you the finer things, beat you from night to morn. shout out to all my ex's they help me write this poem, from atlanta to texas the shit they like to show em. my hairs blowing my windows all the way down you love him more then they love you and shes no where to be found

Money rules the world (uh), money rules the world (uh)

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Lloyd Banks Money Rules The World Comments
  1. Sudath de Groot

    1 of the kings from new york

  2. Robert Caserma


  3. Chicken Tender

    This should be the theme song to MGTOW!!! All my MGTOW men know what I’m talking about 😂 this track is speaking a true gem and most dudes are still asleep to the truth

  4. Loyal Philly fan

    This mixtape was so hard

  5. dave w

    Still here 10 years later 2019 💯

  6. Almighty Stocks

    This used to be my shit frfr 🔥🔥


    Classic 💥💥

  8. G Spizzo


  9. Byron Smyre

    For all the new fab and banks fans out there...this is fabolous song called paperman..banks just did a freestyle to it

  10. Bk-terminator


  11. Bk-terminator

    My niggaaaa BANKSSSS 💨 SMOKE!!!!!!!

  12. Rob Jr

    Use my head more then my dick keep my bank roll on my mind love my click more then my chick #top5deadoralive

  13. jay ruffin

    ______....... R.I.p to this beat llyod just bodied it 👍💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Rob Jr




  15. Alexander Almeida

    bang this ridin down queens bully, 2018


    Raaaaaaaaaaaaa 💯💯💯💯💯


    Lyrics 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  17. Buckz11

    Song that start at the end ???

  18. Rob Jr


  19. Infamous Soldier

    Heard this shit first time 3 weeks ago 🔥 🔥 🔥

  20. Blaise Semenya

    Who created this beat? Is it original for Lloyd banks or he sampled it? I know Fabolous also rapped over this

    holy mac

    Blaise Semenya fab beat I believe his song is called paperman shit tuff too


    Damn yo somebody gotta remake this beat lol

  22. Ciapha Gray

    Use my head more than my dick or I been about is my grip!!

  23. Mr. Get Right


  24. Eliseo Garcia

    Every rapper is broke till they get a hit and they blow me u ain't no rapper iam bodily clapper say the wrong thing to me that's when I'll freaking crack u iam a hustlers first rap is something I like iam be same like this b till the day I die

  25. Eliseo Garcia

    Every rapper is broke till they get a hit and they money blow

  26. Durag. Jeeb

    ayo play that shit again mane

  27. Mirza Djurdjevic

    song at the end ?

  28. Ian Piepenbrock

    PLK all day everyday!

  29. Michael B

    rip the soul heart brain to pieces nastiest poet of all time easily 😂💙🏅🙏💯🔥

  30. Semmi Degerlier


  31. Vintage Soul Music

    NEW MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/vin-sou-mus/vsm-dee-soul-vintage-careless

  32. Knikkaknikk86D

    banks is truth.. top 5



  33. MrDinerohh

    I ain't throwing my pay away...fuck wrong witchu bitch

    Ian Piepenbrock

    MrDinerohh Haha I always scream this line out loud when I'm in the car

  34. MrDinerohh

    I ain't throwing my pay away...fuck wrong witchu bitch

  35. Jyheem Harrell

    Real shit

  36. Juan Vasquez

    why should she have a piece, Im not the marriage kind

    Jyheem Harrell

    Fuck you bitch i hope somebody kill you

    Realistic Income

    Do you really think it's really him or somebody that trying hard to be him?

    Michael Paiva

    Infamous Soldier meanwhile u have a picture of a pedophilec killer clown..... U n your boy Goerge = 2 clowns imho...

  37. Maricela Carrillo

    Nigga money dnt grow on trees i work hard fa dis shyt

  38. Jonathan Rex


  39. Michael B

    your the best

  40. GnomePower1000



  41. Brandon Pierre

    Money Moves The World
    Money Moves The Girl!

  42. Daisy Fu

    finally , i can hear my dogmatic dawgz bark

  43. Michael B

    run it all the way back. plk top musician dead or alive, everyone else in the music industry dream about doing a song with the biggest stud to ever be placed on planet

  44. George Zimmerman

    i do the same thing people miss those kinds of lines :) P.l.K

  45. MrDrowsypants

    whats the instrumental?

  46. Brian Garcia

    whats the song at the end?


    Song at end is 24 inches remix💪

  47. Leschell Reed


  48. David Molczan

    Treat my dinner like its my last,
    Hoping the car dont crash
    Cuz im high n drunk,Hawaiian Skunk
    Gots me on my Ass!!!

  49. TheyKnow Fam


  50. Michael Jamal

    best song to this day



  51. Moises Dos Santos

    love my click more then my chick

  52. bluehef123

    I want da instrumental to dis song.

  53. wackitass

    This was my fave mixtape for awhile .. damn

  54. FitnessSurrender

    money dont grow on trees
    i work hard for this shyt

  55. Bollor

    @stylinfranchise shit 2 reel

  56. Jamielle Ikener

    Yo play that agin man you know what I'm saying

  57. 森史

    I must rescue and save and earn and make money by all means whatever it takes certainly.
    I must earn! Must make money!

  58. wackitass

    @glearful Lmao

  59. glearful

    how do i use my head to motivate my dick?

  60. iGraffSCAR

    @m16imsofly its actually from fabolous paper man but an asian that uses the gurl moaning in the song is by Jin called Senorita

  61. Rico Tarantino

    This hole track goes hard.

  62. iodyne

    @aherreramartin89 24 inches

  63. JetBlue_Cale

    banks gotta be the realest nigga in this rap shit... G shit.

  64. glearful

    someone tell me why 50 pull th back?

  65. Leon_ThePro

    this sample is from some asain song its too beast!

  66. Wattz & Learn

    @kurroptkid check datpiff.com I know it's on that site. They have just about all Banks material Top 5 and Better series, Money in the Bank series, gunit radio, they even have his unreleased 2nd album The Big Withdraw! Datpiff.com = best site for mixtapes

  67. TheRussianHare

    @westsidemoney760 he comes hard on them all

  68. Bobby booshay

    @pygame word up my dude wake n bake befo the paper chase $hit

  69. Lily Bear

    this straight hustler shit get ur money up pimp

  70. worldsmosthated0ne

    @stewie5402 24 inches

  71. worldsmosthated0ne

    @stewie5402 Yo i wanna knw 2 !!

  72. ricrossisaCOfakeBoss

    @BL4Lnigga loso aint better than BANK$ plk word play toooooo strong

  73. David Kuznetsov

    @stewie5402 24 inches off the ground

  74. TurboNooob

    @ LIP. your shit. i just watched ur videos

  75. EBÉ tv

    paperman by loso...

  76. GUNZ TV

    wats the name of the original song dawg

  77. new&improvedD

    this beat is off the chain.

  78. Sincere 500

    he came out hard on this 1