Lloyd Banks - Keep Your Cool Lyrics

Anybody can control a woman's body, see
But the key is to control her mind

Uhh, bein yourself is bein different baby
Shit I feel like I'm the man, how a bitch gon' play me?
She could be everything, same time skitzo maybe
Rubbers pop ain't no jumpin up on the dick all crazy
Fish come by the boat when the whole ship is shady
I'm trustin none them hoes, you niggaz pimp is lazy
Now check it - get your shit and head out the exit man
I'm mackin harder then Goldie bet you a Roley that I'm connected
None of you bitches own me so I should only be respected
She gon' (Set It Off) like Stoney the moment I get her naked
Shorty fuck around with him and can't swim, she gon' drown
Cars fly in the winter as I begin to spin the town
Now I ain't gon' put you down but I ain't gon' put you on either
Cause I should look like a clown if I should pick the wrong diva
Them bitches stretched you out and I ain't clippin my reefer
Now close your messy mouth the more I listen I see ya
I'm seein everything you about, like you inside out
Them birds still comin in when all your friends fly South
I know she only chasin me, cause I'm on TV
I been caught with one of her friends she let me off easy
Greasy! You should know they don't like you they like your lifestyle
Tryin to figure out ways to get in your light now
She say she love me and I'm like wow [chuckling]
Laughin as I'm bustin her ass, somebody wife foul
Now, open your ear and pick up the game
Learn the ways of a bitch and put your click on to the same
Boy you ain't supposed to be slippin let her trip and keep your cool
Gotta stay on your feet man; how did you get so fool?
Boy you turning green - greener then a go light
Shapin a newer vick, settlin for the old type
I'da been fuckin all night, I'm on brown, on white
Thick chick, porn type, thicker bitch on ice
I'm nice

You know the rules of the game
I mean your bitch just chose me
Now we can settle this like you got some class
or we can get into some gangsta shit

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