Lloyd Banks - Hate You More Lyrics

Now she think she know me
Problem is I know her too
Separation the solution
We both don't know what we do
Dem hating bitches wasn't hating
When I told you bring 'em through
Now they sneaking, emailing
Calling, texting pinging too
Stuck my dick in every city
But I always figured you'd
Stick around when I got hot
But you reveal when I was cool
When I was young, dumb, full of cum
Pretty bitches pullin' some
Couldn't run, reputation fouler than the hood I'm from
She thinks she working me
She must think I'm stupid
Ain't no joking me
We done kidnap cupid
Fuck you won't take advantage
Of who I wrote the blueprint
Lay you out of my soul
Get that pussy up and roof it
No look pass alley hoopin
They don't like me
They like this bentley when I coupe it
With that in mind it's hard
To get blinded behind the music
Even if I had a heart
I work hard ain't no time to use it
And that day is exclusive

There you go again, acting like you got me
Got me mad enough to flip
Cut you off, nobody gonna play me like a loser
I'm a play them bitches first
You done lost me, acting like a fool just makes it worse
Now get off me, nah... ain't no way to make it work
It'll cost me, always knew it all
That's my curse, what you faking for?
Crazy how you telling me you hate me
I think I hate you more...
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I make you, I hate you
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I make you
I think I hate you more

You used to light me up
Grimy shit, move the fire
You got Louis bags of skeletons
And you's a liar,
Just someone you callin'
To get the nut out, open the plier
I don't think the loyal bitch has come out
My foolish priors
Priorities with the paper
If she knew better,
Then she'll know I'd always be major
But she's caught up in the wind of the world
Average behaviour, you don't wanna be shit yourself
You want someone to save you
Well save that for the next man
My next plan is to play'er
You play for one of them teams
You got the best chance to slay 'er
Lay 'em down by the layer.
Benjamin Franklin makes the world go round
Frozen carats proper concept of marriage
That's how they all go down
Don't come around me 'cause I'm too cold
You ain't really prepared for what the truth hold
Complex technicality grabbing me through this loop hole
And all actuality, rather be in my coup gone...
Gone from the bullshit...

There you go again, acting like you got me
Got me mad enough to flip
Cut you off, nobody gonna play me like a loser
I'm a play them bitches first
You done lost me, acting like a fool just makes it worse
Now get off me, nah ain't no way to make it work
It'll cost me, always knew it all
That's my curse, what you faking for
Crazy how you telling me you hate me
I think I hate you more
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I make you, I hate you
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I make you
I hate you more [echoes]

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Lloyd Banks Hate You More Comments
  1. Dexter Winnie

    2019 pLK

  2. Nathaniel Reynoso

    I put on V6 when i want to reminisce college days

  3. Wax Doe

    I'm just astonished that this song doesn't have MORE comments or views. WTF is wrong with society.


    Just heard this masterpiece a week ago. Wow I'm truly amazed with the way he bodied this.

  4. Tawfik Vargas

    2019 from Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  5. MichaelVieira07

    Best outta g-unit, been saying it for years and it’s not even close 🔥

  6. Clinten Lang

    Banks the best rapper hands down.

  7. Karo

    Always knew it all that’s my curse 💋


    Real shit...

  8. Mr. TheKidd

    Top 5. DOA

  9. SupraBoy187

    Who still listening in 2018?

    Damir Muratov

    I still listening in 2019. From Russia with love

  10. Josh Cruz

    We need more artist like this all this music coming out recently been trash

    chito Im

    Josh Cruz its best that ppl dont know our sound

  11. BeastMode FIAZCO

    Lyrically seen by very few banks most underrated rapper to live #walkinlegend

  12. thisisOlboy

    i dnt know if people understand how powerful this song is, this nigga is preaching!! i zone out when i play this track, its too real.

  13. COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1

    I hate my ex bitch more fucc the past Cuzz

  14. Lenny Wrightt

    Animal as cold blooded than fu*k**g polar bear in a blizzard 😁Beast

  15. Burna Marley

    Damn Can't Believe 5yrs Went By That Fast #Classic

  16. Harriett Bumpkins

    RIP Capital STEEZ

  17. Valentina bullet in yo ass Shevchenko

    This song is dark but atleast it's the truth

  18. anthony tomov

    2017 still fire

  19. Michael B

    makes me cry unreal insane, smile every time picturing that night when goat poets parents met each other

  20. Chy Adam


  21. Mike

    best song ever made

    Michael B

    Miguel aonliu best music ever made never leaves the car til the next mixtape lmao

    Lenny Wrightt

    Somewhat,I mess with this heavy

  22. IGotACoolName

    So underrated :(

  23. Michael B

    rips my brain and heart. best poet of all time blue

  24. Lobo Da G

    lets hope Cold Corner 3 will be have dope shit like this

  25. Mrs.Tomlinson

    I dont Know if it's bad that my bf send this to me or not

    Lobo Da G

    its bad lol


    +Lobo Da G 😲🔫

  26. The1EnuFF

    I think I hate you more

  27. Max Milli

    Sickest spitter ever. I told people way back then he was the best.. a true genius .. I bet he could see music and hear colors.

    Michael B

    @Max Milli well said , he makes earth tilt off its fucin axis when he spits. cc3 will be beyond frightening

    Valentina bullet in yo ass Shevchenko

    Max Milli Same here way back in 06 know one wanted to believe lol

    Matthew Lewis

    Banks is the GOAT

    Jonas Lafleur

    Fo real he is the only rapper that evolves every mixtape he drops.

  28. Michael B

    #1 musician to ever do it. 80sbaby g.o.a.t.

  29. Ron So Tatted

    This fuckin beat.!!!!!! Omg..

    Larry Henderson


  30. 8,891,000 views

    I teared up on this one...so much pain...banks top 5 forever


    Lol the feelz is strong on this, it helped me thru my 4yr breakup


    @djburt303 yea it helped me too wit the breakup wit the mother of my two boys... I've been ive been away from her 4 years now I'm jus finally gettin over her... Moral of the story is banks is one of the greatest artist of all time!!!

  31. Derek Sweezey

    Banks is pretty much untouchable......I'd put Em above him.....BUT....Banks out did Em on any tracks they've been on together.

    AND this song?? Crack....If you don't like it....you just cant relate...or u a turd.

    Michael B

    two seconds of hh2 over eminems career, one second of fno over eminems career. banks red polo freestyle lightyears better then all your favorites writtens careers combined 🔥💯😰

    Michael B

    eminem is a typical human hes not better at one component of music then blue - truth hurts - deal with it 🔥💯😰 blue forever💙 trillion miles beyond everyone anytime EASILY.

    Matthew Lewis

    Michael B like I stated Banks is my Number 1 rapper off all time but you can't say Eminem is whack because if that's the case if it wasn't for Eminem there be no 50 & if it wasn't for 50 there be no Banks.

    BANKS stated that in loads of interviews Banks is a legend I love all his shit Iv got all his mixtapes & albums but comparing Banks to Eminem is stupid Eminem has had the biggest successful career in hip hop industry yet again like Banks said back in 2010 Eminem is the GOAT

    Malc B

    @Matthew Lewis lol em is dope but definitely not goat

    Jonas Lafleur

    @Michael Miller They are simple minded and Banks is too complex for the average listener.

  32. David May244

    Love this song

  33. David May244

    my favorite song ya'll...

  34. kirbyBangz

    I bet you your last dollar you're a white kid that's why you're hiding your ugly face. You're retarded, if you say you don't care about the radio then how the fuck Bank$ fell off? Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.

    Bitch have you heard his mixtapes V5, v6, v7, cold corners, and his new songs of this year? His beats are original and lyrics are too. Fuck out of here dumb ass

    chito Im

    kirbyBangz bitch fuck u and die slow #plk #makaveli

  35. kirbyBangz

    Who gives a fuck who your sentimental ass care about or who you like or who everybody else like? What you a ''people person?'' If you can't handle facts about pac and the facts about him like being a ballerina, going to gay clubs, admitting he's feminine, etc. is ''dum shit'' then you're basically not such a dick rider as you lead on

    Retarded confused bitch

    chito Im

    kirbyBangz im glad with in the 4years that u probably past already (died) thank u GOD 4 taking these fakes off this planet now satan has to take lil xanix life

  36. kirbyBangz

    I know!

  37. kirbyBangz

    LOL! You and 31 people are dumb as fuck and deaf. Those lyrics you wrote don't even make sense.

    He said ''She think she WORKING me, she must think I'm stupid, aint no jerkin' me we done kidnapped cupid'' P.L.K fool

  38. Michael B

    Greatest in the world dead or alive plk. cant wait for F.N.O

  39. Gonzo King

    god the lyrics video have the lyrics so fucked up

  40. LiquiDjoto

    you sound like a productive member of society

  41. T raw

    My God Bank$ Is A Genius

  42. Ceasar Allain

    how i feel everyday...smh

  43. LT Murda

    dont get lost in that brah, i know where it gets ya, way deeper! but yeah this is the anthem huh for sluts

  44. redwing800

    He built his own team of producers.. best thing he could do. SOI

  45. DVNIXL666

    Clean (;

  46. Sankeeth

    This lyric is the realest shit ever ... PLK#

  47. Ayo Kellz

    now she think she know me problem is i know her too!!

  48. PooBearCAE

    RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT FOR THIS GUY 100% RESPECT l He Laugh and hes a Great Singer for his Hard Life.

  49. Teks like NBA Refs Hjgg

    Top five today

  50. George Zimmerman

    BANK$ He knows how to get into the HEART of a beat and ride it!

  51. G4NGRE3N


  52. sean white

    Been stuck in my head lately

  53. Abdualrahman

    come on sombody answear meeeee guysss its stuck in my brian <3333

  54. Abdualrahman

    how can i get the instrumentalll ughhhhh
    its freaking amazing
    banks youre crazy dude <333

  55. Cno Thelastgreatest


  56. elsie159

    yo i like pac im here and i care about that nigga so dont say dum shit. i bet almost everyone here likes pac R.I.P pac

  57. Antwan Peay

    whats not to like about this joint

  58. Antwan Peay

    this shit dope

  59. Daniel Millinghon

    ohh i have to disagree my friend "the sprint" is a bit too much

  60. Daniel Millinghon

    & big sean!

  61. KYsherm

    fire? lmao. i try to like lloyd banks, he is the best in the remaining G Unit, but damn. they all fucking fell off a long time ago. every now and then Banks has something nice. but im disappointed in the lack of creativity.

    charlie kingston

    Mfs be buggin out nowadays dam, you must be a new ager.

  62. yousef habahbeh

    Banks is a MONSTER !!

  63. streetsweepaah

    songs so underrrated

  64. streetsweepaah

    songs so underrrated

  65. Anthony Orrico

    BANKS peronally bodied lil wayne d4 and so did jeremih...and ace hood...

  66. Steven Daniel

    @Patricia Spearman The fuck? no it doesn't kill every or any song of the V6, all of them are good songs so stop it with that crap.

  67. Blessed

    damn banks should bring out vedio of his songs too.....

  68. Brandon Newman

    reputation fowler den tha hood im from............smh damn i can relate

  69. Jonathan Amaro

    BANK$ is serious

  70. Cno Thelastgreatest

    j. cole...? idk hes hott but...

  71. George92

    damn hot

  72. hanerp1

    "she think she breaking me she must think im stupid,
    ant no joken me we done kidnapped cupid"

    Damn.. P.L.k

  73. Phantom

    that melody ... that drum rythm ... good work

  74. Patricia Spearman

    kill evey songs on the v6 PLK

  75. Venom Wind

    he sampled Jhene Aiko's voice on ab-souls "terrorist threats"

  76. BIG V 828

    My favorite on the track

  77. Saleam Azaire

    this song is straight fire , fuck outa here if anybody say this shit is wack....

  78. jay young

    thats all you could come up with? smh I'm disappointed, I thought you went harder than that...

  79. Antoine Massey

    hard body who better that banks im just saying

  80. Daryl Vandergrift

    @BJHENDERSON97 Ur dumb as fuck for that list of rappers. Besisdes eminem nd banks those other niggaz are irrelevant to the best rappers conversation. Get up on ur music asap!!!

  81. JD D

    shut up how is it boring???? please i wannna know cause the lyrics are deep and true also the instrumental is hott & he flow so????

  82. DatDude_78

    Bitch no one has to ask me to listen! I'm entitled to my own opinion. In my opinion this song is boring. He has better shit. You gtfoh!

  83. JD D

    what!!! no one ask you to listen gtfoh

  84. dontizzle805

    Now she thinks she knows me....Problem is i know her 2.....Seperation the solution....We both dont know what we do......Hating bitchs wasnt hating.....When i told u bring em thru.....Now sneakin emailin.... callin textin opinion 2.....Stuck my dick in every city.....But always figured u.....Stick around when i got Hot..... cuz u were there when i was Cool.....When i was Young dumb full of Cum.....Pretty Bitch pulling son

  85. ian osborne

    this beat is dreamy im feeling chilly chilled

  86. iLLmatic240

    Get ready Lloyd banks is dropping another mixtape in the fall thats why v6 took long cause he was working on his next mixtape

  87. TrueBiizy

    Respect !

  88. G4NGRE3N

    son r u on crack? how is banks 6th on your list lol banks will destroy any rapper you jus listed except eminem (maybe). BANKS IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE BOY

  89. Nick Tropiano

    Banks is the truth

  90. Jose Caraballo

    hot ass song




    hardest track on the mixtape

  93. garyfagan123

    not one bad tune on this mixtape banks will always be the man his next mixtape is with dj drama that will be fire. and i think banks should start working on hfm3 soon

  94. Jmlad91

    Yea man I feel you, those 2 tracks are the best off his last two tapes. And my favorite off V5 was 'Rather Be Me'. Did you also notice that Eminem has a song called No Love and one called Love You More? lol