Lloyd Banks - Gettin' By Lyrics

I’m drunk, I’m high, damn near gettin' by [x8]

[Verse 1 - Lloyd Banks]
Stand up guy, pick the marro from the ground
I’m a south side nigga, fuck around fuck around
Jumping bitches off the vert
Throw these dollars make them work
Silly ass dancer think she gonna get me with all that mileage, no she won't
Easily broke you don’t keep hope
Kill or be killed, that murder she wrote
World full of bread, who wanna be broke
Daddy done dead, ma gotta be both
Life’s too short, gotta be close
Tryin’ to get it big house out of these folks
Give me two years, it’ll probably be three
4 door benz make my flee
On the regular tip, I’m hit
Your lit, I’m super
Dude don't like when they set that trap
Just like that like I ain't never knew ya
Treat them hoes just like manure
I maneuver like booyah
I’m too ill to slip, new wheel to whip
Necklace out the cooler
I’ve been drunk and high all day y’all
My weed loud as a AR
I heard money the only thing that holds weigh
A hundred and fifty pounds on the radar
Nine out of ten, there's a friend there's a snake
We all walk around with the same scar
Seems like it’s real but it ain’t
Bet these trips to the bank won't change naw

A pound of loud, smoke up
Everyday I’m getting stuck
In my city they get down
Watch the way I hold it up
Won’t give in, won’t give up
I gotta be rich as fuck
Racks tuck, nigga what
Baddest bitches getting touched
I’m drunk, I’m high, damn near gettin' by [x4]

[Verse 2 - Schoolboy Q]
Dear hater, a playa is definitly in your radar
My bitch goes to work, she fucks me on her day off
Laid off huh, why would she fuck with a nigga like you
She wanna fuck with a nigga named Q
Number 1 gangster can’t be two
Gotta get dough I ain’t tryin’ to be poor
Nigga go broke cuz his rap many slow
Lie to my daughter like I'm chopping up soap
Gotta sell dope, every gram mean hope
Fuck you mean, what the fuck you know
Still ain’t met another nigga like me
Sippin Hennessy, weed crumbs on the seat
Hollow tip shots motherfucker I’m a G
Let’s get slow, slur relax
And have no worries ’cause I’m blessed
Made 20 thousand dollars through a fucking text
And I said yes before I stretch, she give me neck, your city next
So this your town, fuck your respect
I’m the headline you don’t get my check
Back wood toke, let a real nigga smoke
Eyes bloodshot right behind these locs
Tryin’ to get a house up out these folks
Pimped out ride with the new gold spokes
Spark a blunt, pass it around
Prowl the bitch and dick her down
Me & Banks was smoking loud
Bet your ho will leave you now

A pound of loud, smoke up
Everyday I’m getting stuck
In my city they get down
Watch the way I hold it up
Won’t give in, won’t give up
I gotta be rich as fuck
Racks tuck, nigga what
Baddest bitches getting touched
I’m drunk, I’m high, damn near gettin' by [x4]

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Lloyd Banks Gettin' By Comments
  1. Nate Mojica

    They slept on u banks!! U needed this on a damn album..

  2. OG Kennedy

    Im.drunk.im.high.damn.near.g etti n b y

  3. XIXLotus TV

    I'm trying to find all my old underrated tracks and this one of them yay!!!!

    Philly Moss

    That's wild I'm just now finding out about this smfh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Malcolm Washington

    Used to listen to this everyday on my iPod lol

  5. Albert Vargas

    #Tucson 2019 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  6. Freeflow Lifestyle

    Damnn haven't listened to this in a while.. forgot how fucking fire this is, added back on playlist!

  7. Sonar Eskoh


  8. timzstr

    Im stuck

  9. timzstr

    Gettin lit song this that song to listen to in the front porch

  10. Phil Bark

    I heard this song the day it came out, and can’t stop listening to it!

  11. Sean Smith

    this song super slept on

  12. Dustin Hodges

    I believe banks has been one of the hardest out if not THE for a long long time...

  13. famous deprexx

    i will always come back to this song, this and Blessed by Q & k.dot

  14. PAPA Giarnella

    This is one of my FAV SONGS EVER

  15. Irene Mccann

    What a load of garbage, he doesn't even sing,absolutely no melody, how can this rubbish be called music. thank God I'm old, when music was music.

  16. Warwick Smith

    thanks CrackMasta999

  17. Progressive

    2019 what up !!

  18. Floyd Williams

    2019 still fire!!

  19. B MONEY

    Still fire

  20. Tawfik Vargas

    WTF !!!!! How can i miss this fire till today ?!!! 2019 anyone ?!
    Love from Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

    steven galan

    Where the fuck u been at bro


    only just peeped this now!!! booooom!!

    rosko swervin

    Tawfik Vargas y’all late af
    Banks been that dude

    Davina Collins

    Yes I been banging it out since it came out till now.

    joey laven

    I’m trying to be positive but that whole “who’s listening” shit is outdated. We’re all stoping that shit. Also welcome

  21. mommamogel 2

    banks got bars for years it's that Heads Nockin timberland stomping nilla dutch smoke ryder shit

  22. R P

    And people would rather listen to drake than Lloyd or 50. Pathetic snowflakes

  23. StrayCat Zamora

    It's MOB forever!!!!

  24. Neo One

    The ft is wack as fuck

  25. Progressive

    Status: Legendary

  26. A-D-G

    Best Lloyd Bank$ song ever

  27. Sean Burna

    Reminds Me Of The 2012 Summer #Classic

  28. Progressive

    2018 and still here. PLK #1

  29. DRE SKEE

    Hip Hop meets Goth and form the perfect marriage.😎

  30. BeastMode FIAZCO

    One his best

  31. Nate Mojica

    God i miss banks!!

  32. johnny bighet

    always play the song,,,driving around,,

  33. Samuel B

    This is Q's hardest verse throughout his career

  34. Progressive

    Blue Hefner did it again

  35. Stubbo242

    I had this on repeat all day every day


    we both can relate

    Blue Hefner

    Stubbo242 I kno that's right boo

    Michael G.

    Literally me too

  36. 1 of none Illiest

    not underated to me!
    i cant listen to all that soft serve shit thats in the top 40 charts.....
    banks is so east coast!!!!
    for those who say NY hip hop is dead
    fuck you!

  37. Keahn Bruzzi

    my life is so hard that i cant cope unless im drunk and high. Everyday the choice is drugs or suicide. Because I'm still here, you know which one i choose

    G. Valverde

    Keahn Bruzzi Choose suicide.

    Warismylove Cfg

    G. Valverde o u piece of shit

  38. J J

    This was my damn Anthem back in the day dawwgie

  39. Neverstar-X

    why can't hip hop sound like this today?


    It's funny because this song could of easily been a major radio hit as well as many of his other songs!!! smh a shame


    Rico Jet I know right this nigga got a lot of nerve to be talking shit.

    Jake Bailey

    Its still here.....people will get tired of this new wave soon.

    KiNG indigo_soul

    @Ethan Ray ignorant fuck


    @Ethan Ray Boi shut up.

  40. Michael Wilkins

    such an underrated song goes hard af 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Ricky Maldo

    Why haven't I heard this? This go hella hard.

    Matt Bradley

    Gotta fuck with all banks shit. Most underrated

  42. Beashtrumentals

    im litterally drunk and high and my parents and my brother is gettin by, lmfao

    michael lachnicht

    +Beshoy Mikhail It's I'm Drunk and High dam near gettin by :P

    michael lachnicht

    +michael lachnicht *damn

  43. Michael B

    illest poet dead and alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Lee Baker

    Punch line king !!!!

    Matt Bradley


  45. ozqurcolak61

    damn it

  46. primer


  47. O Pagão

    Q fucked this shit Hard... New School showing cards

  48. David May244

    this is my anthem

    Solid Soldier

    Definitely an anthem song

  49. George Zimmerman

    187 All stars to F.N.O.
      fan since day 1! P.L.K

    Guy Betrolli


    John Westmoreland

    George Zimmerman me

  50. Martin

    forgot how gangsta this song is

  51. O G

    They don't make it like this anymore. 

    Matt Bradley

    Word ebro

    O G

    +Matt Bradley Mah nigga

  52. Marcin Chlebny


  53. Ev1L_ONES

    Lloyd bank$ always defined G-unit

    O G



    Agreed. PLK #1

    Jake Bailey

    set the tone.

    akiem freeman

    No 50 no Banks

  54. Joseph Sandoval

    One of the most underrated songs I've ever heard

    Matt Bradley

    Banks one of the most underrated


    GOAT #1

    Leroy Williams

    Joseph Sandoval yes Q killed it heard this song a few times only

    Blk Knight

    Joseph Sandoval Agreed

  55. craig jones

    This tune hot two!!! Any chance a full album?


    its off a mixtape but hes dropping cold corner 3 soon

  56. Mustbedacheese

    Lloyd banks never fell off,

    charlie kingston

    Your taste was never on

  57. Lilwonton 7

    i thought lloyd fell off haha thought wrong

  58. ola dioss

    this shit is heavy! i drift in and out of banks work...but he always got a banger or 2 hanging around!

  59. onescity

    Jamaica, Queens to Fig sideee! 

  60. George Zimmerman


  61. charlie kingston

    i cant bump this loud in my crib!!!! too many FUCKS Q!!


    Banks dat nigga forreal

  63. Leo. Villicaña.

    Banks is dope as fuck, who the fuck said NY fell off, Banls got bars to ether any nigga of Black Hippy, don't get mad, all well!

  64. JG Puente

    shit is bumping in my ride!

  65. zak lascola

    you do realize g-unit has been broken up for a grip right ? theres gonna be no collaborations

  66. danth0mps

    Black Hippy/TDE and G-unit are both so dope....hoping to hear more collabs this V6 mixtape is Fiiire still makes new tapes look like doo doo

  67. Jé Jé

    Damn it's so fuckin' dope

  68. Samuel B

    damn this song is true, lloyd banks and schoolboy is a dope collab

  69. Tim Griffin

    Dude banks has mad songs and albums and mixtapes. I he is gettin old and is a good rapper and I think should produce a few more albums before retiring

  70. Rabieh662

    AH go and check out the amount of mixtapes banks has put out plus his albums.....Did you hear 50 call him lazy and now make it your own opinion?? 50 is real greedy, look at all the people he has dropped around him..50 doesn't like to be out-shined period!!! Banks is underrated

  71. Rabieh662

    True like he took a whole lot of soothers

  72. FitnessSurrender

    nah hes not lazy he just dosent care for the fame. he mostly tours still staying relevant.

  73. Dominique Guerrero

    Lloyd banks is the shit, love all his tracks!

  74. El Magico

    cant wait for the aon fno series

  75. Jesse n

    Man banks don't need no videos! His shit still banging and I bet 50 still looks up his songs

  76. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    as a fan...u are right..banks hardly does video's to promote his own stuff...this is what 50 was talking about..

  77. ChangeOfPaceHiphop

    TDE Unit !!!

  78. julio bojorquez

    TDE and G-unit

  79. angelo smokes

    where the hash at mann!

  80. ThePeoplesChamp

    When someone writes as much lyrical material as BANKS has (100's+), the amount of things you can write about becomes more scares. Banks was writing bout his time in the hood in his older mixtapes. So there was ALOT of things to write about. He's developed as an artist, and times have changed. Deal with it. I'd still like to see some hard body shit banks

    David May244

    how many people and say the same thing 80 times in a row and sound nicer and Nice'er each and every tyme.

  81. Douglas Mala

    Im a southside nigga, Fuck around fuck around

  82. Ter13 Soc13

    Da Fuck he need to drop anything for. Man has made millions. I would get lazy too. Shit..

  83. Rasul

    That's old news

  84. Micky Myerz


  85. vEDZ Bush

    He is obviously right .. You're fucking stupid.

  86. Maestro Murphy

    Wow his voice has changed remarkabley!!!!!

  87. TheJyippy

    stop dick riding and enjoy it

  88. Badluck got cash

    Surprised at this collab they should've went more hardcore banks is a good 'MC to add to your resume ... Q is going in

    R P

    Badluck got cash more hardcore? Start spitting then let’s see how much harder you can make this song

  89. Josh Hanlon

    Then again he was a ny cat to begin with

  90. Josh Hanlon

    Except when Pac step'd to the fuckin mic, real shit

  91. houki samir

    the fucking wonderfull song V6

  92. ThePeoplesChamp

    Banks you need to promote your shit better! These are golden

  93. backnite1

    get the fuck out