Lloyd Banks - Gangster Interlude Lyrics

[Whoo Kid:]

[Starts off with the beat of Fabolous': "Breathe"]

[Intro: Lloyd Bank$]
I'm back!
Gang Green!
Yeah! Yeah!
The boy's sick!

[50 Cent (Intro in the background x3.5):]
Yo, whassup? This is the kid 50Cent, right?
I'm a tell you somethin' from the bottom of my heart, man.
I'm tryna stop... bein'...
You know what on my mouth, you know?
Arrogant and shit like that!
They told me:... "Yo! Why don't you stop 50? You been doin' TOO MUCH, man! "
I CAN'T STOP, maaan...
I tried that... I was, I was quiet for 2 hours straight.
Ya understand wha'Imean?
And as soon as I said somethin', I said somethin' they thought I was arrogant...
That's just ME, man!
You know?
How you gon' tell me how to do what I do?!
"Yo, 50! You should just chill with the... why you be talkin' and shit? "
Maaan, I told niggaz...
Straight up and down, right? [beat stops]

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