Lloyd Banks - Finally Lyrics

[Verse: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
You never have you ever seen another,
With my enviroment society made me tough as rubber,
They tryin' me! - So let's resolve the situation violently finally,
"Some real niggas that move around silently ho... " [rewind noise] {BRING IT BACK!}

I - never have you ever seen another,
With my enviroment society made me tough as rubber,
They tryin' me! - So let's resolve the situation violently finally,
"Some real ni... " [rewind noise] [gunshot] {DAMN!}

You never have you ever seen another,
With my enviroment society made me tough as rubber,
They tryin' me! - So let's resolve the situation violently finally, {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
"Some real niggas that move around silently honestly! " {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
These niggas couldn't see me through a mad glass, (uh-uh!)
They mad ass! - I'll sum 'em up in a paragraph. (yeah!)
A fire cracker to a shot gun barrell blast!
I can't do nothing but laugh - at your coward ass! [gunshot] {DAMN}
Bring your crew I'll knock 'em down to half off
One by one I'll golf the rest I got it on Alcatraz. (LOCK!)
On my off days I'm poppin' tags
Cars full of shopping bags - same spending habit my poppa had. {Whoooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
Don't take a name if you ain't got similar ways (why?)
Had the original rolling round in his grave. (haahhhh!)
If he living me, upset in his cage
In the street is on work - got one second to play.
Hey! - The difference between me and them is (what?)
You only see me in rimmers and they still pay rent. (uh-huh!)
I only trust my gut feelings so the steel he kept
The side say Glock, they wheels say Bent' (yeah!) - I got that real paint sent. (whoo!)
I'd probably be in jail, it's up to them
I'm drivin' morally therfore I feel like fuck a friend! [police sirens]
Family ties last longer - strong as long as they growing marijuana, I'm straight!
It keeps me calm for the hate. (YEAH!)
My flow get a phenominal rate
Jealous niggas can't stomach it tha domino's? brave? .
I'm timing is great! - Remind you of cake! - "Money In The Bank"!
Nigga bet on this [kids ovation] - I'm what they ain't! (yeah!)
Your favorite rappers my biggest fan (hah'!)
Puttin' that trash out and I'm a clean it all up spick and spam. (yeah!)
You can't punch for punch, you need a bigger hand!
Nigga damn! - You jacking the way a nigga stand! [gunshot]
Kill yourself! Pull the trigger, BLAM!
You ain't a guy, just the middle man, big dreams little plan!
You ain't even rhyme rat (rat!) - and I'm a coach,
I put hands on ya bob knight (knight!) - you fucking roach! [scream]
I'm tucking toast, I got my mind right! (YEAH!)
So don't get close you'll overdose upon this hard white we "Terminating On Sight"!
560 all white (po! po!) - automatic 4 pipes
Reefer addict quarter cube - we gone smoke it all tonight! [shot]

In case you ain't know... {"5 AND BETTER! "}
This the PLK flow! {YEAH! }
In that new S-3!
Ain't nobody fucking with me! [kids ovation] [gunshot] [rewind noise]

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Lloyd Banks Finally Comments
  1. Michelle Torez

    His best mixtape!! FIRE!!

  2. Westbound Promo


  3. Rob Jr


  4. Haze Thagift

    Where can i find this instrumental?

  5. Santos - Channel

    You can't go punch for punch.. you need a bigger ✋

  6. Michael B

    gives me shivers in july, goat poet what a joke this stud is

  7. TheSupremax

    Is there any album attached to these songs? Tell 'em please

    Terrence Holton

    Yea there are its call the return of the plk

  8. Pvrple Mxb

    Trill music

  9. andrew scala

    how does this not have a million views?

  10. alonzo johnson

    @ganjasmokintildeath banks mixtape shit is better than most of his album material. I have respect for those artists u named but I really dont think outcast is more lyrical. the closest ones are jada and styles.

  11. BossDon Deezy

    so dont get to close you'll overdose on this hard white>>> babks go arrrd

  12. alonzo johnson

    @ganjasmokintildeath I dont think you listen to much banks, i would put him over jada,meth,dmx,styles,outkast,redman.

  13. jch mb vmn n

    @ganjasmokintildeath r u retarded do you see the order of your list your a fuccn fool a and banks is top 5 alive

  14. ML Quis

    @muzicisuniversal styles is boring kiss is boring i fux with them but i cant keep listening to them and styles dont talk about anything im interested in he seems fake to me but yet again its an opinion u like him i dont

  15. ML Quis

    @muzicisuniversal he's boring to me kiss is boring to me i listen to them both i like em but they are just boring artist and styles doesnt really talk about shit

  16. ML Quis

    @mon3ybagz oooooooooooooo haha you funny o gosh give it up for kevin hart aka einstein i didnt mean to put an "a" what do i have to go jail now because of that smh

  17. ML Quis


  18. mon3ybagz


    "Holiday (Styles) is not hot" ......
    these young boys is lost nowadays lol, radio rap heads lol

  19. ML Quis

    @mon3ybagz holiday not hot he just talkk gangsta shit

  20. mon3ybagz


    I can understand shitten on wayne,.. OK
    But better then Holiday Styles,... you out yo fucking brain nigga

  21. DoubleAIV

    Bank$ shits on wayne, and is imo better than Styles P, not equal, better.

    Michael B

    DoubleAIV lloyd fingernail murks everyones life, under exagerrating, only one whos sick god damn hfm-aonliu, blue friday is too much for the brain, everyone else horrible put that on everything

  22. Alex Romanelli

    @cocitabro jadakiss, wayne <-- gotta connsider him even if you dont like him, louso, cassidy is nasty, styles p, one of my personal favorite JR writer, youll never get the best rapper alive cause there are too many to choose from and everyones got a different opinon. BANKS definatly does work and is up there though. FOR SURE.

  23. Shayne B

    @timleflore23 crooked i

  24. Shayne B

    @emink68 theres basically two generations of top 5 ever lists- the top 5 with the pac big rakim etc n then todays top 5 with some of the oldies and some of the current greats- banks, eminem, etc...though those pac big rakim guys dont make my list, not cus im not in the know, just cus they not in my time n aint even lyrical compared to todays emcees, they aint gettin in my top 5 jus cus their legacy was cut off short...w/e

  25. Shayne B

    @emink68 what? who is even as consistently lyrical as banks, besides some underground bums that dont have any substance...banks easily top 5, get the dusty-careered blast-from-the-past rappers out the top 5...

  26. Mink Evan

    @LloydBanks4Life1 ... banks isnt gunna give a fuck what fab has for his top five n banks cant crack tht top five.. banks is my fav now but hes not better then ne of those dudes

  27. Shayne B

    yea...fabolous recently named his top 5 rappers ever...he said biggie, jay z, pac, rakim, and eminem. he should of put banks in place of rakim or jay z. not that it was in order. but yea big mistake for fab to not put banks in his top 5-- fab is fixin to work wit banks for the official remix of beamer benz bent, and with banks most likely knowin that fab doesnt have him in his top 5, n fab knowin that banks is both self-acclaimingly and fan-acclaimingly reigned top 5 dead/alive, it'll be awkward

  28. 1youngbail

    the plk mad underrated son even thou he should'nt be

  29. Robert Beard

    This boy aint bullshittin!!!