Lloyd Banks - Die One Day Lyrics


(uh huh)

I keep my hip on pound
Cause chickens hectic in my town
Drag my family with me cause that’s how real niggas get down (gea)
If it wasn’t for 50 I probably wouldn’t be around (gea)
Caught up in the temptation sitting in jail or in the ground (gea)
If for that if you snap a finger and I’ll lay a nigga down (whoo)
It’s fucked up when you’re only facial expression is a frown (uh huh)
A hood rat will put a future in a fool’s pants
Till she find out you can’t buy furniture with food stamps (uh huh)
A year ago I made a decision before I shut my eyelids
Better if I get shot tomorrow cause I don’t like surprises
When you hot as an oven they with open arms
When you cold as a freezer niggas treat you like they don’t need ya
Some people call it ?? me I call it amnesia
Live my life principal driven never bite that hand that feeds you (uh)
Never mind all the haters fuck’em all let them die slow
All I need is my niggas, money, liquor and hydro (I kno)


Everybody gon’ die one day
Whether it’s natural cause it's a gunplay
But fuckin with me you sliding down a one way
I keep it gangsta from Monday to Sunday


Don’t blame me
Blame my mom and pop for breeding this (uh huh)
The game needed this
Lloyd Banks AKA Mr. I don’t feed a bitch
Don’t need a bitch
I stay there when I need a bitch
You want a trick you need to switch
Cause I don’t think you could beat this bitch (whoa)
This is all I gotta have to blow
So whether it’s fast or slow
Platinum flow making it easy to kidnap a hoe (uh huh)
Pop the back
Pass the dro
Roll about a half an O
The git citizenship my pimp is international (yee)
You gotta agree
These motherfuckas will probably find
Bin Laden before they find a nigga hotter than me
We on top as far as I can see
And since the hood watching me
My regular trip to the mall is a shopping spree (damn)
I’m the #1 draft pick none of ya’ll are topping me (uh huh)
I move around with the plastic you ain’t dropping me (uh huh)
They show me love on my city
They fuckin with me and I’m fuckin with them
Nigga G-Unit till the end (Gea)


[Lloyd Banks]

Ya six inches from a coffin (coffin)
So I suggest you stop talkin (talkin)
And make me result to violence (violence)
And you'll no longer be walkin (walkin)
Ya six inches from a coffin (coffin)
So I suggest you stop talkin (talkin)
And make me result to violence (violence) Nigga.. (nigga)


You gotta love it!

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Lloyd Banks Die One Day Comments
  1. Loyal Philly fan

    One of my favorite songs from Bank$!
    Am I the only one that feels so good when they hear that sample of the girl singing in the background? Idk why but that sample makes me feel so good.

  2. Brandon Kashansky

    Second album I ever bought wit my own skrilla 6th grade moe will forever be a classic to me !!!!!

  3. Valerie Boynton

    2 O 2 O💿📀 -

  4. jordan

    That intro always reminds me of Megaman or somethin lol

  5. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    i keep it gansta from monday to sunday sunday to monday never smoking hay

  6. DJBobbywho11

    Still bumping 2019 🎧

  7. Scott Burack

    Love seeing all these new comments. This album is top 5 hip hop.

  8. Jag Emc Everything Is Custom!


  9. rafael da silva

    i keep it gangsta from monday to sunday


    2019 🔥

  11. Ali Gavriel

    Still bumping this on a regular, the king of word play banks!

  12. John Wick

    My guess, for me, is it's going to be gunplay...

  13. SCeNiC ROlliN

    I was riding to this all day in 2004 my lady at the time got me the album and still sick in

  14. Joshua Simmons

    Still flown for any side of your bill...

  15. Joshua Simmons

    I know my abc and don't give a fuck about a price tag.
    More pork for a fryin pan boy.

  16. Joshua Simmons

    Gunit still a real rap success.

  17. Hop Skip

    Who's still listening in 2017??
    My new beat sounds just like this track! classic lloyd banks vibe
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw92KD3vSQo sub if u fwm

  18. Welly Banks

    yow am from jamaica n up to this day am still listing to this track ..he said don't blame me blame my mom n pops 4 breeding this the game needed this Lloyd Banks Aka Mr i don't feed a bitch ,,,,,,,,,,goddam P.L.K

  19. Fiat Voluntas Tua

    "Some people call it the vapors, me I call it amnesia, live my life principle driven, never bite the hand that feeds ya” - Wise Words Spoken. That's why Banks will always be in my playlist.

  20. Brandon Byng

    omg how much more i appreciate this album being 14 yrs later @ age33 god damn wow music aint the same.2017

  21. Myrio Rogers

    dis how u know a nigga nice when u don't even have haters on the comments..... good job y'all I agree with everybody

  22. william griffen

    Best Song on the Album:/

  23. Thomas Q. Jones

    PLK!!!!! One of the best to ever do it!! EVER!!!!

  24. Pasajero De La Brújula

    He should've closed the album with this track.

  25. RatedR Nolove

    this hard

  26. A.S. Dal

    scratch that, iver a 100 million views....

  27. A.S. Dal

    dont get how this only has 45 thousand views while fetty wap and other incoherent blabber is bringing in over a millions views easy.

    Earth Divine 360

    Aidan Schmitt lol damn shame right?

    Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Aidan Schmitt It's because the movie "Idiocracy" is becoming a reality. Keep your pineal gland healthy.

  28. Generule Maximus

    Top.5 in the new school era

  29. Ryan Minor

    ... dat beat

  30. Westernavekid18

    One of da best banks tracks..sick shit

  31. bossudude420

    Thanks uploading the better quality of this song, incredible incredibly dope track