Lloyd Banks - Bring It Back Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Small paper forget it, big money I'm with it
I'm smoking good you can smell it though I got hella dough come get it
When you hot the hoes come with it they drop it low and split it
Then bring it back up and make it clap yup, she pitchin and I just hit it
Ho get off my fitted, polo horse I'm jiggy
You ain't gotta ask if she digg me, of course she did I'm witty
I'm a product of my city, that 2Pac and that Biggie
My jewels pop with that pretty and I'm shoeboxing that kitty
I'm too hot to fuck with me, I'll chamber you I'm flameable, untameable
Made a name for blue I done think I done find my own lane or two
Brake the brick what I came to do VVS's now chain is blue
Them niggas done got you gassed up, too much of that propane in you
My diamonds bright all kind of white rap JJ I'm dynamite
Niggas still writing them diss raps? niggas lame and I'm not that type
Sleep on me, let the mack pinch you please nigga yo swag simple
My flow hot as my last bitch, she a rat now her ass crippled

Hey, hey, hey
I think I finally done found my way
Yeah, yeah
I get some pussy ‘bout 2 times a day
No, no
You ain’t gon trap me, ain't no trap for macks
Go, go
Girl turn your ass around, and bring it back
Come here baby, we the niggas you wan be standing by
I’m there, I’m standing on sumthing so hold your cameras high
I got that street sound, I’m gettin to it and I'm fly
Everything I got is sick, illest man alive

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Hottest nigga in my city, ain't no way that I can possibly chill
Illest nigga around, that's one hell of a hospital bill
Can't seem to find my top, if you boys want proof listen
"Hello, 911 I'd like to report my roof missing!"
Last seen on my lambo coupe, look sick it needs Campbell soup
Bet your man ain't go these, I don't think you want to gamble boo
Studio with my hood chick, True religions and bamble hoops
Laid back coming up with shit, she give me head while the sample loops
Pussy on the low low, call my 'rari Polo
You obviously love my old hoes, new meaning for YOLO
All you niggas gon' learn today, I'm the teacher, I'm the tutor
Few Ray Allens couple cuties, and by Ray Allens I mean the shooters
Serious as a heart attack, your girlfriend said she aim groovy
Curious as a white girl, like hearing something in a scary movie
Don't get in that car girl, last time you're gonna hear from her
Lost his bitch, I bring her back like next time be more careful bro


[Verse 3: Lloyd Banks]
Old money is my lady, new money is my baby
Pimp cup, getting licked up by few bitches, I'm lazy
If its 2 tricks I want 80, these cool kids going crazy
You rocking with the most shady, keep tools gripped it and ready
All I know milk it and [?] she prolly gon' touch all of us
I'm in my own zone my flow is grown I made mine up in a short bust
Watch me hit my number again I'm out that slum I come to win
He with me then he fam dawg cross him and I'm jumping in
Homeboy I got [?] skin, that mean shit don't get to me
My bitch don't care about no other name, she just want no tiffany
If looks can kill we'd be all dead, speed boat trips I'm sick of sea
I asked her for some bomb head, she told me no diggity
One love to my family, you don't look like no kin to me
Back hand like the wimbledon, shes gone off my energy
So much soul Ima live again, ay girl go in the crib with 10
Play games I'll kick your ass out, put that on my timberlands

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Lloyd Banks Bring It Back Comments
  1. Anna Castro

    Who came here just randomly 😂

  2. Scott Lee

    2020 ..

  3. Thomas Gilley

    Who said dat! Best highlights video ever taken down

  4. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    I still got lloyd banks on my playlist!! Fuck what you heard🎶🎶 Fab went in too.

  5. Alexis Soto

    So much soul I'ma live agaiin

  6. Paul Bliss

    Hes alwaya got the hottest beats

  7. Luis Olivares

    Happy birthday Banks!!! Real

  8. Tyrone Robinson

    i enjoyed it

  9. philliesfan 34

    Call my Rari polo you obviously love my old hoe new meaning for yolo...... fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Eddy Samie Arteen Garabet Balthazarian

    Bring it bad badly!!!

  11. Tawfik Vargas

    Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦 love u banks & loso

  12. PunchlineJRosario

    Fab killed this

  13. tyler maston

    fabolous always getting slept on cause his commercial side but that dude nice, Banks killed this though

  14. Straws The Plk

    Who the fuck said Fab better? He's good but nowhere near Banks level

  15. KillaMusiktv1

    BANK$ the GOAT, no argument.

  16. MOPAR 401

    that low bass note just creeps in😤

  17. STIZZ

    269 dumbass niggaz and you got two 🔥 niggaz on this track banks and Fab smh how the fuck my nigga?🤣

  18. Progressive

    2018 !! PLK #1

  19. Robin Mangala

    You can’t put these two on the same track, they’ll give your ears an orgasm, I’d call it rape

  20. Rob Jr

    Hatin’s lame and I’m not the type # Top5deadoralive

  21. Mark Brown

    Fucking love this guy he has it all going for him!!! Legend👊 #coolestguyalive

  22. gaming with losky

    this is my shit.
    brake the bank
    is what I came to do

  23. Remb0iiTV

    Underrated !!

  24. Jack M

    Few Ray Allen’s, couple cuties

  25. Daniel DeVito

    Of course this is a fire track... What else you expect from Banks and Fab?

  26. Tyler Pacino

    Kings of NY

  27. Knikkaknikk86D

    shoeboxin that kitty

  28. Jim Miller


  29. MaRsMaRtin

    Banks top ten dead or alive

  30. Ar[i]es Eletti


  31. Silver Reyes


  32. Kent Maybank

    2017 and this still fucking slaps

  33. bradley sterling

    Can't seem to find my top. If you boys want proof listen. Hello, 911 if like to report my roof missin. Last seen on my lambo coup. Looks sick and needs cambells soup! Fab what happened to you? I miss that heat. Super fire right there.

  34. Seer-of-things

    fab is good but hes not on banks' level

  35. freemaxbbb

    banks all day he stay slept on for some dumass reason

  36. penny scratching

    they ripped it 50 was rite

  37. james stewart

    Straight fire

  38. Norberto Rivera

    yess fire both these legends together

  39. Adam burnham

    IMA be honest I usually say banks is the man but on this track fab takes it all day

  40. Johnson Dean

    Native Mob minnesota flyboyz

  41. Buckz11

    Bank$. This song is fire at every party.

  42. Dankkk 420s

    Banks got lyrics for days. He on my top 5 list for sure.

  43. Kris Lyn

    don't really mess with the east coast but this is fire

  44. Kev Paul

    Hoe get off my fitted.._

  45. D Nice

    I wanna hear a joint mixtape with these 2 niggaz matter of fact Fab, Banks and Jada should form a rap trio 💣💣💣💣

  46. Christopher Jones

    found this just googling lloydanks and fabolous... these 2 rappers the best 2 do it outta NY right now... at least in the eyes of a Chicagoan lol

  47. Stephen Whitaker

    Banks will wash up anyone these days

  48. Raul Posada

    Lloyd banks is beast

  49. Vip Hernandez

    a lot of this fuckers don't even understand this


    Vip Hernandez This Generation don't even understand real rap Llyod banks new mixtapes Hh3,AON melt there tiny brains

  50. Vip Hernandez

    I was waiting for this where 50 at

  51. Vip Hernandez

    Banks 2k17 lol

  52. Crne Rupe

    Banks,Fabo,Cassidy,Styles P and Juelz Santana on one track...I can imagine that

  53. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    This one's fresh as Febreze... curious as a white girl that heard something in a scary movie.. lol

    Straws The Plk

    Bars for days

  54. Scarlett Connor

    banks is hella dope.. underrated in the rap game -

  55. Robin Mangala

    202 dislikes?! Must be my neighbours. Pump that everyday!

  56. Damian Mahendran

    she told me no diggity

  57. Henny_ Julez

    I wish banks made a song wit big krit!!!

    Henny_ Julez

    dontizzle805 that shits funny how it actually happened

    Melvin Tucker

    Julian Rodriguez he did with currency check it out

    Henny_ Julez

    Melvin Tucker I did bro change...thanks tho. That shit gangsta!!🔥🔥

    Tharsan J

    you from the future

    Henny_ Julez

    Tharsan J lmao

  58. Flawless Fatality

    oh how I wish this song had harder bass

    MOPAR 401

    Flawless Fatality idk about you but that long bass note shakes the shit out of my car

  59. SantosBeres


  60. Erik Wilson

    Top 2 of New York right now

  61. D Hussain

    My 2 fav rappers.. These guys shit on these new fake rappers.. #Top5DeadOrAlive

    Anthony Miller

    Fucking Facts bro.

    Tharsan J

    50 cent said it best fabolous hasnt reached his peak yet

  62. Mic ShoTz

    this song sucks

  63. Clit YeastWood909

    Well im late lol

  64. Rali

    Kto od Sentino?

  65. kees Chill

    after the 1st g-unit album in 04 banks and buck should've went solo but they didn't have enough backin and yayo should've stayed 50's hype man

    Straws The Plk

    U niggas need help

  66. BlaZiN718

    Banks killed this

  67. Masculine Confidence Building - Max Bugatti

    Bugatti Skyline Productions


    Max Bugatti my g

  68. Michael B

    fab hop off the track sick of going from first verse to third. plk snippets of him over everyones career put together any genre any time 💯😪

  69. Sids Father

    Banks is so underrated.

    Something Clever

    yeah he is! It's a damn shame

    Abdullah Shpatollaj


    umphrey mcgeee

    so is fab tho, there is no comp mixtapes are so sick compared to his mainstream and the soul tapes are right there too.. so many people only know his mainstream stuff which is sad tbh cuz he kills the game

  70. Michael B

    embarrassing that anyone is allowed on the same beat as plk.


    lmao big daddy Kane or rakim? dumb ass kool g rap is lyrically way better than those two and banks is the new kool g rap but improved so respect it pussy nobody is as lyrical listen to aon liu, fno, Halloween havoc, Halloween havoc 2, Cold corner, Cold corner 2, Return of the plk, 4-30-08 1 and 2, V5, V6, Money in the bank 1 through 5, just to name a few he has way more content than your favorite rapper lyrical bars for days you are just a hating ass bitch for not acknowledging it go stuff yourself back inside your mother's giant pussy hole and die hater.

    Michael B

    Etr0 dont wake up tomorrow. three seconds of red polo freestyle/all of his over those losers careers stacked together, two seconds of any mixtape, one second of any poetry off aonliu 😰🔥🔨

    Michael B

    Etr0 plk greatest the poet of all time by a zillion miles, close your ears the rest of your time on earth.

    Michael B

    Etr0 two seconds of any blue song over nas career, only one second of aonliu 💯👊🙏😫🔥

    Straws The Plk

    @Matthew go listen to the first tracks off of aonliu and fno then come back and apologize to everybody here

  71. Chris P. Bacon

    I wish meek millz would throw a diss towards lloyd banks

    Jai-El Johnson

    Come on man you know Meek will kill himself as soon as Banks responds.

    Chris P. Bacon

    +Jai-El Johnson lmao yea you not lying haa

    David Juarez

    thats suicide, Cassidy already destroyed meek but meek fans base kept him alive

    Jai-El Johnson

    @***** REAL TALK. THAT'S !!100

    Straws The Plk

    Don't even joke like that

  72. arturo bellot

    This is so sick where is the views?


    Don't worry, now that I found this the views wil come in big numbers...

    Dougie Fresh

    +Adi Anarchy bahah i know right. found this couple years back i must be responsible for at least half of these lol

    brendan mell

    chew a chud dougie..


    arturo bellot the views are too busy going to these mumble jumbos

  73. underlordd

    This beat is fuckin deadly yo fahhkk you mean

  74. Kenosis

    i feel sorry for the guy who make this beat .. they basically rape the beat yoo .....

  75. The White Wolf

    I remember when this came out. That was a great summer. We need that cc3 now Banks.

  76. freemaxbbb

    Shoe boxing that kittyyyyyyyyy

  77. Steffan Brown

    Drop a video or two monetize your music ur over due for a project big homie.

  78. All or Nothing

    Big L better than Banks or no?


    +Get Banged PLK #1

    Tito Toela

    Big L is the real Punch Line King like it or not, his freestyles are awful ? You trippin homie

    Straws The Plk

    Nowhere near the same level as Banks lyrically try to catch them punchlines from Banks big L had nice punchlines for those years but if anyone come with punchlines like those now it would be considered as simple

    Straws The Plk

    @Tito Toela he started the Punchline thing but Banks perfected it and took to way higher levels

    Tito Toela

    @Straws The Plk Banks is nice as fuck but L > Banks imo

  79. Money Team

    Banks flow is too raw so therefor his style will always be somewhat superior to Fab's mellow flow. But Jadakiss on the other hand...

    Alex Gallegos

    Fab was around before Lloyd

    Matt S

    If Banks put it down like he did in the last 1:30 of this song more often then he'd be close to Fab


    Banks better than all them yall niggas smokin dust! The only rapper who deserves to be mentioned amongst banks in terms of continous multi syllable rhyming, punchlines, and flow is kool g rap.

    Straws The Plk

    @All or Nothing Banks evolved from that a long time ago but back then big L was the lyrical God everyone else rhymes wasn't ready

    Straws The Plk

    @DASH! Banks killed that track but they all went hard

  80. HNB

    Em, banks, pac, 50, game. My top 5 You do the ranks.


    @HNB18 wtf are you including the game for???


    @FrnnkEducation Think he is a great mc, you cant deny that. A lot of aggresion in his style, thats just my top 5. I dont put him in the top 5 GOATs doa, i would rather put nas in that instead of game 

    Michael B

    +HNB18 1. banks 2. lloyd 3. blue 4. christopherlloyd 5. plk

  81. Sinn


  82. Picked You Off

    Banks is the best rapper of this era 

  83. Eric MacPhee

    Eminem the best ya crazy... Em not on earth either banks fab good but not fucking with em..

    Eric MacPhee

    Haha mr mike you have no idea what you saying... Go night night nikka!!!

    Michael B

    @Eric MacPhee
     10 seconds of housepride, natural, lead the blind etc > every eminen song combined. 10 seconds of the sprint, can she live _ all the way back to halloween havoc  80sbaby


    @Eric MacPhee i like em but he's overrated

    Quimane Richardson

    Eric MacPhee gtfoh , em the most creative rapper of all time , that's where it ends

    Straws The Plk

    Em nice but even he admitted Banks is better

  84. Alvin Williams

    I need that Banks Ft. Cassidy track im just not sure I'd be able to digest that many BARS

  85. cdubgetatme

    As curious as a white girl that hear sumn in a scary movie

  86. StarSilver96

    911 I like to report my roof missin🚗💨💨

  87. Kevin Ridenour

    Hoe get off my fitted

  88. Vonn Villuminati

    Illest nigga around that's one hell of a hospital bill 👌🔥🔥🔥💯

  89. Hunter White


    Hunter White


  90. Hunter White

    Lloyd and Fab goes hard on this

  91. Nu Kirk

    waddup fif brought out fab for summer jam we need another banks and fab colab they compliment each others flows nicely....

  92. marco tony

    banks and fabolous should do a joints album

  93. Banko David

    One of my fave songs and has been since it came out

  94. Michael B

    lloyd is out of this galaxy, everyone else is very human.



  95. l3lackjax

    man hes just always killin it

  96. Abdelhadi Tazrouti

    Now i need my car damn

  97. Michael B

    sorry fab your pretty good, you got to be fast forwared every time. not your fault - its the #1 musician dead or alive, he makes everyone on the same beat look like a fukin preschooler

    DontchaWorry Boutiiit

    fab killed this too ... 2 words... YA BUGGIN


    Da Crew I fucks with banks and fab but banks buzz is not as big as fab and he don't sell out like fab. Fab street songs and females songs do way better and his swag is 10x better fab might be the best in NYC right now. Compare albums fab has a lot more heat and his mixtapes do better. Ever heard about summertime shootout


    Michael B you must have been high the day you wrote that over any jay written boy a street jay will kill anybody on the mic cut it out


    Michael B Yo yo yo dont worry everybody i got this, ima big blue fan but he aint never made not 1 soul tape so how can he better a better overall artist than Fab......

    Straws The Plk

    I agree