LL Cool J - Old School New School Lyrics

Classic, uh, uh, uh
I'd like to welcome ya'll to Exit 13
My name is LL Cool J
R. Leslie on the track, uh, uh, uh

[LL Cool J]
I told ya'll that I would make a killing
I told ya'll I blow like Mount St. Helen's
I told ya'll I'm the truth, they paint me like a villain
Sick on paper, the inch to penicillin
I told ya'll the real, they started catching feelings
Muthafuck 'em all, throw ya L's to the ceiling
Cool J, still hotter than a helicopter crashing in lava
Still sweeter to the ladies than a box of Godiva
Music industry is like a game of cops and robbers
Too many Indians, no chiefs to follow
What I'm sowing today, I be reaping tomorrow
So here's some joyful bars, to replace your sorrow
I'm beyond a legend, I'm iconic
Fall off, rebuild, your man's bionic
Put your trust in me, I never let you down
I always come up with a way to checkmate these clowns
I effeminate these clowns, trynna take me down
Ask Puffy and Nas, who 'hates me now'
The Phenomenon, ladies love the don
I give 'em an ear-gasm, they can't keep calm

[Chorus: LL Cool J]
Old school, new school, need to learn though
I burn baby burn like disco inferno
Old school, new school, need to learn though
I burn baby burn like disco inferno

[LL Cool J]
I told ya'll that I was coming back
I told ya'll I ain't going out like that
I told ya'll I was the greatest to ever rap
And I built Def Jam and took a piss on the map
I told ya'll, I wasn't like the other cats
I'm fresh like a Wii, them niggas playing jacks
They all a bunch of a rats, they copying off 2Pac's stats
Wearing tuxedos to hide they tight speedo
Chains is tucked in, I'm incognito
Fuck with your ego, and touch your girl's labito
There will never be on flyer, LL Cool J
Taking you higher and higher
The wire, the GOAT, the grand sire
Who good at 24's if you want flat tires
Telling your soul and then performing with a choir
People, please, don't listen to these liars
Ladies and gentlemen, these, niggas is selling you up
Bunch of irrelevant shit, it's not intelligent, is it?
My shit's exquisite, don't follow the yellow brick road
Them niggas faking like the Wizard


[LL Cool J]
Is it really possible I'm this hot?
LL Cool J, still on top?
24 years, I ain't forget the block
You can ask my Jay in the shop
Linden Boulevard, little Coupe, big rocks
Real estate only, I ain't fucking with the stocks
Why not, so our grandkids could feed they grandkids
And they grandkids, can feed they damn kids
And Collin Park throw ya hands in the air
Jump before I turn 'em in a Cool J affair
My word is my bond, every summer I'm there
Ya'll can jump double dutch while I'm laying in the cut
I told ya'll I wasn't giving up
I told ya'll, I can jump on tracks and switch the rhythm up
Do work, treat rap like a ripped skirt
Sow it up, rep your hood, nigga, throw it up
You'd been standing by my side for years
Sold out concerts, screams and cheers
Front row T-Shirt, L, we here
I bought every album, too many to count 'em
Watch your movies, your the only good thing about 'em
Todd Smith jeans, I can't live without 'em
And the only thing I want from you
Is for you to keep doing that shit you do

[Chorus 2x]

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LL Cool J Old School New School Comments
  1. Mlungisi Zulu

    Jim it's time for the Drums Jim

  2. Herlon Edmondson

    2019! 💪

  3. Teflon Eibeat

    Dr Dre Sounds the same

  4. Preston Parring

    Still listening in 2018 <3

  5. Andrew Flood


  6. Kage Level

    RYAN LESLIE THE GENIUS! HISTORY! 2018 real music is timeless!

  7. MrGrelink

    Jamel debouzze ?

  8. Merce Mercero

    ....I'm really feeling this joint by LL Cool J!

  9. Ach3ron of Atlantis

    Jim its time for the drums

  10. Namdev

    Ryan Leslie produced this beat. killa. @ryanleslie

  11. Nyamdorj Turbat

    Black Mozart


    Real rap; still loving LL Cool J.


    the finest lyricist to ever grace the steel piece....mic play at its best

  14. Kay Flip

    I'm pretty sure people know the chorus is from who shot ya and LL isn't just hoping you didn't know that, lol. It's called a tribute. You lil kids don't know anything about hip hop.

    Kay Flip

    Hah, and Biggie was quoting the Tramps. Rappers are always quoting other music.

    CM17 vlogz

    Kay Flip I’m pretty sure this song was raleased before who shot ya

    Samuel Barnett Jr.

    Kay Flip shut up he came you riding oak butt get off my rap site!

    CM17 vlogz

    Kay Flip like when Eminem said he’s not like james tod smith ( don’t try your luck)

  15. Tuvshinbayar Narmandakh

    cool legend

  16. Bruce Hair

    ll cool j was the first king of rap dont hate if it was not for him we mite have hiphop to day never for get were you come from even if you dont like him show your respect for what we have to day cause of him so if you dont like him and dont like him but love hiphop just dont say any thing cause he made hiphop what it is today

    Just The Facts

    Bruce Hair facts culture , the dress code , the slang all came from him

  17. Jon Erik Aarhus Hansen

    @Missy Cedarbridge Former legend and future legend, keep your hating for yourself as long as its way off... 

  18. Jon Erik Aarhus Hansen

    @Missy Cedarbridge Are you for real???? I hope its the drugs talking... 

  19. karim 1324

    Ryan on the beat !!



  21. scski44


    Paul Turn'd Up Schmidt

    scski44 me to

  22. mouad rtimi

    R-less is a genuis

  23. Good Timez

    nice breakbeat :)

  24. LGKids

    LL flowing the whole track and todays tryers be acting like they running out of flow and talent! This kind of stuff would burn the stations down just by putting it on the wheels! Peace!


    older song back in day

  26. Arkam Slama

    si toi aussi tu es là pcq tu as vue le spectacle de djamel :D

  27. kalachnikov23452


  28. Simonio3421

    Come on Jim ! Let's go Jim !

  29. Music Monster Beatz

    ryan leslie is GOD

  30. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    Shout out to my nigga R-Les for dis beat man. Dis beat be fire and my man LL killed it lyrically as well

  31. Jonas Bernet

    knock daa streeet wit da mic


    @92pacalypsee LL mayne

  33. Hazel Z

    HOT....love it!

  34. igotashield

    still hotter than a helicopter crash into lava.

    lol xD

  35. GangstaLatif

    LL Cool J & R-Les. Classic Rapper & Amazing Producer!

  36. Mohamed

    its an ll cool j song but the highest rated comments are for ryan leslie... shows how awesome r les is

  37. reelest

    @Freakmidget07 Ryan produced the track and Like A Radio.

  38. danny d

    Rless is da mann!!

  39. Adil Ezzaam

    Nice song, but he swag jacked Biggie on the chorus

  40. Loic Reviews

    @JohnF30Music You BOB reminds you of that flow ?

  41. wodey

    WTF is wrong with you people ? this is the hardest song of the album
    stop hating

    Paul Turn'd Up Schmidt

    wodey damn right

  42. ethrez

    @JohnF30Music you mean outkast - bombs over bagdad?

  43. John F30

    the flow reminds me of BOB

  44. John F30

    @Freakmidget07 he made the beat

  45. Missy Cedarbridge

    @Freakmidget07 LL cool J sucks any rapper can keep on rapping that bull LL never been a top rapper no matter what you LL cock sucking fans say LL weak and will always be

    Lord Kevin

    A 'LL hater for no reason,no respect for hiphop,you must be 16 huh?

  46. Missy Cedarbridge

    he aint sayin nothin new nothin new he not sayin nothin new see I know what he going to say before he run his lyric's threw more lies and more lies yep line after line after line after line

  47. Adil Ezzaam

    swag jacked biggie

  48. Bill Silvia

    @02Stratus Yeah I don't mind it when it's done well, though I do have a personal preference that I'd be less likely to consider it biting if they mention the original artist somewhere in the track (that's an old debate of course). It's just when you take a line that was expertly written for a specific flow, and then recite it and it sounds like garbage, it's almost like you're spitting on the person you're supposedly paying homage to.

  49. Rajah Siddhartha

    Damn...LL this was wacker than wack.

    Paul Turn'd Up Schmidt

    Rajah Siddhartha idiot

  50. Dreelamb

    If a Task is once begun, Never leave Until it's Done. Be the labor Great or Small, Do it Well or Not at all. Yes! You're still Hot!!! haha. Thanks! Blessings, ~Andree' Smith

  51. ethrez

    one of my favs from exit 13, this shit is like sayin ll cool j is far from being old to rap;)


    i like it all but my fav is rockin with the goat, ring tone murder and it's time for war

  53. lilxlondanet

    Best Track in Exit 13

  54. ninjazz66

    This is hot.

  55. bboyShank

    Next Selection Lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Alessio Lehgo

    R-LES prod


  57. Rob Fitzgerald

    ryan leslie is bomb.

  58. johadholic

    oooooo shiiit !! so good ! crazy beat !! crazy lyrics !! real nice job R.les !! also LL made a great job ...!!!! old school new school !!!!

  59. abiniz

    i burn baby burn like disco inferno? wtf

  60. LUKA

    ryan leslie makes the best beats

    this song is the shit

  61. reelest

    Now this is fire here.Yet another theme for me 'cause I'm NEW OLD SCHOOL.

  62. jaydeacon

    ryans beats are just fire!

  63. SupremeStylz

    didnt 50 bite disco inferno from big O.O :D
    its just respect...

  64. rangerx125

    wow ya it is

  65. wasddd_

    R Les is the king!


    Check out speeding on the highway

  67. zaire718

    He has some hits on this album.

    Lord Kevin

    Another classic from album from the goat.