LL Cool J - It's Time For War Lyrics

Welcome to Exit 13
I am your host
LL Cool J

[Verse 1]
You said I was finished
And Father Time was the blame
You disrespected my legacy
And threw dirt on my name
Told DJs he's over
He ain't spittin' the same
What he says is irrelevant
Hip-Hop culture has changed
When I walk in the room
Young boys look at me strange
As if I am a relic
From some long forgotten game
It makes my blood boil
Turns my eyes to flames
I built an empire
They tried to kick me out in the rain
So I called on an inner power
It's hard to explain
It's like a holy spirit
Utilizing Hip-Hop slang
I'm beyond the gold grills
And logos on chains
You see I changed rap forever
I elevated the game
Launched the greatest label
In the history of rap
And for 24 years
I carried it on my back
I've always shined brighter
When I'm under attack
I might be down for a moment
But I always come back

It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war (Uh, yeah)
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war (Check it)
It's time for war

[Verse 2]
This is a resurrection
I'm back from the dead
They told me quit a long time ago
But I conquered instead
I had dreams and visions
Swirling around in my head
I had this hunger deep inside of me
That has to be fed
Hip-Hop will respect
All the blood that I shed
I have a covenant with God
I have swallowed the bread
Hip-Hop my co-defendant
With this mic I thee wed
I made an entire generation
Obey what we said
I'm talkin' France to Germany
From Italy to Japan
From London to Belgium
To Afghanistan
From Farmers Boulevard
Smokin' a blunt with my man
To writin' rhymes on a ironing board
To build Def Jam
You see, I'm the undisputed
King of all Hip-Hop
Everything after is my legacy
Like it or not
And I will keep making history
I can't stop
LL Cool J
Eternally hot

It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war (Uh)
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war

[Verse 3]
Look at how easily I flipped it
And switched the style around
Competition losin' their footing
I see them falling down
They will plot against me
It kills them because I'm ballin' now
Some of y'all didn't pick up the phone
But I got you callin' now
This is a job that must get done
Even if I become public enemy number one
If I had to pick up an Uzi
That weighs over a ton
I will attack Hip-Hop
Until competition is none
Nobody on God's earth wants it with L
You end up tortured
And trapped in psychological hell
And this is the beginning
Of a new era in rap
LL Cool J, feel the impact
It's okay if you call it a comeback
And let them know
I'm ready for combat
Tell those dumb motherfuckers to fall back
The crown looks wrong on your head
I want that

It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war
It's time for war

It's time for war

It's time for war

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LL Cool J It's Time For War Comments
  1. NYC PoLo


  2. Mista_Fur

    I feel this way with playing video games...Been playing them for 32 years and probably have more Ws than all these kids combined.

  3. Ronald Miller

    TBDBITL (OSUMB) Brought me here.

  4. Worldstar 2.0

    This is my favorite pump up song!

  5. TheVenomizer !


  6. Trenton Hobbs

    The theme song on Michigan week for the Ohio State Buckeyes

  7. t23sp Hawesome


  8. Yert Nott Us

    Go buckeyes!!!

  9. Mason Talaeai

    This is my favorite gym song🔥

  10. Ghost Bey

    Be ready city 😂 no warnings

  11. Ghost Bey

    About to cut yoll assup

  12. Baq Alfaham

    I’m getting this workout in ...fire

  13. Samuel Barnett Jr.

    L L Cool J hard!

  14. Deepak Shankar

    still a bad ass anthem!!!!!

  15. Lin kuei warrior kamaal

    Nobody on God's earth wants it with L you'll end up torched and trapped in psychological hell

  16. Lions Redemption

    Go Bucks ! Beat Xichigan

  17. Martin Xayachack

    I'll never forget how much people hatrd this man .

  18. Zinn's Tiger Town Mowers

    Who’s listening in 2019?? I am. Great football practice song. Enjoyed it right towards the end of practice and was played back to back 3 times some days but most days twice

  19. Michael Smith

    I built an empire they tried to kick me out in the rain!!!!

  20. Dempsey Pell

    NC TAR HEELS !!!!

  21. charles ratcliff

    He still got it!!!!

    Nick santangelo

    charles ratcliff BARS

  22. kylew1133

    GO BLUE!!!! F**K OSU!!!

  23. Dude on the internet

    "This isn't just a game, this is war"

    -Woody Hayes

    Trenton Hobbs

    Go Bucks, beat Michigan.
    #OH #IO


    We don’t give a damn about the whole state of Michigan

  24. Hellfire3465

    Go bucks

  25. Stepkov K

    Absolutely smashed that s***

  26. Zane Lynx

    I pretend to punch 🥊 the evil doers in my boxers when I put this song on. I am black belt in shadow boxing. IT TIME WAR! LLcool J! FIGHT WITH ME LLCOOL J!!

  27. Mr Shurman

    My theme coming to the ring to fight the guy who I lost too last time. IT'S TIME FOR WAR!

  28. Buckeye Fanatic

    Urban Meyer is going to rip this country apart. It’s time

  29. Aquavator Gaming

    This is my football intro

  30. Martin Xayachack

    The evolution of LL is just remarkable. Nothing but props .

  31. Curtis Blow

    Foot note; FUCK Def jam

  32. RedSkaal

    This is LL's best imo

    Eddie -

    RedSkaal I agree. This song gets me so pumped

  33. Wohali Godali

    Savage. Should play it when ww3 starts. Lol


    With trump as president it's bound to happen sooner or later

  34. Lorenzo Perry

    My favorite rapper Mr'll cool j in the house for real

  35. Deasia Skipwith

    So he going have a new single soon

  36. Erisa Coleman

    I love how he went in on this song lol

  37. #NothingNeal #AlienFrequency Neal

    The crown looks small on your head, i want that...

  38. James Blazsik

    Go Buckeyes!

  39. Writer 456

    Im going to war with my wallet for these greedy fucks in the game industry enough is enough ive had fuck it im done

    Writer 456

    2 Tunechi fuck these greedy fucks and fuck the game industry im done like if you agree its time for us gamers to unite its over enough is enough! Fuck them 👆and fuck apple if had enough of them too

    Writer 456

    2 Tunechi lol thanks for the compliment

    Writer 456

    2 Tunechi 😂

    Writer 456

    2 Tunechi ha ha lol

    Writer 456

    2 Tunechi lol

  40. Jerry Simpson

    ll cool j is back old school better then new school

  41. Gray Fox

    86 haters was here

  42. reginald fowler

    def jam Play ll cool j like they did t tlarock

  43. Chris Anderson

    Who knew LL could actually spit

    Frank Mack

    everyone with some sense

  44. Tebogo Ralefatsane

    cool jam by llcoolj

  45. Dalia Earthsign

    Great Song! Don't Mess With Capricorns!

  46. SIR Grant


  47. Byron Grant

    the greatest of all time

    Derenik Baghdasarian

    He fucked with thst shit authentic album

  48. Michael Starks

    🔥 fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  49. dexter hubbard

    damn thats venom!

  50. Jamel Griffin

    He came back from the dead 💀 too tell rappers that he will stay so conquering and too let em know he still LL cool j fo life

  51. The Elusive Man


  52. Jade Girl

    This reminds me of Alexander Hamilton.

  53. Dustin Shaw

    Between LL Cool J, J Cole, Eminem, or Hopsin?....Hell they all the G.O.A.T!

  54. Aaron Dennis

    Writin rhymes on an ironin board to biuld Def Jam. #Classic

  55. David Griffin

    Do you think this song also should be on WWE 2K18 Soundtrack?

    Juan Serrano

    David Griffin why would they put a great song on a trash game lol

  56. floveail

    Tight product and delivery, but the lyrical assault SCREAMS Eminem. VERY few artists could have created anything this fierce and deep (*see "Lose Yourself", 8Mile) and Im sorry, but LL aint one of 'em. I aint throwin' shade, LL is BAD (*Get It?!?), but this song takes someone who has experienced TRUE hatred, loss, love, and osterization  in their life-and that is almost CERTAINLY Eminem in this case.


    You mean Eminem screams LL !!

    Osia Wideman

    floveail you must be smoking crack

  57. Tyron Pouncey

    Steelers pats tomorrow it's gonna be a war

  58. tracker 292

    army of 2 the 40th day

  59. K Singh

    thanks edp445

  60. SuitingWolf90


  61. mcteeosupreme

    Young boys look at me strange, as if I am a relic from some long forgotten game.... Sums up the state of what they are now trying to pass off as hiphop. These new rap clowns cannot hold a matchstick to Cool J or emcees like him and they act like he's the one with the problem in hiphop.

  62. The PlzStimMeDoc

    I love it! its hard to find music , that reflects a spiritual change in yourself , So i'm not alone? fantastic.

  63. Andre Thornton

    Nobody On Gods Earths Want It With L

  64. Sean Patton

    ll cool j should dis drake for being fake because he is disrespecting he legacy and trowing dirt on his name

    Leo Bookman

    Sean Patton yet hes making more money than any "cool" dude sitting at home hating from his laptop or smart phone....

    Sean Patton

    for one I'm not hating on him I actually like drake and two it was a joke smart ass

    Leo Bookman


    Telly Hudson

    +Leo Bookman you better tell em' LL!!!!! You tell em'!!!!! I grew up with you..Im a 76 baby....you rep the hip-hop!!!! Always always loved and idolized your work and you gave so many artists a chance to get there name out there by letting them spit on your albums

  65. PhatboyD

    He should have made a video for this song when he was promoting this album. It would have shown more people how good the album was.


    I agree but this was a rush album. To TKO some people in the game.

  66. Percy Johnson


  67. lifestraight

    He got the "I Need Love" flow on this track. He should have sped his flow up, added some multi-syllable rhymes, and added something else to the chorus.

  68. Merce Mercero

    LL killed this track!

    Merce Mercero

    "Hip Hop will respect all the blood that I shed!" That is the illest verse in the song!

  69. Devil13

    L.L. went full blast, BEASTMODE!!! And I don't blame him, hip hop/rap is sooooo lame in the game these days!!! Todays rappers talk a lot but ain't sayin shit!!! Sound like stretched out, wore out tapes....if you are my age, you get it lol......😞

  70. Timothy Little

    All seriousness this song is awesome did any body else get here from that vine about Sparta cause this song makes me want to go to war

  71. Rello Montana

    LL spazzed on this shit! They sleep on LL lyrical skills real shit I fucks with LL music to the death!!!! When he’s focused HE IS DEADLY WITH THE RHYMES!!!!

    Rello Montana

    +Kamaal Bartley fa sho fam and that's 💯


    I'm with cha dog

    Rello Montana


  72. Andrew Flood


  73. Darren

    no instrumental :/

  74. The Guy Who Posts

    MDickie brought me here


    Same here :) ITS TIME FOR WAR!

  75. Emmanuel Hampton

    LL Cool J ''The man who Revolutionized Rap''

    emmanuel retarted

    +Emmanuel Hampton its true guys! Emmanuel Hampton said so!

    Rikel Wirkkunen

    LL is one of the best but he’d have never became what he is without other greats of the era like Rakim

  76. Emmanuel Hampton

    He helped make Def Jam the company it is today who does that

    Steven Dodds

    Exactly mate ✌ G.O.A.T

    Wado Loco Rap Cds and More WADO LOCO KIN KADE

    @+Steven Dodds - HE Got Goat out of the OLD Testament in the Holy Bible. He knows the War, Punks like Rakim burn alive forever. AMEN


    Beastie Boys too

  77. Working Hard

    he was the best in the game.real RAP,1st one to be sign to deff jam ,dont forget everybody who loves these other non rappers today need to not say anything at all ,all i have to say

    Royalty Poetry

    He wasn't just sign he help def jam

    Royalty Poetry

    Help build it

  78. Cat Daddy

    From Finland. Came here to listen this song cause our military sends 900k letters to all soldiers in Finland in couple weeks. BRING IT ON RUSKIES!

  79. Jimm Smegg

    This dude is giving himself way to much credit. Don't get me wrong he was very influential but he's not rakim or anything

    Maeghan Rose

    @Jimm Smegg Who's rakim? lmao


    @Maeghan Rose If you're serious; feel bad about yourself.


    @K2DaG8080 You mean the dude who fell off? And now is rapping with a sell out linkin park

    cali yeezy


    Anthony Smith

    Jimm Smegg don't forget it's eric b & rakim so he doesn't even get top biliiing haha

  80. Chris M

    Go Buckeyes! F&%$ Michigan!


    Chris M Go Michigan Fuck Ohio

  81. Bruce Atchley


    Charlie Clark

    Bruce Atchley won again today!

  82. Alex A-Block Rowe

    Go Bucks.....Beat Michigan. Urban Meyer plays this song all week for the buckeye players. "Its Time for WAR" O-H

    Dakota Salyers

    Undefeated So Far!

    Bringback Tupac

    Alex A-Block Rowe same for this year to fuck ya lets go bucks

    Charlie Clark

    Alex A-Block Rowe beat em again this year!!

    Brent Moury

    Exactly why I'm listening to this song right now, Buckeyes play in 2 days and I'm so ready for it. I can't wait for THE game.

  83. E W

    Buakaw "the white lotus" :D

  84. Yiğit Zeren

    i remember my basketball days, i listened this song everyday again and again.. damn i miss those great days, now im injured guys.

  85. Hizzer Edits


    Achilles MMA

    +Hizzer Edits Miss when i watched weidman vs machida promo... Hope weidman get back stronger

    Hizzer Edits

    he's a beast.  He'll become much better

    Telly Hudson

    LL do what you gotta do!!!! I will always support you!!! I grew up with you

  86. 5616steph

    You took out "the spider" weidman twice and I respect that now try taking out his friend "The Dragon"  

  87. Zoran Horus

    war war war

  88. Emilio Yap

    UFC 175!

  89. ReaperOwl

    This is a True Legend

  90. Fotis Manelides


    Antonio Diaz

    Rightttt ! very good for training! its on my playlist since years :)

  91. rockjawinc

    this song can hunt

  92. Chalie El

    this ni66a is a fool GOAT

  93. Puma Gnosis

    true legend..

  94. GAMEZONE52

    this is very nice

  95. BamaDillon

    Meanwhile the lyrics of 2013 rap songs:
    Bitch dis nigga yeh mane I shot dey gurl den get huh pureganant fuk dat pussay