LL Cool J - Imagine That Lyrics

[LL Cool J]
I just want you to fantasize with imagination
Know what I'm saying, uh yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah I like that
Give me some more, some more of my vocals
You know sex 'em up a little bit
You know what I mean?

You're the honey that I see when I'm riding by
The one giving me a feeling that I can't deny
You got the Prada boots on suede hitting your thigh
Acting like my chrome twenties ain't catching your eye
Sometimes I slow down catch the ass in the mirror
Turn the fog lights on to see the legs more clearer
You're turning me on, keep me standing up
I wish that I could prove to you that I'm man enough
I come up to your job and handcuff your boss
Throw that nigga in the closet and turn the lights off
Then sit you up on the copy machine
Make copies of your kitten with my chin in between
Then I'll take you to the window so the world can see
Baby I'm down on my knees let your world be free
Pearl tongue, come get up on this desk with me
Multiple orgasms is your destiny
Wet dream, ride like you're going to Queens
Like I just gave you fifty thou and ya just turned 18
To hell with your boss
Let that nigga hear you scream
Sounding like that screech on the fax machine
Then we can take it to the ladies bathroom
Make your mascara run till you look like a racoon
Touch yourself baby tell me it's wet
Squeeze tight so I'll never forget, here we go

[LeShaun (LL Cool J)]
I'ma get you for your paper
Make you leave you girl
(Imagine that)
Make you trick on me around the world
(Imagine that)
Have you calling me your ultimate thrill
(Imagine that)
I got you whipped tell your niggas to chill

[LL Cool J (LeShaun)]
I'ma hit you in the backseat and tell you to slide
(Imagine that)
Me and my fold got my broads collide
(Imagine that)
Knocking girls off two at a time
(Imagine that)
Disrespect you and still make you mine

Uh, imagine I'm your teacher and you stayed after school
You've been a bad girl you broke all the rules
Forgot your homework, chewed gum in class
And the only way to fix it is to give me some ass
I got a three piece suit on sitting at my desk
I kinda need a shave but my body smell fresh
You're wearing a plad skirt and long white socks
The vibe is thick baby, we both red hot
I kiss your neck unbutton your blouse
Let my fingers make circles on the edge of your mouth
Your apple's so ripe I'm your tutor for life
Got your beggin' me to put you on detention tonight
You could read the Iliad and the whole Odyssey
But no Trojan soldier scold you like me
Match the calculus then measure my frequency
But when you blast on my lap that's the highest degree
Put your hands on the chalkboard scratch it with ya nails
Give me goose pimples when ya put yo tounge on my dimples
Baby feel me now you got yo ass suspended
Got a letter for your parents but I didn't wanna send it
I stopped by the crib you invited me in
You convinced me somehow to sip some juice and gin
Then you take me to your parent's room and laid me on my back
You twisting, kissing ya fist like that
Rubber meets the road till the tire goes flat
I filled it up with air again baby hold that
You a bad girl look you got your sheets all wet
Squeeze tight so i never forget the teacher's pet

[LeShaun (LL Cool J)]
I'ma get you for your paper
Make you leave you girl
(Imagine that)
Make you trick on me around the world
(Imagine that)
Have you calling me your ultimate thrill
(Imagine that)
I got you whipped tell your niggas to chill

[LL Cool J (LeShaun)]
I'ma hit you in the backseat and tell you to slide
(Imagine that)
Me and my fold got my broads collide
(Imagine that)
Knocking girls off two at a time
(Imagine that)
Disrespect you and still make you mine

You was laughing with your girlfriends, sippin' a drink
When I came up from behind you and wrapped you with my mink
Guided you to the dance floor and held you tight
We in the Tunnel in the back with the dim red lights
I'm rocking the tank top baby nothing but ice
You rocking the baby tee and mini skirts and spikes
The club is so black we can't see our own hands
I know you feel that bulge through them Fubu pants
You bold huh, wanna feel it in your hands
Rub your ass all up on it cause you know that I want it
God gave you beauty and you love to flaunt it
Life is a song, you were born to perform it
Drink the Cristal at the same time
Get intoxicated till we lose are minds
The crowd seperated as we start to shine
I lift you in the air your skirt starts to climb
We tongue kiss deep in front of the whole crowd
The lights start to flash the music is too loud
We hit the back door and jump in the limousine
You pull up your skirt I put some ice in between
You're tired from the dancing so I kiss your feet
Even though we outside I hear the bass from the beat
Funkmaster Flex chop it up for the freaks
DJ Enuff make the mommies wanna creep
No problem uh mi spouse no aqui
Tu muy caliente tu vamos con mi
Si mami I'm the chaffer make it whip
Take a ride bet you never forget
Here we go

[LeShaun (LL Cool J)]
I'ma get you for your paper
Make you leave you girl
(Imagine that)
Make you trick on me around the world
(Imagine that)
Have you calling me your ultimate thrill
(Imagine that)
I got you whipped tell your niggas to chill

[LL Cool J (LeShaun)]
I'ma hit you in the backseat and tell you to slide
(Imagine that)
Me and my fold got my broads collide
(Imagine that)
Knocking girls off two at a time
(Imagine that)
Disrespect you and still make you mine

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LL Cool J Imagine That Comments
  1. Aliyah Nicole

    He said her apple is so ripe is he talking about her butt being nice. Or her vag being good

  2. Queen T

    Love Love Love!❤️

  3. bbygal rea

    Disrespect you and still make you mine 😂

  4. Clayton Allen

    Please come back and dominate the music again. We need real true music!!

  5. Pao Brown

    Rockwilder was a fool for this beat

  6. Cells HD

    I mad that all those 230 plus lbs "men" got bent over like that and spanked. Including L L! Major suspect smdh

  7. Coke Wave

    Forgt bout this 1 LL got them Hits🙌🙌💪

  8. Adam Gordon

    You can spot Rockwilder’s beats from a mile 🔥🔥

  9. Lashonda Williams

    That's how me and hubby will be at my work place lol in the decorations closet lmbo

  10. Lashonda Williams

    Hot song who listening to this in 2019

  11. Dannie Harrington


  12. Tyhler Novac

    This song Samples of Average White Bands ... School Boy Crush.

  13. Tyhler Novac

    From 0:16- 0:23 Sounds like Eminem fall sample

  14. ShowSports Gaming

    He always n the whip in his vids!! playa shit

  15. Joseph Briggs

    This is my joint, real rap, not sing singy crap

  16. Jack Lyons

    Rap city 😍😍😍😍😍

  17. james reed

    My man Daddy yo he is a real freak he is 60 years old but he is a Amal Heather pastor AKA hizzle

  18. Paul Watson

    Kelly prize

  19. Paul Watson

    Keisha cole

  20. Paul Watson

    Chis brown this girls ain't lody

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    Mase harming world

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    ....Imagine That. LL is still so hot.

  23. Hassan Bradley

    Who remembers watching the making of this video



  25. Chesco

    Name of the 1st chick? <3

  26. steve jobi

    Who came from xvideos 😂😂😂

  27. KiLolo Mack

    I forgot how funny this was. Also...he had to make up for not having homegirl in the Doin It video...

  28. mkellsoo24

    Aye...I forgot bout this song...

  29. Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota

    Old school peace excellent ladies and in my time sexy cleve sublim To you the heart god guard you man and ladies seductive also sexuality respect woman stop hypocrisy the world evolve woman ciao respect ll cool jj

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    Never heard this , and it’s so good

  31. Linda Ramos


  32. Victoria Jasmine

    2019 anyone!!

  33. ill m

    Second only to Rakim LL

  34. Leigh Ann Miller

    I WAS an ACTUAL 'Catholic school girl' with the EXACT outfit as the chick in the video.. and that SAME scenario played out with my 'world religions' teacher in detention one day.. and it was SO SEXY. I guess that's the risk you run teaching 18-year old girls when you're a 20-something man fresh out of college 😘

  35. Geovanny German

    Back when women didn't have to have a plastic ass to be sexy

  36. Jeffrey Saunders


  37. Imar Keizerweerd

    I love these kinda songs...really for the playas,ballers

  38. Fufufusieidk

    Not the original ll cool j

  39. Nobody Cares

    LL is the G.O.A.T!! ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Ish Ish


  41. theitalian556

    The chick in the beginning is 🔥🔥🔥

  42. mg19cal

    Fun fact: this is actually the video shoot where Superhead was discovered. Hype Williams told her that all of the hiring for this video had already been done, but he was going to shoot the "Hey Papi" video for Jay-Z the following week and told her she would be in it. The rest is hip-hop infamy

  43. Charlice Walker

    I love u LL!!!❤❤❤

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    Gotta slide down the pole the beginning of the beat.

  45. imagin4eva

    LL Cool J made hiphop music appealing to the women! He could battle hard core as well as rap sensual lyrics for the girls!

  46. Just The Facts

    2019 still rocking with the GOAT

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    I have 2 copies of the album

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    NO HATE my sisters were are so much more beautiful, with our real assets.

  50. Sheytopia

    I have this as a maxi CD. Anybody here remember these???

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    i can do that to you know Mom ,..?

  52. Teresa Nuku

    You go hard LL! Mean az track!!. X

  53. Sofiane Haciane

    By the way my favourite ll song brilliant

  54. Sofiane Haciane

    Go back to the old school hiphop man this music will stay up there for ever time when music was real music and today music not even close to ariana what ever her name is and rita as well listen and learn

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    said the half man and sin

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    نسيت اكلم حبيبتيي

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    Flex wheeler 2000 Mr O!

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    Long live LL . Real GOAT

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    Love this track

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    that shit was funny especially his facial expressions in the club lol

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    I swear he is the best to ever do it. The video is funny and song is dope

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    Children. NO! NEVER!

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    5he goat

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    LL Cool 😎 J invented the term GOAT with this 2000 album. It was a good album. It’s a shame it didn’t sell better than Ja Rule or Jigga that year. It’s one of the lowest selling #1 first week debut albums ever. LL Cool J is always in my top 5 along with Jay-Z, Nas, Jadakiss and Too Short.

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    HOT 🔥 IN THE

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    He is the most decorated hip hop artist of all time. The beats in his songs are timeless.

  75. Terry Smith

    Nice. Love this song. LL the original ladies man.

  76. Cashawnn Allred

    That's my Dude !! KEEPING RED Brother's Relevant since 85

  77. Finesse Sowell2k16

    My neighbor was in this video throw back #respect

    clarence nyoka

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    Why You Trippin' Deebo

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    dam i wish that was me!!! with all them fine ass ladys! i wouldnt know how to act!! i know that was fun!!

  88. Jaworski Middleton

    In.Study.of Artistry.:
    This scene is always in my memory.:
    Quote. : .unquote.
    That fore' ever bid, well it's not forbidden, now you know,....etc...
    Some one was in trouble that year, I, well om; the music was loud, from some 13" speaker's, next to some sneakers....etc...
    Not the layer?, or was that the trunk?...etc...
    J.M.=Qou.: of the Street-teem.
    Honestmen. Mngmt.
    &. The Street-teem.

    Jaworski Middleton

    J.M.=Killah Bondton.: of the Street-teem.
    Honestmen. Mngmt.
    &. The Street-teem.

  89. Leyla Haroon

    “Disrespect you and still make you mine” gets me every time

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    I wanna hear that song plays in the club in 2018 🔥🔥😏

    All praises To Yahweh

    Frank Fenixx yeah it’s hard to hear this in night clubs, unless you know the dj.

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    yeah! Everyone to the dance floor...i love the song!

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