LL Cool J - Father Lyrics

I swear to tell the truth and nothin but the truth...
so help me GOD
I just felt like tellin the story of my life
Felt like, maybe somebody could be inspired, you know?
We all feel pain, we all go through things
But it's time to overcome all that

[Verse One: LL Cool J]

If your plane crashed in the water and everybody died
would you drown on purpose or try to survive?
I was born handicapped my arm wouldn't move
They called me a cripple pops caught an attitude
Beat my moms smoked lye drove trucks
My moms had a miscarriage, he didn't give a fuck
He sniffed some coke, come home
Beat up on my moms cause she's talkin on the phone
Come on

[Chorus: LL Cool J and singers]

(all I ever wanted)
All I ever wanted
(all I ever needed)
All I ever needed
(was a father)
was a father
(that's all)
That's all!
(all I ever wanted)
All I ever wanted
(all I ever needed)
All I ever needed... was a father
(was a father)

[Verse Two: LL Cool J]

Moms got tired of the beatings said, "Yo, we got to go"
Packed up her bags we bounced out the do'
She said, "I ain't takin these whippin's no mo'
I wanna live to see my little Todd grow"
I remember tear drops on my pops face
Lookin down at me standin on the staircase
Handsome brother with a smooth goatee
Makes me wonder why he act so ugly, you feelin me?
(I'm feelin you)


[Verse Three: LL Cool J]

My pops got drunk when me and my moms bounced
Swigged some Jack Dan', sniffed up a ounce
Grabbed the shotty left Long Isle for Queens
Possesed by a demon... a devil it seemed
I was too young to understand the risk
when your moms come home off the midnight shift
She turned around heard the shotgun click
My pops said, "You think that you could leave me?"
He blasted my moms in the back
She fell down screamin I can't forget that
My grandfather tried to close the do'
He got shot ten times in the stomach yo, for real


[Verse Four: LL Cool J]

My head was spinnin, I had never seen blood
Four years old, this don't feel like love
Anyway, pops dissapeared
Grandpops and moms healed up over the years
This therapist got up in her head
Led her to believe without him she'd be dead
You know, they fell in love with one another
Everything seemed right that's word to mother
until I started gettin beatings everday
Sometimes for going outside to play
Late at night on my knees I'd pray
a young child, wishin the pain would go away
Dad where was you when he made me strip
Beat with belts like a slave with a whip
Kicked me down steps outside in the snow
Punched me in the chest stomped me out on the flo'
That's just the tip of the iceberg look
It's too long for a song but perfect for a book
Word is bond, that's real baby


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LL Cool J Father Comments
  1. Ludu

    I like it

  2. Devon Taylor

    Such a well put together song. That chorus is so powerful. And the choirs that use to sing back in those days were so on point

  3. Visualiza 133

    so many timeless master pieces after master pieces james. so many, but with this one right here man you just nailed it. best wishes from berlin germany. wow another 4 and a half years and you been there for us for 4 decades straight. hats off to an icon.

  4. The Infamous Joel

    Hands down, his best track in an incredible career

  5. oliverrando

    This song was kinda wack

    Alicia Wright

    You bum


    Clearly you have no empathy. Or compassion

  6. Ricky Alton

    Damn. I remember when this came out. I am getting old.

  7. Jack Lyons

    Mtv 😍 1997 😍 phenonom 😍

  8. Jack Lyons

    I remember this 😍

  9. Just The Facts

    LL Cool J makes some good music. Definitely doesnt get the credit he deserves. Maybe he doesnt rap about killing and drugs enough. So sad but very true. He is hated for his good positive tracks...

  10. Judah Cochrane

    Nobody can get shot 10 times in stomach and live to tell about it

  11. Doctor Feline

    seriously underrated album...

  12. angel x

    Takes me back to growing up like 10 listening to this bumpin this much respect

  13. Keith Witcher

    LL Cool J's Father song and music video is a classic. I like George Michael's Father Figure sample. RIP George Michael. I heard LL Cool J talking about his father treating him and his mother bad when LL Cool J was a kid. LL Cool J said at the end of the song that he forgives his father for abusing him and his mother. He should never forgive his father for treating him and his mother bad. I heard LL Cool J say that his father shot his grandfather 10 times in the stomach with a gun. He also shot a gun at LL Cool J's mother. I hate my father who's always been in my life. He's always yelled and cursed at me. My father hates me because I've never been successful at school. I've never kept a job a long time. I've never had a apartment. My father don't ever wanna believe that something is wrong with white people who have fired me from my jobs. My father believes something is wrong with me because I can't keep a full time job. I wish I didn't have a father. LL Cool J's Phenomenon album is terrible LOL. Album cover sucks LOL. I like the pictures inside the cd. I love LL Cool J.

  14. Angel Robles


    Sean Michael

    Never giv up

  15. Cindy, Aly,Carrie smith


  16. Tara Steele

    I was OBSESSED with this song as a teenager

  17. 2 Tunechi

    2 Tunechi
    Father (Single) (2017)

  18. Jenny Chisenga

    Father Figure?

  19. Jaleesa Trevelyan

    His BEST song in my opinion. Tragic and powerful lyrics. Speaking as a fatherless child, I definitely understand his pain. #UNDERRATED

  20. Jamal Sambare

    #TBT MuchMusic Countdown February 13 1998

  21. richard welk iv

    Dear LL Cool J . My name is Richard Welk iv and I am 63 years old . If that job is still open , I am available . I do not have much , but what I do possess , I will share with you .

  22. Princeton Royal Carter II

    real stuff

  23. LaChele

    When it's real, it's real. I was really feelin' you on this one, James Todd. #anditsstillallgood

  24. Daisuke Orihara

    RIP George Michael


    have not heard something so inspirational in a long while

  26. Blueberry40

    Happy Dad's Day

  27. narciso lucas

    som do coração e do passado e pra quem quer mudar de vida

  28. JuicyCouture4Ever247

    He's a SURVIVOR. Be inspired people. Life will get better.

  29. TheDutchyNL

    The censor kills the song

  30. Razor Blade

    Every time I hear this song, my eyes fill up.........


    Razor Blade listen to his song called BIG MAMA

    Sean Michael

    Razor and blade?

    Sean Michael

    Is it okay if I crash at ur place again? My parents missed Woodstock and I've been paying for it ever since... lol

  31. LaKeeta Thomas

     I saw my dad today. Way too late in life for him to be a father now, but I wished him well.

    James Super-J

    It's never too late! I don't know your story, but that's not something you wanna carry in your heart, because once he's dead, you might regret it DEEPLY. Forgiveness is part of self healing. Be blessed.

    LaKeeta Thomas

    @James Buteau Thanks so much for your encouragement. I just saw him again this past Thursday and things went well. So I'm trying to focus on now and not what was. Thanks again!!

    James Super-J

    @Lakeeta Thomas You're very welcome, and I'm glad to hear that you're at least making an effort. Unfortunately majority of men who are fathers have no idea on how to be one, sometimes a helping hand without judging can turn things around. Thanks for sharing, and feel free to stay in touch. Be blessed.

    Nitiesha Murphy

    My father came back into my life when i was 17 and i wish it never happened he had habit of coming in and out of my life

  32. holly pietrzak

    this song samples George michaels father figure in the background

    Ruzaj Genesis

    No they definitely sample George. Looking Through Someone's Eyes (PM Dawn) came out in 1993 and Father (LL Cool J) was released in 1997. George Michael's Father Figure was of course released in 1987 a decade before this song. They both sample George Michael's brilliance who wrote, produced, and arranged the brilliant Father Figure. What else to expect from one of the most covered artist in the world with songs like Last Christmas and Careless Whisper. George was a true innovator, and influential to many in all genre's of music.

    Lordy Belance

    @Ruzaj Genesis Yes. George's music was and still is awesome.

  33. Ermis D

    TRUE THAT !!! 

  34. thereallifez

    luv it is that tamla man singing the background 

  35. Darlene Courtney

    You've come a long way todd. Bless u.u have a lot to be proud of.

  36. Mona Zara

    brilliant song

  37. 1234IZM

    wow. and I thought my absentee father was shit.

  38. Geordan Rowley

    I don't even know what my father looks like, never even seen a picture. But when I was a kid, this song helped me to realize that so many children who know their father,weren't better off.

  39. Twan112785

    My grandfather is my father im glad i have him

  40. Lucifer De Dios

    Realest shit he ever wrote

  41. Rolando Gee

    this around the time he came with his autobiography I make my own rules
    its was riveting bio Im mean LL step fathers was a son of bitch Seriously

  42. nexxt74

    Thank God for My Grandfather, otherwise I wouldn't know what having a father felt like.

  43. John Doe

    No grammy?

  44. nexxt74

    I played this song for my Dad once, and what did he do? Closed the door so I turned it up louder!

  45. Taxi Rider

    This is emotional. Better than rap nowadays.

  46. mike ham

    ☆ :-Loving are boy Cool J back to the old skool homie ☆

  47. Alikah1

    Sounds like a full life!

  48. Big Smoke 5054

    I'm gonna try goin on a 5-Day Spree of listening to nothing but LL Cool J

  49. Delroy Mbofana

    What's worse havin' ya pops there
    then wakin' up one morning and ya pops not there
    Or Never havin' them there, from the start
    Feel like Diallo, Bullets entered my chest hit my heart
    I've fallen, Ima Dead man whose just still breathin'
    Won't lie sometimes I hear ya voice when I'm dreamin'
    A mix of Denzil and Sydney Portier
    Huh this is a true storia
    To long for a song, but perfect for a book huh

  50. Delroy Mbofana

    Watchin' that lil kid in the park, playin' catch with his dad
    In a way I'm half mad, Half Glad
    Glad he ain't gotta feel the pain I'm Feelin'
    Mad coz I was the one sittin' in that park from day to evenin'
    Wonderin' will ya ever see the light of the day,
    And come to ya senses that you got a son in BK
    I feel like I'm plane crash'd into water, thinkin' everythin' be better if I just died
    That's why I tryin' drown myself on purpose, not try'n survive
    Yeah huh

  51. Delroy Mbofana

    (All I ever Needed)
    All I Ever Wanted
    (All I ever Needed)
    All I Ever Wanted
    (All I ever Needed)
    All I Ever Wanted
    Is a Father Teach me how to jump shot
    How to Fight?, how to survive on this block?
    All I Ever Wanted
    (All I ever Needed)
    All I Ever Wanted
    (All I ever Needed)
    All I Ever Wanted

  52. Delroy Mbofana

    Pops Wherever da hell you are, Can't wait till you Die
    No Tear Will come down my eye
    Go to the funeral to see wat there said is true popz
    That my face looks like yours popz
    Honestly I hope not, I don't even wanna be you
    The last thing I wanna do is look like you
    Try my best to different from you in everywhere possible
    Know what I'm Sayin' it's so volatile
    but it's the truth I hate ya, you like a bullet tearin' my flesh apart
    Thank ya popz, for breaking my heart

  53. XXX YYY

    So glad I have my loving dad living with me & my mom, his wife. I love you dad

  54. Sean Norfleet

    Never knew ll's life was so hard b4 I heard this song....the fact that he grew up to be such a classy brotha after having such a rough child hood gave me hella respect for him.

  55. Stephen DelVacchio

    i hear ya but there a site called who sample who check it out

  56. No Thanks

    sampling a beat or even part of a beat has nothing to do with his comment lol, it's still an old school hip hop song with too little views regardless..

  57. Banko David

    fuck they have been top comment for 2 years am gonna take them off the top, THUMBS ME UP

  58. John R

    great song simply epic so deep so true

  59. Stephen DelVacchio

    this song is a sample you no

  60. Stephen DelVacchio


  61. snake plissken

    i was going to dedicate this to my dad but my dad loved us

  62. wr513


  63. Eᴛʜᴀɴ

    wickedly wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Killshot Kelly

    LL somehow managed to use the best song at that time and make it better! i love you LL!

  65. Quidseeker

    3:51 is an epic image....

  66. Nigel Thomas

    I want a pops! But I didnt need one to make me grow up as a man my moms did that for me!!

  67. Iama musiclover

    Sad song :(
    but one of my fav from LL Cool J

  68. Leonardo Copeland

    It hurts me to see my favorite video only gets a new comment every 2 weeks...

  69. MrMilos990

    LOL this is so funny ,this song have only 14857 vievs ,what's wrong with todays people listen new bullshit...Get back to good old days of real rap...

  70. dgaubin

    @ThePenetrator1000 LL is recounting his experience as he remembers it as a kid. His grandfather gets hit by a shotgun blast. I'm thinking what LL saw was 10 separate wounds from buck shot that spread out from the muzzle (likely a sawed-off shotgun). That's my guess. I doubt he'd shoot with a shotgun, then pull out a pistol and squeeze off ten rounds and hit with all ten.

    Or, maybe not...??...but that's how I've figured it.

  71. thejailbreaker

    i love the truth

  72. RunawayStatue2010

    hands down my alltime favorite LL song.. loved it 13 years ago when it came out and its still just as good today.

  73. kennyg2006

    Amazing song wow

  74. scottpd1404

    Feelin it.....

  75. tataee2009

    shit .....best video and song ...LL.


    dam this hit hard..stay cool. LL

  77. lauralou k

    brilliant song